$1,000 to $2,499

Boston University gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the following donors, who have given between $1,000 and $2,499 to BUSM between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018.

Gifts of $1,000–$2,499
Anonymous (5) ■*☆◊
Heidi Abdelhady (MED’98) and N. Mehdy Rahman
Elizabeth P. Akoma (MED’00) *
Robert G. Alexander (CAS’67, MED’74) and Teresa D. Alexander *◊
Daniel P. Alford (SPH’86, MED’92) and Barbara J. St. Onge ¤■*◊
Domingo Alonso and Pilar Alonso ■☆◊
Caroline S. Alpert (UNI’95, MED’00,’01) *◊
Barry R. Alter (CAS’67, MED’71) ◊
Christine Ament ☆◊
Rahul S. Anand (CAS’97, MED’01) and Meredith Anand *◊
Carol E. Anderson (MED’72) *◊
James E. Andrews (MED’78) and Deborah L. Andrews *◊
Jacob Asher (MED’82) and Nancy Hosay *◊
Annemieke Atema (CAS’00, MED’05) and William F. Harvey (SPH’09) ¤◊
Marilyn C. Augustyn and George Westerman ¤*◊
Janis L. Baccari (CAS’91, MED’95) *◊
David H. Baker (MED’51) and Elizabeth H. Baker *◊
Thomas W. Barber ¤*
David L. Barrasso (MED’74) and Sibylle C. Barrasso ◊
Richard T. Baxter and Deborah Baxter ◊
Robert Belden ☆◊
Kathryn E. Bell ☆◊
Ann Berdy
Roderick J. Hancock and Cynthia L. Berger ◊
Audrey B. Berman and Leonard D. Berman ■*◊
Sheilah A. Bernard and Richard Kopelman ¤*
Mary A. Blanchard ¤
Lenore J. Brancato (MED’84, CAS’84) and Louis Potters *◊
Harry Brown ☆◊
Robert H. Brown (MED’65) and Joyce W. Brown ■*◊
Christopher D. Brown (MED’96) and Patricia S. Brown *◊
Gloria G. Bruggeman ■*◊
Mary L. Buell and Jeffrey T. Buell ◊
David E. Burdette (MED’86, CAS’86) and Leeann W. Burdette-Wall ■◊
Mary C. Burke (MED’83) and Nancy Mayo *◊
Joseph F. Calabrese and Mary T. Calabrese ■*◊
David C. Campbell ◊
Katharine Canfield and David C. King ¤■*◊
Mark A. Cannon (Questrom’79, MED’84) and Hope S. Cannon *◊
Donald P. Carli and Kathryn Carll ◊
Russell and Gerri Carney *
Alan C. Carver (MED’95) and Deborah C. Carver *◊
Michael J. Cassidy (MED’73) and Andrea W. Cassidy *◊
David M. Center (MED’72, CAS’72) and Patricia Rabbett ¤*
Edmond E. Charrette (MED’62) and Maria T. Charrette ■*◊
John V. Chobanian (MED’81) and Stephanie M. Pawlowski *
Stephen P. Christiansen and Karen C. Christiansen ¤*
June J. Christmas (MED’49, Hon.’73)
David J. Chronley (MED’74) and Marianne K. Chronley *
David J. Chun (CAS’91, MED’95) and Susie S. Lee-Chun (CAS’91) *◊
Marc A. Clachko (MED’71) and Gayle W. Clachko *◊
Jane S. Cohen (MED’91, CAS’91) and David Cohen (MED’91, CAS’91) ■*
David L. Coleman ¤*◊
Ronald G. Collman (MED’81, CAS’81) *◊
Mark H. Cooley (MED’60) *◊
Kathleen M. Cooney ☆◊
Tod D. Cooperman (MED’87, CAS’87) and Sharon Cooperman *◊
Andres F. Costas-Centivany (MED’84) and Barbara Robinson-Costas *◊
Joan H. Craw *◊
Kevin A. Crummy
Mary K. Daly (Questrom’22) and Paul Legutko (Questrom’22) ¤☆◊
Clare L. Dana (MED’69) ◊
Leah A. Darak (MED’91, CAS’91) and Harold Darak *
Joel R. Daven (MED’75) and Jennifer Daven *◊
Susan F. Davis (CAS’71, Wheelock’72) and Arthur D. Davis ◊
Anand K. Devaiah and Manju L. Subramanian ¤◊
Lester S. Dewis (CAS’57, MED’61) and Susan B. Dewis (SAR’62) ◊
Nicolas P. DiCiaccio and Marguerite Shepard-DiCiaccio *
Ineke M. Dikland *◊
James C. Ding (MED’89, CAS’89) and Marcia Ding ◊
Bill and Kay Dixon *◊
Thomas J. Dowling, III (MED’17) ◊
Lawrence A. Dressner and Monique Dressner *
Michael S. Drucker (MED’69) and Deirdre D. Drucker *◊
David A. Druckman (MED’91, CAS’91) and Beth Druckman *◊
Thomas Dugdale and Tina Dugdale ■◊
Robert T. Eberhardt and Margaret M. Eberhardt ¤■*◊
Roger M. Epstein (MED’82) *◊
John R. Evans, Jr. *◊
Michael A. Ewald and Laurie H. Ewald ☆◊
Leendert J. Faling and Judith R. Faling ¤*◊
Francis A. Farraye and Renee Remily ¤■*
Peter A. Fauci, Jr. (MED’57) and Linda E. Kelly Fauci *◊
Dominic Fazio ☆◊
I. Howard Fine (MED’66) and Victoria Fine *◊
Robert F. Fishman (MED’85) and Susan B. Eysmann ◊
Nancy S. Flint (SON’77,’81) and Loring S. Flint, Jr. (CAS’73, MED’76) *◊
Vincent P. Foley, Jr. and Jeanne M. Foley ☆◊
Joseph M. Fonte (CAS’92, MED’97) and Lina Fonte *
Edward W. Forbes (MED’69, CAS’69) and Ellen G. Forbes *◊
Harold W. Forbes and Carol S. Forbes *◊
Karen Fowler *◊
Giuseppe Francioni *◊
Lance Franczyk and Jessica Franczyk
Anne M. Frasca *◊
Paul S. Freedberg (MED’74) and Maria S. Freedberg *◊
Mark S. Freshwater and Deborah L. Freshwater *◊
David H. Gilbert ☆◊
Gerald D. Goldman (MED’77) and Margery S. Goldman (Wheelock’74,’77) *
Leonard A. Greene (CAS’52, MED’60) and Joan E. Greene *◊
Jack Gresser ◊
Gene A. Grindlinger (MED’70, CAS’70) and Jeanne M. Grindlinger ■*◊
Ali Guermazi ¤◊
William E. Guptill (MED’92) and Ruth Guptill *◊
Xiaozhe Han (SDM’04,’08, MED’04) and Li Wang (SDM’04,’06) *◊
Rachel Harris ☆◊
Stephen W. Hildreth *◊
Brian J. Hines (MED’96) and Tracy Shevell *◊
George L. Hines (MED’69, CAS’69) and Helene A. Hines (SAR’69) ■*◊
Lawrence F. Hohl ☆◊
Ruth A. Homan *◊
Alan F. Houston (MED’68) and K. Jourdan Houston ◊
Jeffrey P. Hurley (MED’84) and Joanne Hurley *◊
Harry M. Iannotti (MED’66) and Judith A. Iannotti *◊
Anne P. Iverson *
Robert K. Jackler (MED’79) and Laurie M. Jackler (CGS’74, CAS’76) *
Alice K. Jacobs ¤☆
Joseph O. Jacobson (CAS’75, MED’79) and Margaret J. Seton ◊
Numeriano M. Jalbuena, Jr. and Kathryn Jalbuena ◊
Hernan J. Jara ¤*◊
Nancy Roberson Jasper (MED’84) and Sterling Jasper Jr. *◊
Malcolm N. Joseph, III (MED’76) ◊
Cherry Junn (CAS’07, MED’10) *
Joseph H. Kahn and Nancy H. Kahn ¤■*
Nancy A. Nagy and Kenneth P. Kato (MED’89) ◊
Paul Kaufman (MED’55) and Mary F. Kaufman *
Damon J. Keith *
Paul J. Killoran (MED’54) and Elizabeth E. Killoran ■*◊
Dan S. Kirshenbaum (CAS’07, MED’11) and Laura B. Kirshenbaum (LAW’12) *
Baroukh E. Kodsi and Marie E. Kodsi ■*◊
Anne Koerner and Eric Koerner *◊
Sean S. Koh *◊
Burton I. Korelitz (MED’51) and Ann Z. Korelitz *◊
Sonia Y. Kragh (MED’87) and Sriram Narsipur
Fred M. Krainin (MED’81, CAS’81) and Mary S. Krainin ◊
Jonathann C. Kuo (CAS’01, MED’04) ◊
Sylvia M. LaChapelle *◊
Byron L. Lam (CAS’84, MED’86) and Diane Zheng *◊
Cecelia Lance *
Gary Langer ◊
Charna C. Larkin *
Dennis R. Larock, Sr. (CAS’86, MED’90) and Jeanne B. Larock ◊
Arthur M. Lauretano (MED’88, CAS’88) and Adrienne Lauretano *◊
Howard M. Ledewitz (MED’65) and Carolyn Ledewitz ■*◊
James E. Lee (CAS’09, MED’10, SDM’14, Questrom’18) ◊
Frank Lee (MED’88, CAS’88) and Sally Lee ■*◊
Paul M. Leiman (CAS’72, MED’74) and Carol R. Leiman ■*◊
Richard P. Lenz and Jean H. Tibbetts ■*◊
Jack P. Leventhal (MED’73) and Mary A. Leventhal *◊
Caryn A. Libbey and John M. Harris, III ¤◊
Felicia H. Liu (MED’73) and John T. Citron *◊
Tamiko A. Long (MED’92) *
Joseph Loscalzo and Anita B. Loscalzo *
Hamilton Lott, Jr. and Barbara H. Lott *◊
George D. Malkasian, Jr. (MED’54) and Mary E. Malkasian *◊
Robert D. Manchester (Questrom’74) and Shirley A. Manchester ◊
Neal Mandell (MED’86) and Amy L. Mandell *◊
Frank I. Marcus (MED’53) and Janet Marcus *◊
Morisa J. Marin (MED’86) ☆◊
Phoebe S. Markey *◊
Robert F. Martinovich and Mary M. Martinovich ☆◊
Rebecca A. Massey *
John F. McCahan *◊
Joseph P. McEvoy (CAS’72, MED’73) and Shirley A. McEvoy *◊
Jean E. McPhail *
Sean B. McSweeney and Patricia M. McSweeney ◊
Peter A. Merkel and Laura M. Dember ◊
Marisa Messore (MED’92) *
Ashraf Metwally and Nancy Yang ■◊
Terry P. Miller (CAS’72, MED’75) and Meredith Halks-Miller (MED’75) ◊
Bennett Miller (MED’51) *◊
Heather H. Miselis (MED’00,’04, SPH’00) and Nathan R. Miselis (GRS’95) ¤*◊
David W. Moore (MED’65) and Jaye Moore ■*◊
Elizabeth A. Moran (MED’94) *◊
Audrey Morris *◊
Harvey L. Moskowitz and Lorraine F. Moskowitz ◊
Mark B. Moss ¤
Brian Moynihan and Susan Berry ☆◊
Praveen V. Mummaneni (MED’95, CAS’95) and Valli P. Mummaneni
Richard and Carol Myers ¤■*
Robert S. Napoletano, Sr. (MED’85) and Laura L. Napoletano ◊
Roger W. Neal and Roberta A. Neal *◊
Kenneth E. Nelson and Martha Gallo ◊
Ralph A. Nelson (MED’65) and Anne E. Nelson *◊
Romain Niclou and Valirie Niclou ■*◊
Michael S. Niederman (MED’77, CAS’77) and Ronna K. Niederman (COM’75) ■*◊
Keyvan Nouri (CAS’89, MED’93) ◊
Robert J. Nozza and Wilma A. Nozza ◊
Jeffry R. Nurenberg (MED’69, CAS’69) and Barbara Nurenberg ■◊
Daniel J. Oates (MED’00, CAS’00, SPH’05) and Kenneth K. Mok (Questrom’83) *
N. Stephen Ober (CAS’82, MED’86) and Reese Ober ¤
Gwynneth D. Offner (GRS’84) ¤
Thomas F. O’Leary (MED’56) *◊
Kenny J. Omlin and Ninveh Omlin ◊
Jay D. Orlander (SPH’92) and Anna J. Mitus (MED’83, CAS’83) ¤*◊
Henry T. Oyama (CAS’53, MED’57) ■*◊
Jordan C. Paul and Valerie J. Paul *
Terry R. Peel and Ann D. Peel *◊ǂ
Burt M. Perlmutter (MED’63) and Roberta Perlmutter ■*◊
Jacquline T. Perry (MED’83) and William Barclay *
Tony N. Pira ¤*◊
Michael P. Platt (ENG’13) and Judy Theresa Platt ¤*
Barbara Z. Poplack (CAS’59) ■
Joel Potash (MED’62) and Sandra Hurd *◊
Mary V. Pratt *
Frederic F. Primich (MED’57) and Doris Primich ■*
Lura S. Provost (Wheelock’63) ■
John J. Przygoda (MED’77) and Janet C. Przygoda *◊
B. Andre Quamina (GRS’65, MED’66,’66) and Dorothy Quamina *◊
Albert Quintiliani, Jr. (MED’58) and Ann Quintiliani *◊
Jean E. Ramsey (MED’90, SPH’08) and David T. Ramsey ¤◊
Helen S. Ratner ■*◊
David J. Reitman (MED’96) *◊
Kenneth L. Renkens (CAS’76, MED’82) and Debra Lay-Renkens (CAS’73) *◊
Fletcher A. Reynolds (CAS’91, GRS’92, MED’96) and Frances H. Reynolds (CGS’88, CAS’90) *◊
Patricia L. Roberts (MED’81, CAS’81) and Michael S. Rosenblatt (SPH’89, Questrom’97) ■*
James W. Rosenberg (MED’68) *◊
George Rosenthal *◊
Laurie T. Rosenwasser ☆◊
Scott M. Ross (MED’82) *◊
Alan L. Rothman (MED’83,’83, CAS’83) and Lori B. Bornstein (ENG’88) *◊
Richard J. Rushmore, III (MED’04) and Christine Kannler (CAS’96, MED’00, SPH’00) ¤☆
Doris M. Russell
Kert D. Sabbath (MED’79) and Karen L. Sabbath ◊
Osamu Sakai and Mariko Sakai ¤*
David J. Salant and Anne Salant ¤*◊
Michael Salcman (MED’69, CAS’69) and Ilene Salcman (CAS’70) ◊
Morton E. Salomon (MED’77) and Teri Salomon *◊
Richard J. Samaha (MED’66, GRS’66) and Christine Samaha *◊
Mark S. Samberg (CAS’72, MED’74) and Marcee Samberg *◊
Jeffrey H. Samet (SPH’92) and Michele S. Marram ¤*
Jose M. Santiago (MED’73) and Janice E. Catt ◊
David S. Saperstein (CAS’88, MED’92) and Francine N. Saperstein *◊
Dennis J. Sargent (MED’77, CAS’77) and Katherine Forte Sargent (MED’77, CAS’77) *◊
Eric J. Sax (MED’89) and Julia A. Sax ■
Steven B. Schwartz (CAS’73, MED’77) and Paula A. Leonard-Schwartz (MED’77, CAS’77) *◊
Michael J. Scollins (MED’69) and Mary D. Scollins (MED’69) *◊
Carolyn J. Sedor and Maturin D. Finch ◊
Florence Seldin and Ira L. Seldin *
Anjan R. Shah (CAS’98, MED’02) and Mona B. Shah (CAS’98, MED’02)
Edward J. Sherwood (CAS’72, MED’75) and Shirley Y. Sherwood *◊
Barry E. Sieger (MED’68) and Margarete Sieger ■◊
Stacey L. Silvers (MED’93,’93) and Elizabeth Haley ◊
David B. Smith (MED’78) and Sandra M. Sweetnam ◊
Jonathan G. Smith and Megan W. Smith *◊
Rebecca E. Snider (MED’84) and Jack B. Beard, Jr. *◊
Kiran N. Batheja (CGS’88, CAS’90) and Jenny C. So (MED’94, CAS’94) *◊
John A. Sommers ☆◊
Sally L. Speer *◊
Debra Speier *
Craig J. Stanley and Carol A. Stanley *◊
Jeffrey Stein ☆
Sandra Stewart
Donald B. Stewart (Questrom’98) and Karen A. Engelbourg ¤*◊
L. Rae Stone ☆◊
Manuel A. Suarez-Barcelo (MED’90) and Yelitza Rocha-Suarez *◊
Burton G. Surick (MED’86, CAS’86) and Ilona W. Surick (MED’86, CAS’86) *
Ramin R. Tabaddor (CAS’96, MED’01) and Elisa Tabaddor *◊
Mark P. Teng (MED’95, CAS’95) and Skye Huang ◊
Arthur C. Theodore (MED’79) and Dawn M. Theodore ¤■◊
Charles P. Tifft (MED’73) and Elissa K. Tifft ¤
Craig I. Title (MED’96, CAS’96) and Rachel S. Title (CAS’99, MED’02) *◊
Ruth E. Tuomala (CAS’72, MED’74) and Ernest G. Cravalho *◊
Daniel M. Veltre and Mary D. Veltre ■*
Paul A. Vigna (CAS’85, MED’89) and Judith A. Vigna ■◊
Pamela J. Villanyi and Stephen T. Villanyi ■◊
Elizabeth W. Walcott *◊
George Walcott (MED’62) ∞*◊
David J. Wallace ◊
Stephen A. Wasilewski (CAS’72, MED’74) and Nancy J. Wasilewski ◊
Jerome D. Waye (MED’58) and Marguerite B. Waye ■◊
Annetta K. Weaver (MED’68) and Thomas G. Weaver *◊
Marilyn S. Weinstein *◊
Norman Weinstein (MED’53) ∞*◊
Bruce W. Weinstock (CAS’83, MED’86, SPH’97) and Lisa Kempler (MET’93) ◊
Murray Weinstock (MED’65) and Gloria Weinstock *◊
Diane J. Weiss (MED’84) and Antonio Villalobos *◊
Andrew M. Wexler (MED’80) and Geri S. Wexler (SAR’76) *
Austin E. White, Jr. (MED’68) and Susan C. White ◊
Burton White (MED’61) and June S. White *◊
Eugene P. Whittier, Jr. (MED’52) *◊
Daniel P. Wiener and Ellen Freudenheim ☆◊
Michael H. Wilensky (MED’73) and Enid Wilensky *◊
Frances E. Williams (MED’96)
Lancelot L. Williams (MED’88) *
Marcelle M. Willock (Questrom’89) *◊
Samuel A. Wineburgh and Elinn Wineburgh *◊
Gary J. Wolf (MED’74) and Lynn Wolf *◊
Gary L. Wolf *◊
David Wu and Bernadine E. Wu ◊
Herbert M. Wyman (MED’63) and Audrey S. Wyman ◊
Joshua Wynne (MED’71, CAS’71) and Susan I. Farkas ◊
Robert L. Young, III (CGS’88, CAS’90) and Tanya J. Bentley-Young *◊
Kevin Yu (CAS’02, MED’06) *◊
Thomas J. Zaccheo (MED’62) and Janice Zaccheo *◊
Edward H. Ziegler ☆◊

◊ – Annual Fund Leadership Giving Society φ – Young Alumni Giving Society
∞ – Deceased ¤ – Faculty/Staff Member
■ – Parent ☆ – First-time Donor
* – Loyal Donor ǂ – Dean’s Advisory Board Member
○ – William Fairfield Warren Society member