Research at BUSM: A Guide for Medical Students

Two scientists working in a research laboratory

This guide provides guidance to B.U. medical students who are interested in undertaking research while at BUSM. Each student must consider career goals, academic interests, and time available in the curriculum when planning his/her pathway to undertaking successful research experiences.

Considerations for Students:

  • Student research can be extracurricular or a credit-bearing
  • Students may be paid or un-paid for their research.
  • There are short-term opportunities (e.g., Medical Student Summer Research Program) or long-term  opportunities (a year off from the curriculum to engage in research). 

When Can I Undertake Research? 

Finding a Project and/or Mentor

Supporting Documents from Required/Optional Sessions for Students Applying to MSSRP:

The following sessions were held for class-of-2022 medical students who will apply for the MSSRP for summer, 2019. Related documents from these sessions are below.



Medical Student Research Symposium