PhD students (predoctoral training)

Pulmonary Center faculty train students in scientific research relating to lung biology and pulmonary disease, through multiple departments and PhD training programs at BU.

Typically, students enter Pulmonary Center labs from BU’s Program in Biomedical Sciences.  This is an umbrella program that offers students the opportunity to explore diverse research areas while mastering fundamental biomedical disciplinary knowledge through a rigorous and well-balanced core curriculum.  The goal is to help each student determine and develop the direction of their PhD focus most effectively and productively.  Those wishing to come to BU for doctoral training in the Pulmonary Center are encouraged to apply to BU’s Program in Biomedical Sciences.  After their first year of study is completed, PiBS students become affiliated with a specific PhD-granting department or program.

Much of our PhD training is done through the Molecular and Translational Medicine PhD program, delivered by the Department of Medicine.  Associate Professor Matt Jones directs the MTM PhD Program.

Pulmonary Center faculty members also provide PhD training in the MD/PhD program, the Immunology program, the Microbiology Department, the Biochemistry Department, the Bioinformatics program, and more.

Students in any of the diverse PhD Programs at BUSM can be mentored by Pulmonary Center faculty having relevant affiliations.

PhD postdocs (postdoctoral fellowship)

Pulmonary Center faculty train postdocs to become outstanding investigators and pulmonary researchers.  The Pulmonary Center T32 contains slots for PhD postdocs, which may be advertised when available.  Importantly, trainees with the appropriate background and interests in mentorship from a specific Pulmonary Center faculty member are strongly encouraged to contact that individual directly to inquire about potential opportunities, as many successful postdoctoral fellowships arise from unsolicited contacts.