NIH commits up to $2.5 million to research on environmental risk factors for AUTISM – DUE July 26!

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced two new funding opportunities for research projects aimed at advancing understanding of environmental contributors to autism spectrum disorder. In scientific terms, “environmental” refers to a broad range of non-genetic influences. In the case of autism, research has implicated factors as varied as maternal nutrition and birth complications to exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and early infancy.

The first funding opportunity is an “exploratory” research project with funding of up to $275,000 a year for two years.  See details here: PAR-14-202

The second opportunity is for a full-fledged research project with funding up to $400,000 a year for up to 5 years. More information about this funding opportunity can be found here: PAR-14-203


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