Corporations & Foundations


For decades, Richard Goldstein has been trying to unlock a genetic puzzle—one that may hold the secret to a more effective vaccine for a pneumonia strain that kills more than a million children a year worldwide. For his work, the BU School of Medicine professor of pediatrics was recently awarded a three-year, $300,000 grant from the Hartwell Foundation, which funds biomedical applied research with the potential to benefit children. Read more »

New avenues for research and development

The support of companies, corporations, and private philanthropic foundations helps the Boston University School of Medicine to perform pioneering research and provide our students with innovative training, resulting in important medical advances and improved clinical practices.

Aligning corporations’ and foundations’ interests with the investigations, programming, and outreach activities at the School benefits everyone involved—and brightens the futures of teachers, students, and patients. There are many ways you and your company or foundation can enable the important medical discoveries and developments at BUSM.

  • Sponsored research: BU School of Medicine has been on the frontiers of cutting-edge, relevant research for more than 130 years—and you can help us advance our progress across many areas of study by sponsoring faculty and student research in an area that aligns with the goals of you and your organization.
  • In-kind gifts of equipment, supplies, software, and subscriptions: These resources enhance the education of BUSM students, the medical practitioners and teachers of tomorrow.
  • Scholarships and professorships: By giving to scholarships and professorships, you can increase access and excellence at the School by supporting remarkable students and faculty members.
  • Capital support: As BUSM students, trainees, and faculty strive to cover new scientific territory, new and updated facilities are necessary—and you can help make these spaces a reality.
  • Matching gift programs: Motivate your employees to be philanthropic, and double the impact of their gifts.
  • Recruiting relationships: Graduates of BUSM are among the best-qualified physicians and researchers in the country. Establishing a strong relationship between your organization and the School can be mutually beneficial.

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