900.1  Research Elective in Biomedical Science

Course Director(s): as specified in the submitted research proposal

Period to be offered: Minimum 4 weeks-Maximum 8 weeks

Research Elective Approval Form

Description of Elective:

The research elective is designed to have the student and mentor work together on a project that will give the student a structured way to learn more about the research process, while adding to the body of knowledge.  This requires pre-block work with the mentor, and is not appropriate for other scholarly activity.  Students must work with their mentors ahead of their desired block to craft a project that can be brought to a draft manuscript in the time allotted.

 You must have the following completed and submitted to the Registrar at least 8 weeks in advance in order to take this elective :

  • Mentor chosen and project plan drafted
  • Hypothesis(es) to test including a brief summary of the background/rationale
  • Methods that you will employ for investigating your research question(s)
  • IRB/IUCAC approval (as indicated)
  • Timeline for deliverables
  • Plan for dissemination of results

The elements of research required for this elective must include the following:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Manuscript draft with dissemination of results
  • If there are unanticipated hurdles to your work timeline which preclude a draft manuscript, you can instead provide a summary of data acquisition, analysis, and status of your hypothesis(es) based on your work.  This should be accompanied with a timeline for the remaining work and plan for manuscript preparation.

This elective will not be approved for the following:

  • Finishing work on an ongoing project, or does not encompass the above elements of work
  • Any work that is not research (i.e. there is no question that will be answered as a result of this work)
  • Other meritorious scholarly work that does not meet the requirements for the research block as stipulated above
  • Other issues identified with a project that may be specific to the request, as all projects submitted for this elective are subject to review and final approval by the Registrar and the Chair of the Electives Curriculum Subcommittee.