Karen E. Lasser MD, MPH

Professor, General Internal Medicine

Professor, Community Health Sciences

801 Massachusetts Ave | (617) 414-6688
Karen Lasser

General Internal Medicine


Clinical Addiction Research and Education Unit

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research


Dr. Lasser is a primary care internist, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and a health services researcher. She is a Senior Editor at JAMA.

Her primary areas of expertise and research are quality of care, interventions to reduce health disparities, health policy, smoking cessation, and primary care practice-based research.

She is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications, was the former Director of Ambulatory Quality Improvement for the Department of Medicine at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School, and has held several quality leadership roles at Boston Medical Center. Her research has been supported by NIDA, NHLBI, AHRQ, CDC, and the American Cancer Society.

Other Positions


Medicine, MD, Cornell University Medical College

Clinical Evaluation/Research, MPH, Harvard School of Public Health

History, AB, Harvard University


Published on 2/10/2024

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Published on 1/16/2024

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Published on 1/3/2024

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Published on 11/18/2023

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Published on 8/10/2023

Hanchate AD, Abdelfattah L, Lin MY, Lasser KE, Paasche-Orlow MK. Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion was Associated With Reductions in the Proportion of Hospitalizations That are Potentially Preventable Among Hispanic and White Adults. Med Care. 2023 Oct 01; 61(10):627-635. PMID: 37582292.

Published on 8/4/2023

Borden CG, Ashe EM, Buitron de la Vega P, Gast V, Saint-Phard T, Brody-Fialkin J, Power J, Wang N, Lasser KE. A novel pharmacy liaison program to address health-related social needs at an urban safety-net hospital. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2023 Aug 04; 80(16):1071-1081. PMID: 37210728.

Published on 7/29/2023

Stulac SN, Costello E, Baker J, Elansary M, Reed K, Lasser KE. High Engagement in Care in a Pediatric Medical Home for Children Impacted By Parental Substance Use. Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2024 Jun; 63(6):769-773. PMID: 37515533.

Published on 5/29/2023

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Published on 5/18/2023

Hanchate AD, Strackman BW, Lin M, Paasche-Orlow MK, Lasser KE, Cole MB. Medicaid expansion associated with no change in emergency department use across racial and ethnic groups. Health Serv Res. 2023 Oct; 58(5):1014-1023. PMID: 37202905.

Published on 1/3/2023

Buitron de la Vega P, Ashe EM, Xuan Z, Gast V, Saint-Phard T, Brody-Fialkin J, Okonkwo F, Power J, Wang N, Lyons C, Silverstein M, Lasser KE. A Pharmacy Liaison-Patient Navigation Intervention to Reduce Inpatient and Emergency Department Utilization Among Primary Care Patients in a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial. JAMA Netw Open. 2023 Jan 03; 6(1):e2250004. PMID: 36622674.

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