Guneet Kaur Jasuja PhD

Research Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

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Guneet Jasuja

General Internal Medicine


Guneet K. Jasuja PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor with Boston University’s School of Medicine and a Career Development Awardee with the VA Bedford Center of Innovation for Health Services Research and Development. As a behavioral epidemiologist by training, her research interests include use of mixed-methods approach to examine sub-optimal medication prescribing, hormone therapy, and focus on vulnerable populations, including transgender individuals.


Health Behavior, PhD, University of Southern California, 2008

Biostatistics, MPH, University of Southern California, 2005

Health Policy Management, MA, University of Delaware, 1999


Published on 9/22/2021

Elwy AR, Clayman ML, LoBrutto L, Miano D, Ann Petrakis B, Javier S, Erhardt T, Midboe AM, Carbonaro R, Jasuja GK, Maguire EM, Kyrish A, Asch SM, Gifford AL, McInnes DK. Vaccine hesitancy as an opportunity for engagement: A rapid qualitative study of patients and employees in the U.S. Veterans Affairs healthcare system. Vaccine X. 2021 Dec; 9:100116. PMID: 34580652.

Published on 9/1/2021

Wolfe HL, Reisman JI, Yoon SS, Blosnich JR, Shipherd JC, Vimalananda VG, Rao SR, Hashemi L, Berlowitz D, Goodman M, Livingston NA, Reece SG, Jasuja GK. Validating Data-Driven Methods for Identifying Transgender Individuals in the Veterans Health Administration of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Am J Epidemiol. 2021 09 01; 190(9):1928-1934. PMID: 34467408.

Published on 8/5/2021

Hashemi L, Zhang Q, Getahun D, Jasuja GK, McCracken C, Pisegna J, Roblin D, Silverberg MJ, Tangpricha V, Vupputuri S, Goodman M. Longitudinal Changes in Liver Enzyme Levels Among Transgender People Receiving Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy. J Sex Med. 2021 09; 18(9):1662-1675. PMID: 34366264.

Published on 4/12/2021

Wolfe HL, Reisman JI, Yoon S, Blosnich JR, Shipherd JC, Vimalananda VG, Rao SR, Hashemi L, Berlowitz D, Goodman M, Livingston NA, Reece SG, Jasuja GK. Validating Data-driven Methods to Identify Transgender Individuals in the Veterans Affairs. Am J Epidemiol. 2021 Apr 12. PMID: 33843970.

Published on 4/1/2021

Jasuja GK, Bettano A, Smelson D, Bernson D, Rose AJ, Byrne T, Berlowitz DR, McCullough MB, Miller DR. Homelessness and Veteran Status in Relation to Nonfatal and Fatal Opioid Overdose in Massachusetts. Med Care. 2021 Apr 01; 59(Suppl 2):S165-S169. PMID: 33710090.

Published on 2/16/2021

Rose AJ, Dunbar MS, Hughto JMW, Jasuja GK. Conceptual approach to developing quality measures for transgender patients. BMC Health Serv Res. 2021 Feb 16; 21(1):152. PMID: 33593361.

Published on 2/5/2021

Boyer TL, Youk AO, Haas AP, Brown GR, Shipherd JC, Kauth MR, Jasuja GK, Blosnich JR. Suicide, Homicide, and All-Cause Mortality Among Transgender and Cisgender Patients in the Veterans Health Administration. LGBT Health. 2021 04; 8(3):173-180. PMID: 33544021.

Published on 2/1/2021

Hughto JMW, Quinn EK, Dunbar MS, Rose AJ, Shireman TI, Jasuja GK. Prevalence and Co-occurrence of Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Substance Use Disorder Diagnoses Among US Transgender and Cisgender Adults. JAMA Netw Open. 2021 02 01; 4(2):e2036512. PMID: 33538824.

Published on 2/1/2021

Gibson CJ, Li Y, Jasuja GK, Self KJ, Seal KH, Byers AL. Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Suicide in a National Sample of Midlife and Older Women Veterans. Med Care. 2021 02 01; 59:S70-S76. PMID: 33438886.

Published on 10/1/2020

Jasuja GK, de Groot A, Quinn EK, Ameli O, Hughto JMW, Dunbar M, Deutsch M, Streed CG, Paasche-Orlow MK, Wolfe HL, Rose AJ. Beyond Gender Identity Disorder Diagnoses Codes: An Examination of Additional Methods to Identify Transgender Individuals in Administrative Databases. Med Care. 2020 10; 58(10):903-911. PMID: 32925416.

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