For Referring Physicians

Our pulmonary, allergy, sleep, and critical care physicians see a broad range of patients at several centers in the city of Boston. Physicians interested in referring patients are encouraged to contact us by phone at the relevant center listed below. Those physicians wishing to refer to any of our specialty centers focused on advanced lung diseases may wish to click on our ‘Clinical Centers’ on the left side of this page to refer to the appropriate clinic.

All our pulmonary and critical care physicians on campus can be reached through our central office (please use this address for forwarding studies or patient reports):

Shapiro Center
725 Albany St, Suite 9B
Boston, MA 02118

Prior to your patient’s first visit we ask that their medical records be sent to us as well as the reason for the referral. This information may be sent by fax to: 617-638-7486

Subspecialty Clinics

Clinical Sites:

On campus:

Boston Medical Center

(Click Here for Directions)
Doctors’ Office Building 617-638-7480
Hospital Operator: 617-638-8000
The Boston University Pulmonary Center: 617-638-4860

Pulmonary Physiology Laboratory, Boston Medical Center

Drs. John Berk, Christine Reardon, Michael Ieong, Elizabeth Klings, Darrell Kotton, Frederic Little, George O’Connor, Arthur Theodore.
Charles O’Donnell, Director, Respiratory Services
Alan Silva, RRT, RPFT

Boston Public Health Tuberculosis Clinic

located at Boston Medical Center’s Ambulatory Care Center
Drs. John Bernardo, Alan Fine, and Jussi Saukkonen

Off Campus:

Boston Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Campus

Drs. Jeffrey Berman, Ronald Goldstein, Daniel Gottlieb, Jack Faling, and Alan Fine
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East Boston Health Center

Dr. Hasmeena Kathuria

South Boston Health Center

Dr. John Berk

Mass Hospital School (student health participants only)

Dr. Chris Reardon
Click Here for Address and Directions

Sturdy Memorial Hospital (ICU only)

Dr. Felicia Chen
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