Confocal Microscope Facility

The Confocal Microscope Facility provides confocal microscopy services for imaging cells and tissue, as well as assistance with project/experiment planning and analysis.

The facility houses Zeiss laser scanning confocal microscopes acquired from NCRR grants and NIH supplements that are available for use by students, technicians, postdocs, and faculty. The facility is located in the BUSM Housman Medical Research Center (R Building) in room R815.

To schedule equipment time or services please use the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES). For new users click here .

 Instruments  BUMC Rates External Academic Users  External Commercial Users
Zeiss LSM 700 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
$22/hour unassisted $80/hour training/assisted $50/hour unassisted $100/hour training/assisted $100/hour unassisted $140/hour training/assisted
Zeiss LSM 880 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope with Airyscan
$45/hour unassisted $100/hour training/assisted $100/hour unassisted $160/hour training/assisted $150/hour unassisted $200/hour training/assisted


Monday to Friday : 6:00am to 7:00pm

Additional hours are available for persons who have been approved by Dr. Trinkaus-Randall.

Time-lapse imaging experiments will be charged at the base rate for the first four hours; subsequent hours will be charged at the extended time-lapse imaging rate $10 per hour.

Usage and Training

Training is mandatory for all users and typically requires approximately four hours divided between two sessions. Some live-cell imaging techniques may require additional training hours. Upon learning the goal of your experiments we will choose the microscope best suited to your needs. Imaging may also be performed in an assisted manner upon request. This often makes sense for users who need to obtain images for a particular experiment but who do not expect to use the facility on a regular basis.

Please contact us to schedule training or assisted use. Once users have been trained, time on the instruments may be scheduled through the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES).

We ask that all users provide at least 18-hours notice before canceling scheduled time on the instruments so that we may make this time available to other users. Inability to do this will result in a fine equivalent to the first hour of the scheduled time on the instrument.


We greatly appreciate when authors acknowledge the Confocal Microscope Facility in publications containing data obtained using our equipment and/or assistance.


Vickery Trinkaus-Randall, PhD
Core Director
(617) 358-1235 |


BUSM Housman Medical Research Center
72 E. Concord Street, R Building R-815
Boston, MA 02118


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