September 2014

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Joint Anesthesia/Surgery GR
“Surgical Site Infection Prevention”
Harriet Hopf, MD
Assoc Dean & Prof, Univ Utah
Dermatology Grand Rounds
“Sensory Neurons Signaling Itch”
Robert LaMotte, PhD
Yale University
10:15-11:15, 670Albany 107/8
Alzheimer’s Disease Center
“Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, and CTE from Blast Exposure & Impact Neurotrauma”
Lee Goldstein, MD PhD
Assoc Prof, BUSM
12:00-1:00; L-110
Gijs van Seventer Env Health
“Modern Food Systems: Farm to Table in the 21st Century”
Lindsay Underhill, MPH
Kathryn Crawford, MS

12:45-1:45; L-210
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CReM Seminar Series
“Modeling Liver Development and Disease Using iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes”
Stephen Duncan PhD
Marcus Prof of Human & Molecular Genetics; Medical College Wisconsin
9:00-10:00, X-715
ID Grand Rounds
“Male circumcision in HIV prevention”
Rene Rizdon, MD
12:00-1:00, E-112A
Schleroderma Center of Research Translation
“Tissue Stiffness gradients Drive Fibrosis by Promoting Fibroblast Recruitment and Activation through Cell “Durotaxis”
Andrew Tager, MD
Assoc Prof Medicine, HMS/MGH
11:00-12:00; E542
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Reverse Genetics as a Tool For Studying the Biology of Ebola viruses”
Thomas Hoenen, PhD
Rocky Mountain Laboratories
12:00–1:00; NEIDL
Annual Sue Kim Hanson Lecture
“New Concepts in Asthma; from mouse to man and back again”
Jack Elias, MD
Dean, Medicine & Bio Sciences
Brown University
12:00-1:00; Keefer
Chemistry Colloquium Series
“Topic: TBA”
Katherine Willets PhD
University of Texas
3:30-5:00; SCI-113
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Gijs van Seventer Env Health
“An Ecological Perspective on Industrial Food Animal Production…”
Ellen Silbergeld PhD
Env Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins Bloom Berg SPH
12:45-1:45; L-210
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OBGYN Grand Rounds
“Advancing minimally invasive gynecologic surgery in the time of the morcellation controversy”
Antonio Gargiulo, MD
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
7:30-8:30; L-112
Bicknell Lecture/Debate
“Should Alcohol Consumption be Encouraged as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?
R Curtis Ellison MD MS (BUSM), Lionel Tiger PhD  (Rutgers), Richard Saitz MD MPH (BUSM),Timothy Naimi MD MPH (BUSM, BUSPH)
10:00-12:00; Bakst Auditorium
Biochemistry Thesis Defense
“Mass Spectrometry Sudies of Immunoglobulins”
Yanyan Lu, BUSM
10:00-12:00; K-103
ID Grand Rounds12:00-1:00, E-112A Dept Medicine Grand Rounds
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
Dept of Biochemistry
“Emerging role of post- translational modifications in receptor tyrosine kinase activation and signal transduction”
Nader Rahimi PhD
Assoc Prof Pathology, BUSM
12:00-1:00; K-103
Systems Biology Seminar
“Collective effects in cellular signal transduction”
Ilya Nemenman, PhD
Emory University
12:15-2:00; LSEB-103
Slone Brown Bag Seminar
“American Health Care Paradox”
Lauren A. Taylor, MPH
Harvard Divinity School
12:00-1:00; Slone Center (CRC)
Gijs van Seventer Env Health
“Working in the Modern Slaughterhouse: Public Health at the Animal:Human Interface”
Jessica Leibler, DrPH, MS
12:45-1:45; L-210
Chemistry Colloquium Series
“Topic: TBA”
Adrian Whitty PhD
Boston University
3:30-5:00; SCI-113
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Whitaker Carkovascular Inst.
“Pilot Studies on Adipose Tissue Angiogenic Cells: Alternative Autologous Endothelial Repair System and …”
Victoria Herrera, MD
Prof Medicine, BUSM
12:00-1:00; X-715
GSI Seminar Series
“Neutrophil DNA for immunity: Chromatin modifications for casting neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) to trap microbial pathogens”
Nades Palaniyar, PhD
University of Toronto
2:00-3:00; L-311
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Kidney Injury and Repair: Implications for Therapy”
Benjamin Humphreys, MD PhD
Assoc Prof Medicine, HMS; Renal Division, BWH
02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
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Statistical Genetics Work Group
Million Veteran Prog & VA Big Data”
J. Michael Graziano
Harvard University
9:30-11:00; Crosstown-305
Lab Safety Roundtable Discussion (Micro)
“Biosafety-It’s Everybody’s Business”
Henderson, Muehlberger, Viglianti
Microbiology, BUSM
12:00–1:00, L-504
ARC Mini-Symposium
“Etiology and Pathogenesis of Oral Cancer”
Peter Hammerman, MD
1:00-5:00; X-714
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“The process of Dying: Thanatogenesis in Inflammatory Lesions-A common pathway and a therapeutic target”
Igor Kramnik MD PhD
Assoc Prof, BUSM
12:00–1:00, L-504
Systems Biology Seminar
“Meta-analysis of large pharmacogenomic datasets”
Benjamin Haibe-Kains, PhD
Dept Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto
12:15-2:00; LSEB-103
Gijs van Seventer Env Health
“Air Quality in Developing World Disaster and Conflict Zones…Haiti”
Mary Davis
Urban & Env Policy & Planning, Tufts University
12:45-1:45; L-210
Chemistry Colloquium Series
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
3:30-5:00; SCI-113
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Physiology and Biophysics
“Deciphering the signaling code for the wiring of the brainThe crystal structure of Netrin-1 …”
Lorenzo Finci PhD
Coll of Life Sciences, Peking University and DFCI, Harvard
1:30-3:00; R-103
ID Grand Rounds
“Innovative techniques in ID diagnostics”
Michael Cima, PhD
Prof Engineering, MIT
12:00-1:00, E-112A
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Human Resident Memory Tcells in Health and Disease”
Rachael Clark, MD PhD
Assoc Prof Dermatology, HMS/BWH
02:00–3:00; 670 Albany-107/8
Molecular & Cell Biology
“Applications of Controlled Release Systems in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: From Tissue Engineering to Immunotherapy”
Simon Young, DDS MD PhD
Engineering & Applied Sciences, Harvard University
2:00-3:00: E-434
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Systems Biology Special Guest Seminar
“Stochasticity of metabolism and growth at the single-cell level”
Daan Kiviet, PhD
Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zurich
11:00-12:00; LSEB-103
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Tuning T Cell Behavior”
Avery August, PhD
Cornell University
12:00–1:00, L-504
Dept of Biochemistry
“The Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism”
Morris J Birnbaum, MD PhD
Dept Medicine, UPenn
12:00-1:00; K-103
Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst.
“How Endothelial Cells Make Blood”
Karen K. Hirschi, PhD
Prof Medicine, Yale Cardiovascular Institute
12:00-1:00; X-715
Physiology and Biophysics
“The Structure of apoA-I Reveals the Possible Mechanism of HDL     Formation”
Xiaohu Mei PhD
BUSM, Physiology & Biophysics
1:30-3:00; R-103
Biochemistry Faculty Candidate Seminar
“Post-transcriptional Regulations in Mammalian Cell Differentiation”

12:00-1:00; K-103