Mary T. Brophy MD

Voluntary Assistant Professor, Hematology & Medical Oncology

150 S Huntington Avenue | (617) 638-7523

Hematology & Medical Oncology


BU-BMC Cancer Center


MD, Tufts University School of Medicine, 1984

BS, Stonehill College, 1979


Published on 3/29/2023

Ferguson RE, Leatherman SM, Woods P, Hau C, Lew R, Cushman WC, Brophy MT, Fiore L, Ishani A. Practical issues in pragmatic trials: the implementation of the Diuretic Comparison Project. Clin Trials. 2023 Mar 29; 17407745231160553. PMID: 36992530.

Published on 3/1/2023

Ganti AK, Fillmore NR, Bihn J, La J, Brophy MT, Do NV, Kelley M. Risk factors of SARS-CoV-2 infection and complications from COVID-19 in lung cancer patients. Int J Clin Oncol. 2023 Apr; 28(4):531-542. PMID: 36859565.

Published on 1/25/2023

Elbers DC, La J, Minot JR, Gramling R, Brophy MT, Do NV, Fillmore NR, Dodds PS, Danforth CM. Sentiment analysis of medical record notes for lung cancer patients at the Department of Veterans Affairs. PLoS One. 2023; 18(1):e0280931. PMID: 36696437.

Published on 1/10/2023

Li A, La J, May SB, Guffey D, da Costa WL, Amos CI, Bandyo R, Milner EM, Kurian KM, Chen DCR, Do NV, Granada C, Riaz N, Brophy MT, Chitalia V, Gaziano JM, Garcia DA, Carrier M, Flowers CR, Zakai NA, Fillmore NR. Derivation and Validation of a Clinical Risk Assessment Model for Cancer-Associated Thrombosis in Two Unique US Health Care Systems. J Clin Oncol. 2023 Jan 10; JCO2201542. PMID: 36626707.

Published on 1/9/2023

Dassum SR, Ferguson R, Woods P, Flynn M, Visnaw K, Holmberg E, Schiller S, Shannon C, Brophy M, Monach P, Leatherman S, Branch-Elliman W. Patient- reported reasons for non-participation in a COVID-19 therapeutics clinical trial: Findings from a multi-center investigation. Contemp Clin Trials. 2023 Mar; 126:107082. PMID: 36632925.

Published on 12/28/2022

La J, DuMontier C, Hassan H, Abdallah M, Edwards C, Verma K, Ferri G, Dharne M, Yildirim C, Corrigan J, Gaziano JM, Do NV, Brophy MT, Driver JA, Munshi NC, Fillmore NR. Validation of algorithms to select patients with multiple myeloma and patients initiating myeloma treatment in the national Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2023 May; 32(5):558-566. PMID: 36458420.

Published on 12/14/2022

Ishani A, Cushman WC, Leatherman SM, Lew RA, Woods P, Glassman PA, Taylor AA, Hau C, Klint A, Huang GD, Brophy MT, Fiore LD, Ferguson RE. Chlorthalidone vs. Hydrochlorothiazide for Hypertension-Cardiovascular Events. N Engl J Med. 2022 Dec 29; 387(26):2401-2410. PMID: 36516076.

Published on 12/14/2022

La J, Fillmore NR, Do NV, Brophy M, Monach PA, Branch-Elliman W. Factors associated with the speed and scope of diffusion of COVID-19 therapeutics in a nationwide healthcare setting: a mixed-methods investigation. Health Res Policy Syst. 2022 Dec 14; 20(1):134. PMID: 36517793.

Published on 11/7/2022

Fillmore NR, Szalat RE, La J, Branch-Elliman W, Monach PA, Nguyen V, Samur MK, Brophy MT, Do NV, Munshi NC. Recent common human coronavirus infection protects against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection: A Veterans Affairs cohort study. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022 Nov 16; 119(46):e2213783119. PMID: 36343242.

Published on 10/3/2022

Vo AD, La J, Wu JT, Strymish JM, Ronan M, Brophy M, Do NV, Branch-Elliman W, Fillmore NR, Monach PA. Factors Associated With Severe COVID-19 Among Vaccinated Adults Treated in US Veterans Affairs Hospitals. JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Oct 03; 5(10):e2240037. PMID: 36264571.

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