Inpatient Gynecology Sub-Intern Roles and Responsibilities


  • Have first hand experience with common gynecologic problems and be able to discuss diagnosis and management of each.
  • Workups of patients with common gynecological problems.
  • Basic differential diagnosis in gynecology.
  • Principles of preoperative and postoperative care in gynecology.
  • Do accurate pelvic examinations in gynecological patients and interpret their findings.
  • Competently assist on simple gynecologic procedures and recognize common pelvic pathology in the operating room.
  • Be able to describe and demonstrate preparation of a patient for abdominal and vaginal operation.

Activities and Responsibilities of Students:

  • The student will act under the primary supervision of the residents and staff.  The student will perform histories and physicals, formulate differential diagnosis, and develop a diagnostic and therapeutic plan which the student will present to the resident.  The student will be responsible for the subsequent management and daily follow-up for each patient assigned so that daily progress may be assessed.  The student will participate in all activities of the service including daily work rounds, scrubbing on appropriate gynecologic patients, presenting cases to residents and attendings.
  • The student will also rotate through different ambulatory clinics including Urogynecology, Gyn-Onc, REI, and General Gynecology.

MSIV Clerkship Evaluation Process:

  • Student evaluations are compiled by the Clerkship director after receiving feedback from the residents and attendings on service, and the clinic faculty.
  • To receive Honors the student is required to receive excellent clinical feedback AND participate in an academic exercise: a case report, research project, prepare a quality improvement review, protocol development or teaching project.