$50,000 or more

Boston University gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the following donors, who have given $50,000 or more to BUSM between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018.

Gifts of $1 million or more
Richard C. Shipley (Questrom’68,’72) and Feyza A. Shipley ○*◊ǂ
Jack N. Spivack ∞○*ǂ

Gifts of $500,000–$999,999
Nancy Baler ■
The Estate of Charles J. Brown
Shamim A. Dahod (MED’87, CGS’76, CAS’78) and Ashraf M. Dahod ■○*◊ǂ
Stephen R. Karp (CAS’63) ○*◊

Gifts of $250,000–$499,999
Anonymous ■
The Estate of Neville R. Fendall
Jonathan Gertler and Jane Clark ○ǂ
Carl A. Olsson (MED’63) and Mary D. Olsson ■○*
Florence Robertson Trust *◊

Gifts of $100,000–$249,999
Anonymous (3) ■○*ǂ
Paul C. Burke and Gloria J. Burke ■◊
David J. Caron and Susan M. Caron ■◊
Donald J. Grande (MED’73) and Elena M. Grande ■
Rod F. Hochman (MED’79, CAS’79) and Nancy J. Hochman (SAR’77,’83) *◊
Patricia McLellan Leavitt (MED’58, CAS ’54) ■*
Jerome S. Serchuck and Joan S. Serchuck ■○*◊ǂ

Gifts of $50,000–$99,999
Erika N. Angle (MED’12,’12) and Colin Angle ☆◊
Drs. Karen and Elliott Antman ¤*◊
Richard J. Catrambone (MED’92) and Sophia Catrambone ■*ǂ
Robert D. Champion and Marjorie Champion *◊
The Estate of Marie H. Chiarenza *
Elizabeth C. Dooling (MED’65) *◊
The Estate of Beverly A. Foss
Joseph J. Konefal (MED’77) and Karen G. Konefal *
Allen Questrom ○*◊
Joelyn L. Rohman *
Louis Wade Sullivan (MED’58, Hon.’90) *ǂ

◊ – Annual Fund Leadership Giving Society φ – Young Alumni Giving Society
∞ – Deceased ¤ – Faculty/Staff Member
■ – Parent ☆ – First-time Donor
* – Loyal Donor ǂ – Dean’s Advisory Board Member
○ – William Fairfield Warren Society member