Lauren Stern MD

Assistant Professor, Nephrology

72 E. Concord Street | (617) 638-7235
Lauren Stern



Amyloidosis Center


Dr. Stern is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Nephrology at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Stern has been active in medical student and resident education since 2011. She currently serves as the Director of the Renal Pathophysiology course for second year medical students. In addition, she is an Associate Clerkship Director to third year medical students in the Medicine 1 Clerkship. She is also a Field Specific Advisor for fourth year medical students who are applying for residencies in Internal Medicine. She has previously served as a core faculty member in the Internal Medicine Residency with a focus on curriculum innovation for residents. Her clinical practice focuses on home dialysis therapies and she is the Medical Director of the Home Dialysis Program, which provides peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis for patients with end stage kidney disease. In addition, she is also attends on the renal consult service, dialysis and transplantation service, and sees patients in the Multidisciplinary Amyloidosis Research Center. She has been teaching faculty in a number of national home dialysis courses and served on a number of committees through the American Society of Nephrology. Dr. Stern received her BS with Honors in Zoology from the University of Florida and her MD from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency, chief residency, and nephrology fellowship at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.


MD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, 2005

Zoology, BS, University of Florida, 2001


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