Match Application Process

Students will begin the majority of the work for residency application in the third & fourth years.

Third Year:

May: Start 3rd year and begin process of narrowing down your specialty

October: Third Year Career Fair

December: Class Meeting on Preparing for the Fourth Year and Beyond

  • Select Dean for MSPE
  • Submit Biosketch for MSPE

January: Class meeting on the Fourth Year Schedule and meet with Fourth Year students applying in all specialties

  • Plan step dates
  • Select Field-Specific Advisor

January to May: Meet with OSA dean for MSPE

February: Class meeting to discuss residency application and MSPE (aka Dean’s letter) and meet the BMC residency directors

March to May: VSLO process opens

April: Fourth year orientation

Fourth Year:


  • Start Personal Statement drafts


June, July & August: Personal statement workshops


July to September: Review MSPE

September: Transcripts scanned into ERAS

Early September: SFMP Ophthalmology target date for submission

  • NRMP opens for registration

September: ERAS application transmission opens for applicants

September 15:  Program Directors will be able to download application information.

October 1: MSPE sent in for students nationwide in all matches.

  • Interview workshop and mock interviews

November-February:  Interviews

December:  Military Match

January:  Ophthalmology and Urology Match Results

March:  CaRMS and NRMP Match Results