Shoumita Dasgupta PhD

Assistant Dean, Admissions

Professor, Biomedical Genetics

72 East Concord Street | (617) 358-3555
Shoumita Dasgupta

Biomedical Genetics


Dr. Dasgupta is a scientist educator whose significant scholarly contributions center around curriculum design, teaching, and service. She is a Professor of Medicine and an Assistant Dean of Admissions with a demonstrated history of working in a diverse and inclusive higher education environment. Dr. Dasgupta has leveraged her expertise in basic and medical genetics and genomics, graduate education, and medical education to transform and advance the clinical and scientific training of MD and PhD students at Boston University, nationally, and internationally. Her passion for genetics, genomic medicine, diversity and inclusion, and mentoring allow her to serve as a supportive and creative leader in the field.

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Biochemistry, PhD, University of California San Francisco, 2002

Biochemistry, MS, University of California San Francisco, 1999

Biology, BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997


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