Maternal Fetal Medicine Sub-Internship Roles and Responsibilities

MSIV Clerkship Student Roles on MFM Service
There are 3 areas for which the student is responsible during his/her time on the MFM/Substance Abuse Clerkship.

MFM inpatient service:

Each student will function as an acting intern for patients on the antepartum service, and will be expected to be fully cognizant and involved in all aspects of the patients care. When the student is not in outpatient clinic, this time is used for floor work, research, and reading time.

MFM outpatient clinics:

The student will attend the outpatient MFM clinics.

Peer Educator:

The student is expected to present at a MFM Thursday noon conference. The presentation is usually case based, and on a topic the student is interested in, the topic should be reviewed with the preceptor.

We also look to the MSIV’s to help educate and orient the MSIII students to their roles and we may ask you to assist in teaching the students in small workshops.

MSIV Clerkship Student Responsibilities on MFM service:

  • Floor rounds 6:30a M-F:  Antepartum
    • Students are expected to pre-round on the patients they are following, and to have the notes written before 7:30 rounds.  All your notes need to be co-signed by a resident.
  • Sitdown rounds 7:30a M,T,TH,F; 7:00a W
    These are sit-down rounds at which all the laboring, MFM, and complicated postpartum patients are presented. At this time you will be expected to present your patients in a clear, concise manner.
  • Sitdown rounds 5:00p M-F:
    These are sit-down rounds at which all the laboring, MFM, and complicated postpartum patients are presented. The student is expected to update the team on the patients’ conditions since the am, results of testing, and any overnight plan.
  • MFM outpatient clinics
    In the clinics, the student functions as an acting intern; reviewing histories in Logician, initiating the patient visit, performing an appropriate physical exam, and developing a care plan under the guidance of the attending physician. Logician notes should be completed by the next morning.
  • Call:
    There is no overnight or weekend call as an MFM  sub-intern. IF you are on service on a weekend between 3 rd year clerkships, you are welcome to come to the hospital for an overnight call (arrange with the clerkship director).

MSIV Clerkship Evaluation Process:

Student evaluations are compiled by the Clerkship director after receiving feedback from the residents and attendings on service, and the clinic faculty. To receive Honor s the student is required to receive excellent clinical feedback AND participate in an academic exercise: a case report, research project, prepare a quality improvement review, protocol development or teaching project.