Hemant K. Roy MD

Section Chief, Gastroenterology

Adjunct Professor, Gastroenterology

650 Albany St | (617) 638-8345
Hemant Roy



Center for Regenerative Medicine

BU-BMC Cancer Center

Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center


Dr. Roy joined the faculty in 2013. He completed his medical degree from Northwestern University with distinction and completed internal medicine residency at Beth Isreal followed by GI Fellowship at University of Chicago.

Dr. Roy’s research interests center on GI cancer risk stratification using intermediate biomarkers of field carcinogenesis. He has been involved in the development and clinical implementation of a variety of biophotonic techniques for risk stratification encompassing both fiberoptic probes and cytological based techniques and these are complemented by a variety of molecular markers including microRNAs.

This has served as a platform for assessing risk modification via chemoprevention and applied to a number of non-GI malignancies including lung and ovarian cancer. Dr. Roy is a fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association and member of the Early Detection Research Network and the Cancer Biomarkers Study Section of the NCI,

More clinically, his interests are in high risk colon cancer syndromes and role of gender in colorectal cancer screening. Throughout his career he has also been involved in teaching receiving numerous awards in this regard.

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Medicine, MD, Northwestern University School of Medicine, 1989

Cell & Molecular Biology, BS, Vanderbilt University, 1985


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