Day: April 20, 2023

2023 Russek Award Winners for Microbiology

We are delighted to announce the Microbiology Graduate Students who have won the 2023 Russek Student Achievement Awards. Congratulations to: 1st Prize:       Devin Kenney (Douam Lab) 2nd Prize:     Jonathan Kilroy (Henderson Lab)

2023 Microbiology Travel Award

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Microbiology Travel Award recipients. There is one first place and two second place winners, and they are: 1st place: Victoria Kleiner (graduate student – Fearns lab) will be attending the American Society for Virology Annual Meeting in Athens, GA from June 24-28, 2023. 2nd place: Callie Donahue (graduate […]

Neelou Etesami Successfully Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Neelou Etesami in the Mizgerd Lab on the successful defense of her dissertation entitled “Dynamics and Requirements for Protective Lung B Cell after Pneumococcal Infection” on April 13, 2023. Well done, Neelou!