Deborah Jean Anderson PhD

Professor, Infectious Diseases

Professor, Other OB/GYN

670 Albany St | (617) 414-8482
Deborah Anderson

Infectious Diseases


I have expertise in mucosal immunology, and secondarily in virology. I am interested in immune defense of the genital tract against sexually-transmitted pathogens. We are currently working with epithelial cell lines and HIV-1 infection models.

Other Positions


Immunology, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Immunology, MS, University of Texas at Austin

Biology, BA, Rice University


Published on 3/6/2024

Nador E, Xia C, Santangelo PJ, Whaley KJ, Costello CE, Anderson DJ. Platform-Specific Fc N-Glycan Profiles of an Antisperm Antibody. Antibodies (Basel). 2024 Mar 06; 13(1). PMID: 38534207.

Published on 2/13/2024

Johnson JA, Li JF, Politch JA, Lipscomb JT, Santos Tino A, DeFelice J, Gelman M, Anderson DJ, Mayer KH. HIV Immunocapture Reveals Particles Expressed in Semen under INSTI-based Therapy are Largely Myeloid Cell-Derived and Disparate from Circulating Provirus. J Infect Dis. 2024 Feb 13. PMID: 38356153.

Published on 1/9/2024

Dohadwala S, Geib MT, Politch JA, Anderson DJ. Innovations in monoclonal antibody-based multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. Front Reprod Health. 2023; 5:1337479. PMID: 38264184.

Published on 6/13/2023

Dohadwala S, Politch JA, Barmine JH, Anderson DJ. A Brief History and Advancement of Contraceptive Multipurpose Prevention Technology (cMPT) Products. Open Access J Contracept. 2023; 14:83-94. PMID: 37332341.

Published on 4/13/2023

Anderson DJ, Johnston DS. A brief history and future prospects of contraception. Science. 2023 Apr 14; 380(6641):154-158. PMID: 37053322.

Published on 3/30/2023

Mausser E, Nador E, Politch JA, Pauly MR, Marathe JG, Moench TR, Zeitlin L, Whaley KJ, Anderson DJ. LALAPG variant of the Human Contraception Antibody (HCA) reduces Fc-mediated effector functions while maintaining sperm agglutination activity. PLoS One. 2023; 18(3):e0282147. PMID: 36996137.

Published on 3/2/2023

Thurman AR, Moench TR, Hoke M, Politch JA, Cabral H, Mausser E, Nador E, Morton J, Hamorsky K, Swope K, Bratcher B, Anderson DJ, Whaley KJ. ZB-06, a vaginal film containing an engineered human contraceptive antibody (HC4-N), demonstrates safety and efficacy in a phase 1 postcoital test and safety study. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2023 Jun; 228(6):716.e1-716.e12. PMID: 36870409.

Published on 10/31/2022

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Published on 8/13/2022

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Published on 9/2/2021

Anderson DJ. Passive immunization of the human vagina. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2022 Apr 29; 18(2):1965423. PMID: 34473605.

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