Zeiss LSM 700 Microscope

Zeiss LSM 700 Microscope

The Zeiss LSM 700 is equipped with four solid state lasers (405, 488, 555, and 639 nm). Available objectives include 10X dry, 20X dry, 40X oil, and 63X oil. Features of the Zeiss ZEN software include single image acquisition, z-stacks, tiling, programming of multiple locations, time-lapse imaging, and fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP). Using the proprietary Zeiss software (ZEN) or freeware such as ImageJ or FIJI, one can assess intensity values within regions of interests (ROIs), create 3-D projections from z-stacks, generate histograms, and analyze images for co-localization.

BUMC Rates External Academic Users Rates External Commercial Users Rates
$22/hour unassisted
$80/hour training/assisted
$50/hour unassisted
$100/hour training/assisted
$100/hour unassisted
$140/hour training/assisted


Persons are trained and then evaluated before working independently. Training usually requires about four hours, divided between two sessions. In some cases both parties decide that it is better for the imaging to be performed in an assisted manner.

How to Schedule

Please login to iLab system to schedule equipment time or services. For new users please follow the steps outlined in Information for New Users.


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Core Director
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