December 2014

Adipose & Metabolic Tissue Group
“The problem with Obesity and Diabetes Research”
Barbara Corkey, PhD
Zoltan Kohn Prof Medicine, Obesity Research Center, BUSM
10l00-11:00; X714
Emergency Medicine GR
“Ending Ebola: Strategies for combating an epidemic”
Adam Levine, MD MPH
Director, Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship, Brown U
9:30-10:30; X-714
Joint Anesthesia/Surgery Grand Rounds
“The Unified Learning Model: How Motivational, Cognitive, and Neurobiological Sciences Inform Best Teaching Practices in Resident Education”
Douglas Kauffman, PhD
Assoc Chair for Education, Assoc Prof, Dept Surgery, BUSM
7:30-8:30; L-110
Whittaker Cardiovascular Inst
Title: TBA
Da-Zhi Wang PhD
Assoc Prof, Dept Cardiology; Boston Children’s Hospital
12:00-1:00; X-715
Dermatology Grand Rounds
“The Dermatology workforce: Are we are ready for the challenge”
Alexia Kimball, MD
Mass General Hospital
10:15-11:15, 670Albany 107/8
Biochemistry Faculty Candidate
“Multiplex regulation of cytoplasmic dynein motility controls intercellular transport”
Richard McKenney, PhD
Dept Pharmacology, UCSF
12:00-1:00; K-103
Statistical Genetics
“Generalized Linear Mixed Model Association Test”
Han Chen, PhD
Harvard University
9:30-11:0; Crosstown-305
Microbiology Journal Club
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00–1:00, L-504
Dept of Biochemistry
“Exploiting oncogene “addiction”
to unravel RAS signaling network

Anurag Singh PhD
Asst Prof Pharm & Medicine, BUSM
12:00-1:00; K-103
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“”Molecular Mechanisms of HIV Latency and the Search for a Cure”
Johnathan Karn, PhD
Case Western Reserve Univ
12:00–1:00, L-504
Systems Biology Seminar
“Topic: TBA”
Norbert Perrimon, PhD
Prof Genetics, HMS
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12:15-2:00; LSEB-103
Scleroderma Center of Research Translation
“Patient Reported Outcomes in Systemic Sclerosis”
Robyn Domsic MD MPH
U Pittsburgh School of Medicine
11:00-12:00; E-542
Physiology and Biophysics
“Collagen: Molecular Structure, pathological changes and recombinant applications”
Barbara Brodsky, PhD
Tufts University School of Med
1:30-03:00; R-103
Center for Systems Neuroscience
“Time across scales in memory and cognition”
Marc Howard, PhD
Psych & Brain Sciences, BU
12:00-1:00; LSEB 109
ID Grand Rounds
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00, E-112A
Gijs van Seventer Env Health
Childhood & Adolescent Fish Consumption Adult Neuropsychological Performance: An Analysis from the Cape Cod Health Study”
Lindsey Butler
Environmental Health, BUSPH
12:45-1:45; L-210
Chemistry Colloquium Series
“Development of protein-protein interaction inhibitors for epigenetic targets”
Tomek Cierpicki PhD
University of Michigan
3:30-5:00; SCI-113
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GSI Seminar Series
“From basic discovery in epigenetics to Down syndrome and back again”
Jeanne Lawrence, PhD
Prof Cell & Developmental Biology, UMass Medical
3:00-4:00; X-714/5
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Epigenomics of Alzheimer’s Disease”
Li-Huei Tsai PhD
Dir, Picower Inst for Learning & Memory; Prof Neuroscience, MIT
02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
ARC Mini-Symposium
“Etiology and Treatment of Type1 Diabetes”
Multiple speakers
8:30-2:00; L504
CReM Seminar Series
“Challenges and Opportunities in Organ Regeneration”
Harald Ott, MD
Assist Prof of Surgery, HMS
9:00-10:00, X-715
Biochemistry Faculty Candidate Seminar
“Opposing roles of the p38 MAPK Pathway in Cancer Development”
Peiquing Sun, PhD
Assoc Prof, Cell&Molec Biol; Scripps Research Institute
12:00-1:00; K103
Adipose & Metabolic Tissue Molecular Mechanisms and Regulation of Intestinal Lipid Absorption
M. Mahmood Hussain, PhD
Prof, Dept Cell Biology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
10:00-11:00; X714
Center for Systems Neuroscience
“Brain Rythms and Routing”
Nancy Kopell PhD
Dept Math & Stats BU
12:00-1:00; LSEB B01
Biostatistics Seminars
Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00; Crosstown 305
Immunology Journal Club
“Topic: TBA”
Michelle Flaury
more info
12:00–2:00, L-504
Dept of Biochemistry
“Topic: TBD
Nathalie Agar PhD
12:00-1:00; K-103
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Recent Advances in Preclinical Imaging of Infectious Diseases and Inflammation”
Kevin Francis, PhD, Perkin Elmer Fellow;
Elena Dubikovskaya, PhD,
Lausanne, Switzherland
12:00–1:00, L-504
Systems Biology Seminar
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
more info
12:15-2:00; LSEB-103
Physiology and Biophysics
“Topic: TBA”
Heidi Schwanz, PhD
BUSM, Dept P&B
1:30-03:00; R-103
Alzheimer’s Disease Center
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00; L-110
ID Grand Rounds
“Translational Research on Hep C”
Arthur Kim, MD

Asst Prof Medicine, HMS; MGH
12:00-1:00, E-112A
Computational Biomedicine
Transcriptomic Changes in Extra-thoracic Airway Epithelium as Indicator of Physiologic Response to Tobacco-related Enviromental Inhaled Exposures”
Teresa Wang, MS PhD Cand
Bioinformatics, BUSM
“Lung Cancer Chemoprevention”
Yaron Gesthalter, MD Fellow
Pulmonary Center, BUSM
3:00-4:30; E-112A
Sterling Drug Lecturer Series
“Hypothalamic PVN Gai2 Subunit Proteins and long-term blood pressure”
Richard D. Wainford, PhD
Assist Prof Pharmacology and Medicine, BUSM
2:00-3:00; R-115
Anatomy & Neurobiology
“Mitigation of age-related cognitive and neural decline by cardiorespiratory fitness”
Scott M. Hayes, PhD
Assist Prof Psychiatry, BUSM
2:00-3:00; L-1008
Molecular & Cell Biology
“Regulation of bone formation, hematopoiesis, and body fat acumulation by osteolineage cells”
Keetrik Fulzele, PhD
Instructor in Medicine, HMS
12:00-1:00; E-434
Slone Brown Bag Seminar
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00; Slone Center (CRC)
Statistical Genetics
“Whole Blood Gene Expression with Atrial Fibrillation”
Honghuang Lin, PhD
Boston University
9:30-11:00; Crosstown-305
Whittaker Cardiovascular Inst
Title: TBA (wip)
Shakuntala Karki
12:00-1:00; R-103
Center for Systems Neuroscience
“Mating drives plasticity in pheromone processing circuits in teh mouse”
Ian Davison, PhD
Dept Biology, BU
12:00-1:00; LSEB B01
Systems Biology Seminar
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
more info
12:15-2:00; LSEB-103
Gijs van Seventer Env Health
Prenatal Exposure to polyfluoroalkyl chemicals and childhood cognition”
Maria Harris, MS
James Watt, MS

Environmental Health, BUSPH
12:45-1:45; L-210
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
In vitro and in vivo Approaches to Unraveling the Mechanisms for Replication and the Pathogenesis of Ebola and Marburg Viruses”
Hideki Ebihara, PhD, NIAID/NIH
12:00–1:00; NEIDL
Anatomy & Neurobiology
“Topic: TBA”
Randy Buckner PhD
Prof Psychology, Harvard University