Timothy S. Naimi MD, MPH

Adjunct Professor, General Internal Medicine

Professor, Community Health Sciences

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Timothy Naimi

General Internal Medicine


Clinical Addiction Research and Education Unit


Timothy Naimi M.D., M.P.H is a physician and alcohol epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center (BMC), and a Professor with the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Naimi received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College, his M.D. degree from the University of Massachusetts, and his M.P.H degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. He completed a combined internal medicine-pediatrics residency program at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Epidemiologic Intelligence Officer program with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and a preventive medicine residency with the CDC. Prior to coming to BMC, Dr. Naimi worked as a clinician for the U.S. Indian Health Service, and as a senior epidemiologist with the Alcohol Team at CDC. His current research interests, for which he receives grant support from the National Institutes of Health and CDC, include binge drinking, youth drinking, health effects of low-dose ethanol, and substance use policy including the impact of alcohol control policies, cannabis policies, and opioid policies on substance use and other health outcomes. He has co-authored more than 100 published manuscripts and book chapters.

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Medicine, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Public Health, MPH, Harvard University

History/Science, BA, Harvard College


Published on 1/30/2024

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Published on 1/19/2024

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Published on 1/1/2024

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Published on 1/1/2024

Kasimanickam MR, Kerr DCR, Killion RE, Naimi TS, Lira MC, Bae H. State Alcohol Policy Environments of U.S. Colleges: Predictors of Sexual Assault and Alcohol-Related Arrest and Disciplinary Action. Am J Prev Med. 2024 Jan; 66(1):1-9. PMID: 38123257.

Published on 12/26/2023

Naimi TS, Lira MC, Pessar SC, Smart R, Blanchette J, Pacula RL. Relationships between Alcohol and Cannabis Policies in U.S. States, 1999-2019. J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2023 Dec 26. PMID: 38147075.

Published on 12/26/2023

Stockwell T, Zhao J, Clay JM, Sherk A, Naimi T. Moving Beyond Trench Warfare: The Need for Further Hypothesis Testing About Whether Observed Health Benefits From Alcohol Consumption Are Genuine. J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2024 Jan; 85(1):143-146. PMID: 38147106.

Published on 9/8/2023

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Published on 9/1/2023

Farkouh EK, Michel IM, Poudel K, Giesbrecht N, Naimi TS. Reply to "Increased Prevalence of Breast and All-cause Cancer in Female Orthopedic Surgeons": Alcohol Consumption as a Possible Contributing Factor. J Am Acad Orthop Surg Glob Res Rev. 2023 Sep 01; 7(9). PMID: 37678817.

Published on 8/30/2023

Stockwell T, Zhao J, Naimi T. Apologizing for the Alcohol Industry? A Comment on ISFAR's Defense of Alcohol's Purported Health Benefits. J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2024 Jan; 85(1):133-135. PMID: 37650833.

Published on 7/19/2023

Naimi TS, Sherk A, Esser MB, Zhao J. Estimating alcohol-attributable injury deaths: A comparison of epidemiological methods. Addiction. 2023 Dec; 118(12):2466-2476. PMID: 37466014.

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