900.1  Research Elective in Biomedical Science

Course Director(s): as specified in the submitted research proposal

Period to be offered: Minimum 4 weeks-Maximum 8 weeks

Research Elective Approval Form

Description of Elective:

The research elective in biomedical science will expose students for a period of four to eight weeks to biomedical research. The student will select a research project as defined by a scientist mentor who will serve as the project’s technical advisor. The research project will be sufficiently well defined and the required supporting infrastructure well developed so that the student will be able to start with data acquisition and/or data analysis on day one, and complete data analysis by the fourth week. The student will write a report in the standard format of a scientific publication, including the Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. The goals of this elective are to train medical students in biomedical research and to give them the opportunity to publish in the scientific literature.

The student will meet with the technical advisor prior to the start of the elective at which time they will agree to a plan of operations and a research timeline to be followed during the elective. The plan of operations includes a mutually agreed number of work hours per week to satisfy the BUSM minimum of 40 hours per week, a description of the specific research activities to be performed by the student, and the required deliverables of the rotation.  They will also agree on completing all operational project pre-requirements to be fulfilled prior to the elective’s start date, including IRB and/or IUCAC approvals.

Credit for the research elective will be applied to the discipline in which the mentor has their primary appointment.