February 2014

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BU CReM “Building a Functional Retina”
Maria V. Canto Soler PhD
Asst Prof Ophthalmology, Johns Hopkins University 9:00-10:00; X-715
Dermatology Grand Rounds “Important Vulvar Conditions — The lichens and vulvar ulcers” Lynne Margesson, MD Dartmouth-Hichcock Med. Ctr. 10:15-11:15, 670Albany 107/8
Pathology & NEIDL Faculty Candidate Seminar
“Immune Recognition and Restriction of Re-emerging Flaviviruses”
James D Brien, PhD Research Instructor, Washington University St. Louis 12:00-1:00; NEIDL
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology “Autophagy and Check Points in Mucosal Immunity”
Ramnik Xavier, MD PhD Mass General Hospital 12:00-1:00; L-504
ID Grand Rounds
“Article Discussion”
Felipe Barbosa

Fellow, ID/BUSM
12:00-1:00, E-112A
Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst “Topic: TBA”
Dr Dietmar J. Manstein Hannover Medical School, Germany 12:00-1:00; X714
Chemistry Colloquium Series “Topic: TBA”
Eranthie Weerapana, PhD Boston College 3:30-5:00; SCI-113 More Info
Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst “Topic: TBA”
Alan Morrison MD PhD
Cardiovascular Research Center Yale University 12:00-1:00; X715
Pathology and Lab Medicine “Engineering Liver Tissue at the Microscale”
Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD MIT 02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
Systems Biology Seminar “Mechanochemical Properties of DNA Tetraplexes”
Hanbin Mao, PhD Assoc Prof Chemistry & BioChem, Kent State University
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12:15-2:00; LSEB-103
Genetics and GenomicsResearch in Progress”
Ramon Bonegio, MD
Dept Medicine, BUSM 12:00-1:00; E201
Bioinformatics/Systems Biology “Topic: TBA
Speaker: TBA
more info
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
GSI Seminar Series “Chromatin Signature of Monoallelic Expression in Development and Disease” Alexander Gimelbrant PhD
Asst Pof, DFCI; Dept Genetics, HMS 3:00-4:00; L-109
Physiology and Biophysics “The Structural Basis of Force Generation in Regulated Actomyosin Systems”
Dietmar Manstein, PhD
MHH, Hannover Germany 1:30-03:00; R-103
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Statistical Genetics “Exome Sequencing Analysis of Coronary Artery Calcium in Framingham Heart Study”
Yi-Ping Fu, PhD NHLBI
9:30-11:0; Crosstown-305
ID Grand Rounds “HIV Vaccine Research”
Dan Barouch, MD BIDMC

12:00-1:00, E-112A
Scleroderma Center of Research Translation “The PDGF Receptor Alpha”
Andrius Kazlauskas PhD
Schepens Eye Research Inst, Mass Eye and Ear Inf, HMS
11:00-12:00; E-542
Chemistry Colloquium Series
“Topic: TBA”
Guangbin Dong, PhD
UTexas, Austin
More Info
GSI Seminar Series
Genome structure and function and the molecular mechanisms of human disease
Charles Lee PhD FACMG
Prof & Scientific Director, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
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3:00-4:00; E-111
Biostatistics Seminars
Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00; Crosstown 305
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Androgenic Immunosuppression: New Rationale for Combining Hormone and Immune Therapy in Cancer”
M. Simo Arredouani, PhD
Asst Prof Surgery, HMS/BIDMC
02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
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President’s Day
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Topic: TBA”
Andrew Luster, MD PhD
Harvard Medical School 12:00-1:00; L-504
Slone Brown Bag Seminar
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00; Slone Center (CRC)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Visiting Professor
“Building a Culture of Health: A Fundamental Strategy to Improve Population Health”
Alonzo Plough, PhD, MPH
VP, Research-Evaluation-Learning and Chief Science Officer,RWJF
2:00-3:00/Bakst Auditorium
Physiology and Biophysics
“I Inhaled What? Transcriptomic analysis of the host response following infection with viruses that cause hemorrhagic fever”
John H. Connor, PhD
Assoc Prof Microbiology, BUSM 1:30-03:00; R-103
Alzheimer’s Disease Center “Topic: TBA”
Tsuneya Ikezu, PhD

12:00-1:00; L-110
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Interactions Between Neurvous and Vascular Systems in CNS”
Chenghua Gu, DVM, PhD
Assoc Prof Neurobiology, HMS
02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
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Statistical Genetics
“Risk Factor Prediction”
Yi-Ping Fu Boston University
9:30-11:0; Crosstown-305
GSI Seminar Series
Epigenetic inheritance from yeast to mouse to human
Oliver Rando MD PhD
Prof Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, UMASS Medical more info
3:00-4:00; X-715
Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst
“Topic: TBA”
Dr Markus Bachschmid
Research Asst Prof, Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst, Boston University
12:00-1:00; L-109
Immunology Faculty Candidate
“Studying Innate Immunity Using Mouse and Humanized Mouse Models”
Anthony Rongvaux, PhD
YaleU School of Medicine
12:00-1:00; L-504
ID Grand Rounds
“Polio Erradication: Progress and Challenges”
Jay Wenger, MD
Gates Foundation
12:00-1:00, E-112A
Pathology and Lab Medicine “Interplay of Ebola Virus with the Host Defense Machinery”
Elke Muhlberger, PhD
Assoc Prof Microbiology BUSM/NEIDL
02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
Chemistry Colloquium Series “Topic: TBA”
Carsten Krebs, PhD
Penn State Univ
3:30-5:00; SCI-113 More Info
Physiology and Biophysics
“Pluripotent Stem Cell Modeling of Human Disease”
George Murphy PhDBUSM 1:30-03:00; R-103
Bioinformatics/Systems Biology “Topic: TBA
Speaker: TBA
more info
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Transformative Training Program in Addiction Science “Lifecourse approaches to substance use and its consequences”
Sandro Galea, PhD
3:00-4:00; E-201