Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

Project RESPECT Staff

Kelley Saia, MD: Obstetrics

Michelle Sia , DO: Obstetrics

Michelle O’Brien, MPH, MD: Family Medicnie

Daniel Shaw, MD: Psychiatry

Kristin Decosta, RN

Nancy Burgess, Medical Assistant

Ingrid St. Hill, Scheduling

Rotation Objectives:

  1. Understand Addiction as a disease
  2. Understand Methadone: history, uses, pharmacology
  3. Understand Buprenorphine: history, uses, pharmacology
  4. Participate in managing pregnant women in acute drug withdrawal
  5. Understand complexities of caring for pregnant women in recovery

Rotation Requirements:

  1. Attend Project RESPECT clinic on Tuesdays mornings with Dr. Michelle Sia:  participate in Tuesday 8amstaff case conference (review of scheduled patients)
  2. Attend Project RESPECT clinic on Friday morning with Dr. Kelley Saia : participate in Friday 8am staff case conference (review of scheduled patients)
  3. Attend Project RESPECT clinic on Friday afternoon with Dr. Michelle O’Brien
  4. Pre-clinic chart reviews: Prepare scheduled patients logician charts for staff case conference [logician schedule, view appointments, view details]
  5. Participate on Labor and Delivery on Wednesday mornings: 7am rounds in 3West/L&D conference room
  6. Attend one morning session at Frontage Road Methadone Clinic with Dr. Chapman or Dr. Walley
  7. Attend one morning of intake and counseling with the BMC’s Office-Based Opioid Treatment program(OBOT Team 3)
  8. Presentation:  45min talk at MFM conference on a Thursday during rotation
  9. Design or Participate in research project with Dr.s Saia, Sia, O’Brien : Honors criteria: completion of outlined project for the month rotation (i.e IRB proposal, draft of article, draft of project proposal, grant proposal, ect); evaluations from clinical work
  10. Mondays and Thursdays for research


MFM Conference:

Thursdays at noon in 3West/ L&D conference room. Topics announced each week by MFM resident.  Bring lunch.  Forum for 4th year student presentation

Fetal Board Conference:

3rd Wednesday of the month at noon: Yawkey 4th floor conference room.  Review of antenatal fetal anomalies: collaborative meeting with NICU.  Bring lunch