$10,000 to $49,999

Boston University gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the following donors, who have given between $10,000 and $49,999 to BUSM between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017.

Gifts of $25,000–$49,999
Robert D. Champion and Marjorie Champion ◊
Shahram S. Gholami (MED’96) and Neda Gholami ǂ
David T. Greenleaf (MED’65) and Katherine O. Greenleaf ◊
Christine S. Hunter (MED’80, CAS’80) *◊ǂ
Denise S. Katsaros (SED’69) and Arthur T. Katsaros *◊
Susan E. Leeman ¤◊
Alan Leventhal (Hon.’09) and Sherry Leventhal ■*◊○ǂ
Rita Z. Mehos ■*◊ǂ
Steven A. Miller (MED’70, CAS’70) and Jacqueline H. Miller (CAS’70) *◊
Simon C. Parisier (MED’61) and Elaine S. Parisier *ǂ
Carol C. Pohl (MED’67) and Alan L. Pohl *◊
Robert W. Schulze (CAS’86, GRS’88, MED’92, Questrom’16) and Dee S. Santilli ¤■*◊
Richard Seeborg *
Jerome S. Serchuck and Joan S. Serchuck ■*◊○ǂ
Lee Silver (MED’82, CAS’82) and Rachelle Silver ■*◊ǂ
Joshua Solot and Justine Solot ☆◊
Tony Y. Tannoury and Viviane Tannoury ¤■☆◊
Martin L. Vogel (MED’53) and Phyllis M. Vogel ■*
Glenn H. Weissman and Christine Weissman *
Sam S. Wu (CAS’87, GRS’90, MED’92, SPH’92) and Patricia C. Tsang (MED’92, CAS’92, GRS’92) ■◊

Gifts of $10,000 –$24,999
Anonymous (4) ¤*◊ǂ
Amin Ashrafzadeh (CAS’93, MED’97) and H. Christine Ashrafzadeh (CAS’92, Questrom’96) *◊
William Y. Au (CAS’51, MED’55) *◊
John T. Avellino and R. Ellen Avellino ■*◊ǂ
Merwyn Bagan (MED’62, SPH’95) and Carol J. Bagan ■*○ǂ
Donna R. Barnard (MED’65) and Douglas E. Barnard (MED’65) ■*
Ann C. Cea (MED’67) and Anthony Tedeschi ■*ǂ
Aram V. Chobanian ■*◊
Michael S. Cohen (MED’89, CAS’89) and Ilona Ginsberg-Cohen *◊
Michael J. Critelli and Joyce M. Critelli ◊
Andrew B. Crummy (MED’55) *
Suzanne Cutler (Questrom’61) *◊ǂ
Hui Feng and Xiangdong Deng ¤*◊
Irene Ferrer
Samuel Finkielsztein and Gala Finkielsztein
Daphne H. Foster (CAS’79, Questrom’82) and Lawrence Foster
Patricia L. Freysinger (SON’82) *◊
Randolph Friedman and Donna Friedman ☆◊
Burton P. Golub (MED’65) and Lee H. Golub *ǂ
Kamlyn R. Haynes (CAS’89, MED’97) and Joe Parse *◊
Lewis Heafitz and Ina B. Heafitz ○ǂ
Juan D. Hernandez Batista and Maria A. Tavarez-De Hernandez ◊
Lea Highet and Ian Highet
Jet K. Ho (MED’99,’99) ☆◊
The Estate of Priscilla M. Hobbs ☆◊
Rod F. Hochman (MED’79, CAS’79) and Nancy J. Hochman (SAR’77,’83) *◊
Jeffrey R. Jay (MED’83, CAS’83) and Mary Ellen A. Jay *ǂ
Sarkis J. Kechejian (MED’63) ○ǂ
Kay S. Khan (SON’65,’81) *
Shirley P. Klein (MED’68, CAS’68) *◊
Joan L. Lasser (MED’66) ◊
Henry T. Lew (MED’62) and Winifred Lew
Zhijun Luo and Ellen H. Zhan ¤■◊
Barry M. Manuel (CAS’54, MED’58) and Patricia D. Manuel (SON’78, SED’86) ¤■*
John Noble and Ewa Kuligowska ■
Edward F. Parsons (MED’65) *◊
William Patty and Eliot Patty
M. Douglass Poirier (CAS’73, MED’76) and Jeffrey D. Tripp *◊
Peter A. Quigley and Meghan Heffernan ◊
The Estate of Iver S. Ravin ☆◊
Diana L. Reeves (GRS’92, MED’95) and Dan L. Reeves ☆◊
Shelley J. Russek (MED’94) and David H. Farb ¤■◊
Ralph L. Sacco (MED’83) and Scott Dutcher *
Norma A. Schulze ■*◊
Richard D. Scott and Mary Scott ■*
Leslie K. Serchuck (MED’90) *◊ǂ
Eliot B. Stewart
Sumner Stone (MED’58) and Martha Skinner *◊
Simon L. Strong (ENG’79, Questrom’91) and Sarah A. Strong

◊ – Annual Fund Leadership Giving Society φ – Young Alumni Giving Society
∞ – Deceased ¤ – Faculty/Staff Member
■ – Parent ☆ – First-time Donor
* – Loyal Donor ǂ – Dean’s Advisory Board Member
○ – William Fairfield Warren Society member