Evans Memorial Department of Medicine

Research Days

October 15-16, 2015


The Evans Department of Medicine would like to thank everyone who participated in the two-day Evans Department of Medicine Research Days. We are pleased to announce that 132 abstracts were submitted and presented at the poster session. The two-day event featured Distinguished Clinical and Basic Lectures (Dr. David Johnson, MD, MACP, FASCO, Ingelfinger Visiting Professor and Dr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, PhD, Wilkins Visiting Professor), which serve as touchstones of the excellence to which we all aspire. The poster and oral presentations of ongoing research demonstrate our vigorous present and promising future. There was a buzz in the Hiebert Lounge and the excitement and enthusiasm were contagious! A passion for research and individuals excited to share knowledge permeated the event. The 2015 Awards Dinner was held at the Colonnade Hotel, where the following students and faculty were recognized for their achievements. Congratulations to all award recipients:

Evans Center Research Collaborator Award - Dr. Bela Suki
Evans Center Research Collaborator Award (Biochemistry)Dr. Kostya Kandror
Evans Center Research Collaborator Award (Biochemistry)Dr. Carmela Abraham
Department of Medicine Clinical Excellence AwardDr. Thomas Barber
Department of Medicine Special Recognition Teaching AwardDr. Frank Schembri
Department of Medicine Research Mentoring AwardDr. Richard Cohen
Department of Medicine Junior Faculty AwardDr. Jared Magani
Department of Medicine Citizenship AwardDr. Sheila Chapman
Clinical Quality Improvement Team AwardDr. James Murphy, Dr. Kevin J. Horbowica, Avital Rech RN, Dr. Jason Mordino, Maryam El Kherba MPH, Dr. Jason Ackrivo, Eduarda Fernandes RN, Janet Eagan RN, Alfea Blanchard RN, Bonghee Dalins RN, Charles O’Donnell RRT, Daniel Gavin RRT and Julia Silva RRT

First Place Basic Poster Winner Francisco Molina Estevez, CREM/Hem-Onc
Second Place Basic Poster Winner Richard Pickering, Endocrinology
Third Place Basic Poster Winner Elizabeth Moses, Computational Biomedicine
Fourth Place Basic Poster Winner Sarah Mazzilli, Computational Biomedicine
First Place Clinical Poster Winner Joseph Perez-Rogers, Computational Biomedicine
Second Place Clinical Poster Winner Mara Murray Horwitz, General Internal Medicine
Third Place Clinical Poster Winner Anuj Mehta, Pulmonary
Fourth Place Clinical Poster Winner Lisa Rice, Rheumatology
Most Abstracts Submitted – Tied – Computational Biomedicine, General Internal Medicine


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We have been fortunate to capture the essence of this wonderful event. Please click on the link to view the photographs from the 2015 Poster Session and Awards Dinner http://jakphoto.com/8007V2/

If you were not able to participate, we look forward to seeing you next year! If you have suggestions for improvements for next year, please send them to Laura Williams, Willlb@bu.edu.