$250 to $499

Boston University gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the following donors, who have given between $250 and $499 to BUSM between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018.

Gifts of $250–$499
Anonymous ■
Jodi F. Abbott ¤
Robert M. Abrams (MED’58) and Frances R. Abrams ■*
Ashley D. Ackerman (MED’00) and Sean F. Rynne *
Stephen J. Alphas (MED’55) and Alexandra Alphas ■
Michael S. Annunziata (MED’66,’66) *
Nancy E. Anthracite (CAS’72, MED’73) *
Miguel A. Ariza (CAS’00, MED’04) and Wonmee Ariza *
Stephen Arms and Kelley E. Jhung ☆
Sanford H. Auerbach and Lynn Auerbach ¤
Irwin Avery (MED’66) and Ann A. Avery *
Stewart F. Babbott (MED’87) and Cecelia Babbott
Debra A. Babcock (MED’80) and Mark R. Rosekind
Jared W. Magnani and Amy D. Bardack
Victoria Baron ☆
James D. Barretto and Luann Barretto ☆
Laurence H. Beck, Jr. and Catherine B. Beck ¤■*
Jasbir Bedi
Marshall S. Bedine (MED’67) and Joyce R. Bedine *
Edward L. Bedrick (MED’79) and Amy B. Bedrick *
Joan F. Beer (LAW’93) and Dennis J. Beer
Jonathan A. Benjamin *
Christopher M. Berger *
Jerome F. Bergheim (MED’66) and Diana R. Bergheim (Wheelock’61,’63) ■*
Steven L. Berk (MED’75) and Shirley A. Berk
Alan D. Berkenwald (MED’78) and Joan Berkenwald *
Florencio Berrios Castrodad
Lynne G. Besen (CAS’72, MED’73)
Shailesh Bhat (MED’95, CAS’95) and Aarti Maskeri *
Barbara Blackman (CAS’66) and Elliot S. Blackman
Charles M. Bliss (MED’63) and Barbara W. Bliss ■*
Charles M. Blitzer (MED’79, CAS’79) and Sandy Blitzer *
Harold P. Blum (MED’53) and Elsa J. Blum *
Carol S. Blumental (CAS’63, SSW’65) and George Blumental
Ronald L. Boucek *
James R. Brasic (MED’72, CAS’72)
David Breen and Katherine Breen ■
Gary R. Briefel (MED’72) and Ellen F. Briefel *
Jorge A. Brito (MED’81) *
Adolfo Brizzi and Marie Brizzi
Roger M. Brown and Karen J. Doswell
James S. Brust (MED’68, CAS’68) and Kris T. Brust *
Wendy O. Buffett (MED’93) and Joel Kreisbergq
Robert M. Burchuk (MED’82, CAS’82) and Christine Burchuk *
Samuel A. Burstein (MED’72) and Cheryl N. Boyd *
William F. Butterfield *
Michael J. Cahalane, Jr. (MED’80) and Nancy L. Cahalane *
Eileen Calvey
Jay A. Campbell ☆
Leroy Campbell and Helen Campbell
Jesse A. Caron (CAS’99, MED’03) and Jessica Alverio-Caron (CAS’00) *
Richard J. Cea (MED’63) and Barbara L. Cea
Robert W. Chamberlain, Sr. (CAS’72, MED’74) and Patricia A. Chamberlain *
Maureen A. Alphonse-Charles (CAS’85) and Jean B. Charles (CAS’81, MED’85) *
Beckey F. Cochran
Gary R. Cohen (MED’82) and Cheryl N. Cohen (Questrom’80) ■*
Lillian E. Cohn (MED’78) *
Kemal Colakhodzic
Minou W. Colis (MED’81) and George Colis
Brian I. Collet (MED’80, CAS’80) and Ann I. Collet *
Frank E. Corona
Michelle Costa ☆
Jeffrey B. Crandall (MED’67) and Holly J. Crandall
Louise K. Crane ☆
M. Cornelia Cremens (SPH’83, MED’88)
James R. Crotty (MED’79, CAS’79) and Jennifer A. Crotty
John Dampeer and Susan C. Dampeer ☆
Mary L. Del Monte (MED’67)
Mary L. Delaney (MED’86) and Steven Delaney *
Anthony M. DeLuise, Jr. (CAS’97, MED’01) and Monica DeLuise
Lilibeth K. Denham (MED’97) and Kristin L. Dardano *
Keryn M. Dias (MED’91) *
William G. Dietrich (MED’82, CAS’82) and Regina M. Bielawski *
Vincent D. Dinick (MED’93) *
Joseph F. DiTroia (MED’64) and Susan G. DiTroia *
Mark C. Dmohowski *
Glenn A. Dobecki
Wilfred O. Dockham and Constance Dockham
Kevin Doherty and Carla Doherty ☆
Daniel Doncaster and Nancy Doncaster ☆
Clare A. Donnelly-Taylor (MED’12) *
Andrew M. Doolittle (MED’99) and Tove Doolittle *
John E. Drew (SSW’70) and Kathleen Drew ■
Dennis Drinkwater and Jacqueline Drinkwater
Michael F. Dunn and Nancy Dunn ☆
Frank A. DuPont (CAS’85, MED’85) and Terese S. DuPont (CAS’82) *
Lena M. Dusio
Prabha Dwivedi and Sunil K. Dwivedi ■*
Cynthia C. Espanola (MED’93) and David Walinski *
Terry A. Eurick and Margo A. Eurick ☆
Douglas B. Evans (MED’83) and Elizabeth D. Evans (Wheelock’82) *
Victor Evdokimoff (CGS’64, CAS’66) ■*
John W. Ferry ☆
Daniel R. Fishbein (MED’85, CAS’85) and Ilene M. Schuchman *
John G. Fitzpatrick ☆
James D. Fletcher (CAS’86, MED’90) and Robin Fletcher *
Daniel D. Foote (MED’66) and Polly A. Foote *
James W. Foster
Patricia O. Francis (MED’79) and Ronald L. Francis *
Samuel A. Frank (MED’98) and Jennifer H. Frank *
Marilynn C. Frederiksen (MED’74) and James W. Frederiksen
Bryan D. Fry *
Robert S. Galen (MED’70, CAS’70) and Lorilee R. Sandmann *
Howard M. Galler ☆
Alison Gallup *
David Garnett *
Charles M. Geller (MED’87, CAS’87) and Kim A. Feldinger Geller *
Jon B. Getz (MED’84, CAS’84) and Kelly Beach
Robert H. Gilman (MED’74, SDM’77) and Christine F. Gilman ■
Lisa Giuliano ☆
Robert N. Golden (MED’79) and Shannon C. Kenney *
Bernice W. Goldenberg ∞■*
Arnold Goldenberg (MED’54) ■*
Steven A. Gould (MED’73) *
Sheila I. Gray ■*
Jon A. Green (GRS’71, MED’72) and Janet A. Green
Thomas A. Green, Jr. *
William G. Griever, Jr. (MED’88) and Susan Griever *
Dave Grusin ☆
Linda M. Gulyn (BUTI’83, CFA’85) and Peter D. Gulyn *
Stephen R. Guy (CAS’74, MED’85) and Ruth Frank
Alan D. Haber (MED’84, CAS’84) *
George S. Harlem and Rosina P. Harlem *
George A. Hasiotis (MED’65) and Eugenia J. Hasiotis
Bartlett H. Hayes (MED’85) and Elizabeth B. Hayes
James J. Heffernan (MED’77, SPH’92) and Mary A. Barry (SPH’88) *
Lester K. Henderson (MED’69) and Eleanor A. Henderson *
James S. Hoffman (MED’88) and Jane M. Hoffman *
Steven J. Holtz (CAS’72, MED’74) and Helen M. Holtz *
Clement V. Horrigan and Helen M. Horrigan ☆
Jeffery W. Howe and Reva M. Dolobowsky *
Michael A. Husson (MED’80) and Mary L. Todd (MED’81) *
Thomas M. Hyndman, Jr.
Robert Indresano ☆
Loretta E. Jackson-Williams (MED’94,’94) and James E. Williams, Jr. *
Jonathan M. Jacobson (MED’00) and Sara J. Jacobson (MED’00)
Jean M. Jacques
Ming Jin and Julie X. Yang ■
Zhiren Jin and Lily Shao ■*
Jerome Johnson
Judith A. Johnson *
Thomas C. Johnston (MED’80, GRS’80) and Elizabeth A. Roche-Johnston *
Martin F. Joyce-Brady and Jean M. Joyce-Brady ¤
Elizabeth Kantor (DGE’69, CAS’71, MED’75) *
Susan Karlins and David Sausjord ■
David M. Kaufman (MED’75) and Harriet B. Kaufman *
Joel M. Kaufman (CAS’73, MED’77) and Carol G. Kaufman *
Patricia L. Kavanagh (Questrom’92, MED’03) ¤*
Derek H. Keller (MED’08) and Debbi McInteer *
Lowell H. Keppel (MED’78) and Betty J. Keppel
Andrew H. Kessler and Betsy L. Kessler
Bettina B. Kilburn (MED’82) and Norman W. Kilburn, III *
Robert M. Kim (MED’60) and Bette P. Kim *
Carolyn L. Kinney (MED’81, CAS’81) and William Eckhardt *
Diane B. Kurshan (MED’80, CAS’80) and Peter J. Kurshan *
William Lang (MED’77) and Margaret D. Lang *
Jonathan H. Lass (CAS’72, MED’73) and Leah S. Lass (CFA’71) *
James Lawrence, III (MED’62) and Jane S. Lawrence
Robert G. Layton (MED’72) and Judith H. Layton *
Dat Le and Dolores Le ■☆
Hau D. Le (CAS’01, MED’05) and Celina Le *
Burton L. Lesnick (MED’88, CAS’88) and Lisa J. Kobrynski ■*
Howard I. Levy (MED’67, CAS’67) and Gareth W. Levy *
Harold D. Levy (MED’59) and Patricia M. Levy *
George I. Litman (MED’64) and Judith Litman
Matthew J. Loew (MED’99) and Elizabeth H. Loew
Richard J. Lopez (MED’77) and Suzanne G. Lopez ■*
Richard E. Luka (MED’89) and Amy R. Luka ■*
David M. Maganza
Andrew S. Malbin (CAS’76, MED’78)
Gordon S. Manning (MED’80, CAS’80) and Karen F. Rothman (MED’81, CAS’81) *
John R. Marcaccio (MED’64) and Patricia H. Marcaccio *
Gerald H. Margolis (CAS’64, MED’68) and Marjorie M. Margolis ■*
Richard T. Mason (MED’63) and Vivian Mason *
Ronald B. Matloff (MED’72) and Cindy Matloff (Wheelock’70) *
Italo C. Mazzarella (MED’56) and Barbara R. Mazzarella *
Laura L. McCann (MED’77) and Peter Kates ■*
Brian J. McKinnon (MED’90) and Caroline R. McKinnon *
Matthew P. Melander (MED’97) and Rebecca S. Melander
Fredric B. Meyer (MED’81) and Irene Meyer ■
Danica V. Mijovic-Prelec (GRS’90) and Drazen Prelec *
David Mischoulon (MED’94,’94) and Alisabet J. Clain *
James F. Mitchell, Jr. (MED’80) *
Bill G. Mixon ☆
Gary Moebus *
Peter J. Mogayzel, Jr. (MED’90, GRS’90) and Cyndra R. Mogayzel *
John J. Moore
E. Blake Moore, Jr. *
Gustavo Mostoslavsky ¤*
Denise M. Murphy and John Murphy ☆
Janice Nadelhaft *
James D. Nallo and Margaret M. Brady-Nallo
Nancy P. Newkirk
Michael J. Newman and Suzanne Newman
Gilbert A. Norwood (CAS’53, MED’57) ■*
Alexandra E. Novak (CAS’11)
Nicholas Novich ☆
Maria P. Ober ¤■
Sharon E. O’Brien ¤*
Daniel J. O’Connor, Jr. and Christine K. O’Connor
Mary E. O’Donnell *
Brian F. O’Donnell (MED’87) and Olga S. O’Donnell *
John D. Ogilby (MED’79) and Katrina V. Ogilby *
Michael V. Oriard and Julie V. Oriard ☆
Andrew M. Parad (MED’06) and Adrienne L. Parad (MED’07) *
Andrew J. Paraskevas and Holly Lindner ¤*
Raymond J. Patackis and Rita M. Patackis
Ronna J. Perlmutter *
Katherine L. Phaneuf (MED’88) *
Steven J. Pike *
Alexandra I. Pinkerson (MED’96) and Robert O. Leaver *
Herbert S. Plovnick (CAS’67, MED’71) and Kathleen R. Plovnick (CAS’68, ENG’89) *
John I. Polk (MED’74, Wheelock’13) and Mary C. Nugent Polk (SON’76,’77) ¤■
Lois G. Poucher (SON’69) and John S. Poucher *
James F. Primich (MED’99) and Elizabeth Primich
Eric L. Putnoi (MED’01) and Deborah Polansky *
Anthony Pyle and Rachel Pyle ☆
Leon T. Rabinowitz (MED’67, CAS’67) and Lesley Wilson *
Joel S. Rankin (MED’57) and Verna B. Rankin ■*
Gary Rauch
Christine C. Reardon (MED’88) and Michael J. Reardon ¤■
Joe Restagno ☆
Roger D. Reville (MED’62) and Mary Beth Reville *
Nancy L. Ricks (Wheelock’67,’74) *
Kenneth J. Ritter (MED’58) and Lola H. Ritter *
Gregory K. Robbins (MED’90) and Elizabeth O. Robbins *
Stephanie D. Robertson (MED’96)
Rudolph R. Robinson ☆
Nancy Robinson (MED’81) and Stephen J. Imbriglia
Daniel E. Rodd and Debra F. Rodd *
Christopher S. Rose
Michael T. Rosenbaum (MED’78) and Julie A. Arnow ¤■*
Bruce Rosenberg and Jane Rosenberg *
Gerald Rosenblatt (CAS’53, Wheelock’54, MED’59) and Lorraine M. Rosenblatt ■*
Sharon I. Rounds
Mark C. Rouvalis and Cynthia J. Rouvalis *
Frederick L. Ruberg ¤
Steven B. Rupp *
James R. Rusche and Patricia E. Epperly
Marion P. Russell (MED’98,’03) and Mark L. Russell (Questrom’02)
Selma H. Rutenburg (CAS’46, MED’49) *
Marisa A. Ryan (CAS’07, MED’10) *
Edward K. Ryter (MED’90) *
Burton Sack and Lynn E. Sack
Philip W. Saines (CAS’76) and Catherine W. Saines *
Richard Saitz (MED’87, CAS’87) ¤*
Peter J. Sapienza (MED’69) and Barbara G. Sapienza *
Patrick J. Sarb, Sr. and Lynda M. Sarb ☆
Aaron M. Savar (MED’03)
Todd E. Schlegel and Julia J. Schlegel *
Joel R. Schulman (MED’72) and Joan S. Van Berg (CAS’76) *
Judy S. Schwab (CAS’91) and Daniel I. Silvershein (MED’93, CAS’93) *
Anthony L. Schwagerl (MED’03,’06)
Jeffrey A. Shane (MED’68, CAS’68) and Roberta H. Shane *
Arnold R. Shapack and Nancy R. Shapack ☆
Daniel L. Shaw
Leslie M. Shaw *
James A. Sheahan and Melody K. Sheahan ☆
Susan M. Shmoys (MED’81, CAS’81)
Myron A. Shoham (MED’71, CAS’71) and Andrea B. Shoham ■
Alyse B. Sicklick (CAS’84, MED’88) and Jay E. Sicklick *
Stuart E. Siegel (MED’67, CAS’67) ■*
Rebecca A. Silliman
Paul E. Simon (MED’73) and Miriam L. Simon *
Elinor M. Siner (MED’56) and Joel L. Siner *
Charnjit Singh (MED’91, CAS’91) and Dolly Chugh *
Deborah Smith ☆
Graham M. Snyder (MED’05) and Amy Snyder *
Natalia Levina (CAS’94, GRS’94) and Vadim Y. Spektor (ENG’95, MED’00) *
Gary L. Stanton (MED’77) and Rebecca H. Stanton (LAW’89) ■*
Glenn C. Staub (Questrom’87) *
Raymond E. Stephens *
James D. Stern (MED’88, CAS’88) and Barbara L. Stern
Susan C. Stoddard *
Chaz L. Stucken (CAS’05, MED’08) and Emily Z. Stucken (CAS’05, MED’08)
Carrie D. Stucken (MED’07) and Charlton E. Stucken (MED’07)
Paul A. Sueno (ENG’02, MED’06) *
Thomas J. Sullivan and Kimberlee A. Yaskoski ☆
Paul Tannenbaum and Marcey Tannenbaum *
The Sacco Family ☆
Landon K. Thorne, III and Leslie Thorne ☆
John C. Traylor and Suzanne Traylor
William M. Trencher and Susan R. Trencher ☆
Thalia Tringo ☆
Joseph R. Tucci (MED’59) and Marjorie Tucci ¤*
Carlton H. Tucker and Kathleen M. Tucker
Robert O. Valerio (MED’70, CAS’70) and Jean Valerio
David R. Veltre (MED’13) *
Vivian A. Virden *
Andy Volin and Jen Liong
William L. Walde ☆
Emily B. Wasserman (MED’11)
Marc C. Watson (MED’72)
Jeffrey D. Wayne (MED’92) and Diane B. Wayne *
Laurence M. Weinberg (MED’76) and Deborah W. Weinberg *
Lucille I. Weinstein (MED’75) and Mark J. Weinstein *
Allen Weisz ☆
Jerry R. Wexler (MED’71, CAS’71) and Helen H. Wexler (Wheelock’71) *
Brooks S. White (MED’51) *
William D. Whitney and Jean Whitney *
Allison P. Whittle (MED’86, CAS’86) *
David J. Winton *
Robert R. Wolff (MED’74) and Susan C. Wolff ■*
Jennifer Wong ☆
Thomas Wood ☆
Daniel L. Wu and Katherine Wu ■
Jon A. Yeakley and Patricia Parola ☆
Adil A. Yunis (CAS’08, MED’14) ¤
Glen B. Zamansky and Sue Anne Zamansky ¤*
Richard D. Zenn (CAS’83, MED’87) and Deanna M. Zenn (CAS’85)
John F. Zwetchkenbaum (MED’85) and Kimberly Zwetchkenbaum

◊ – Annual Fund Leadership Giving Society φ – Young Alumni Giving Society
∞ – Deceased ¤ – Faculty/Staff Member
■ – Parent ☆ – First-time Donor
* – Loyal Donor ǂ – Dean’s Advisory Board Member
○ – William Fairfield Warren Society member