Mary T. Brophy MD

Assistant Professor, Hematology & Medical Oncology

150 S Huntington Avenue | (617) 638-7523

Hematology & Medical Oncology


BU-BMC Cancer Center


MD, Tufts University School of Medicine

BS, Stonehill College


Published on 2/5/2024

Anand ST, Vo AD, La J, Do NV, Fillmore NR, Brophy M, Branch-Elliman W, Monach PA. Severe COVID-19 in Vaccinated Adults With Hematologic Cancers in the Veterans Health Administration. JAMA Netw Open. 2024 Feb 05; 7(2):e240288. PMID: 38393725.

Published on 2/2/2024

Bihn JR, Cioffi G, Waite KA, Kruchko C, Neff C, Price M, Ostrom QT, Swinnerton KN, Elbers DC, Mooney MA, Rachlin J, Stein TD, Brophy MT, Do NV, Ferguson RE, Priemer DS, Perl DP, Hickman RA, Nabors B, Rusiecki J, Barnholtz-Sloan JS, Fillmore NR. Brain tumors in United States military veterans. Neuro Oncol. 2024 Feb 02; 26(2):387-396. PMID: 37738677.

Published on 1/25/2024

Elbers DC, Fillmore NR, La J, Tosi HM, Ajjarapu S, Dhond R, Murray K, Valley D, Shannon C, Brophy MT, Do NV. Building Research Infrastructure to Develop Greater Learning Efficiencies (BRIDGE). Stud Health Technol Inform. 2024 Jan 25; 310:1131-1135. PMID: 38269991.

Published on 1/25/2024

Clark M, Meyer C, Ramos-Cejudo J, Elbers DC, Pierce-Murray K, Fricks R, Alterovitz G, Rao L, Brophy MT, Do NV, Grossman RL, Fillmore NR. Transfer Learning for Mortality Prediction in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Low-Resolution Histopathology Slide Snapshots. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2024 Jan 25; 310:735-739. PMID: 38269906.

Published on 1/25/2024

Do NV, Elbers DC, Fillmore NR, Ajjarapu S, Bergstrom SJ, Bihn J, Corrigan JK, Dhond R, Dipietro S, Dolgin A, Feldman TC, Goryachev SD, Huhmann LB, La J, Marcantonio PA, McGrath KM, Miller SJ, Nguyen VQ, Schneeloch GR, Sung FC, Swinnerton KN, Tarren AH, Tosi HM, Valley D, Vo AD, Yildirim C, Zheng C, Zwolinski R, Sarosy GA, Loose D, Shannon C, Brophy MT. Matching Patients to Accelerate Clinical Trials (MPACT): Enabling Technology for Oncology Clinical Trial Workflow. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2024 Jan 25; 310:1086-1090. PMID: 38269982.

Published on 1/10/2024

Hernandez KM, Venkat A, Elbers DC, Bihn JR, Brophy MT, Do NV, La J, Liu Q, Prokhorenkov A, Metoki-Shlubsky N, Sung FC, Paller CJ, Fillmore NR, Grossman RL. Prostate cancer patient stratification by molecular signatures in the Veterans Precision Oncology Data Commons. Cold Spring Harb Mol Case Stud. 2023 Dec; 9(4). PMID: 38050021.

Published on 11/15/2023

Anand ST, Vo AD, La J, Brophy M, Do NV, Fillmore NR, Branch-Elliman W, Monach PA. Risk of severe coronavirus disease 2019 despite vaccination in patients requiring treatment with immune-suppressive drugs: A nationwide cohort study of US Veterans. Transpl Infect Dis. 2024 Feb; 26(1):e14168. PMID: 37966134.

Published on 11/14/2023

Fillmore NR, La J, Wu JT, Corrigan JK, Branch-Elliman W, Monach P, Brophy MT, Do NV, Munshi NC. Even after SARS-CoV-2 booster, there is increased COVID-19 breakthrough infection in patients with plasma cell disorders. Blood Adv. 2023 Nov 14; 7(21):6767-6770. PMID: 37647600.

Published on 10/24/2023

DuMontier C, La J, Bihn J, Corrigan J, Yildirim C, Dharne M, Hassan H, Yellapragada S, Abel GA, Gaziano JM, Do NV, Brophy M, Kim DH, Munshi NC, Fillmore NR, Driver JA. More intensive therapy has a better effect for frail parents with multiple myeloma. Blood Adv. 2023 Oct 24; 7(20):6275-6284. PMID: 37582048.

Published on 10/16/2023

Helget LN, O'Dell JR, Newcomb JA, Androsenko M, Brophy MT, Davis-Karim A, England BR, Ferguson R, Pillinger MH, Neogi T, Palevsky PM, Wu H, Kramer B, Mikuls TR. Determinants of Achieving Serum Urate Goal with Treat-to-Target Urate-Lowering Therapy in Gout. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2023 Oct 16. PMID: 37842953.

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