Research Staff Development Sample Syllabus

The Research Staff Development Program will consist of ~9 Training sessions interspersed with regular 1:1 mentor meetings and individual and group activities. The course will require 2-3 hours of effort per week over the course of 4-5 months.

Course Description and Learning Goals:  The course is designed to give participants with little to no background in research a baseline understanding of research administration within an academic and hospital setting.  Participants will practice performing various aspects of grant management, learn to create shadow budgets, prepare grant proposals and learn the basics of Department and Hospital research operations.

Session 1- Intro / Overview

  1. Important Research Contacts
  2. What is grant management?
    • The job of a grant manager
    • What is sponsored research?
      • Federal
      • Foundation
      •  Industry
    •    What is a PI?
    •  How we do research at BU & BMC?
      • Clinical Research
      • Lab Research
      • Community Engagement

    Session 2 – Key Components of Doing Research

    1. Sponsors
      • Federal
      • Foundations
      •  Industry
    2. Central Offices
      • BU Pre Award (OSP), Post Award (PAFO), Industry engagement
      • BMC Pre-Award (SPA), Post Award (Research Finance), CTO

    Session 3- Pre-Award Services

    1. BU Office of Proposal Development 
    2. BMC Development Office (Foundation Relations and Government Grants)
    3. Department

    Session 4- Post-Award Services

    1. Department / Sections 
      • Department of Medicine Structure
      •  Sections
      •  Role of CRA
    2. Intro to Life-Cycle of a Grant (broad overview)

    Session 5- Life-Cycle of a Grant

    1. Find funding
    2. Prepare a proposal
    3. Proposal Review & Submission
    4. Intro to Award Review and Acceptance

    Session 6- Life-Cycle of a Grant continued

    1. Award review and acceptance
    2. Award setup

     Session 7- Life Cycle of a Grant continued

    1. Conducting Research
    2. Intro to Managing an Award

    Session 8 – Life Cycle of a Grant continued 

    1. Managing an Award
    2. Yearly Progress reports
    3. Close out an award
    4. Bring to market

    Session 9- Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials