Christine Campbell Reardon MD

Clinical Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep & Critical Care Medicine

72 E. Concord Street | (617) 638-4860
Christine Reardon

Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep & Critical Care Medicine


Pulmonary Center


My expertise is in patient care related to intensive care, lung cancer, and neuromuscular disease. I have expertise in noninvasive mechanical ventilation.


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MD, Boston University

ScB, Brown University


Published on 4/15/2023

Mesfin N, Sangani R, Shankar DA, Reardon C. New Frontiers in Therapeutics for Interstitial Lung Diseases. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2023 Apr 15; 207(8):1089-1091. PMID: 36735934.

Published on 9/15/2020

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Published on 4/5/2020

Kathuria H, Hollingsworth HM, Vilvendhan R, Reardon C. Management of life-threatening hemoptysis. J Intensive Care. 2020; 8:23. PMID: 32280479.

Published on 1/1/2020

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Published on 1/1/2020

Parikh R, Garcia MA, Rajendran I, Johnson S, Mesfin N, Weinberg J, Reardon CC. ICU outcomes in Covid-19 patients with obesity. Ther Adv Respir Dis. 2020 Jan-Dec; 14:1753466620971146. PMID: 33176612.

Published on 10/28/2019

Parikh R, Spring M, Weinberg J, Reardon CC, Farber HW. Use of ultrasound-measured internal jugular vein collapsibility index to determine static intracardiac pressures in patients with presumed pulmonary hypertension. Ann Intensive Care. 2019 Oct 28; 9(1):124. PMID: 31659483.

Published on 8/1/2019

Parikh R, Belok SH, Swamy L, Reardon CC. Adjunctive Therapies in the Management of Septic Shock. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2019 Aug 01; 200(3):381-383. PMID: 30990750.

Published on 8/1/2016

Mehta AB, Wiener RS, Reardon CC. Living with a Tracheostomy. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2016 08 01; 194(3):P5-6. PMID: 27479068.

Published on 3/1/2011

Walkey AJ, Nair S, Papadopoulos S, Agarwal S, Reardon CC. Use of airway pressure release ventilation is associated with a reduced incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in patients with pulmonary contusion. J Trauma. 2011 Mar; 70(3):E42-7. PMID: 20526208.

Published on 4/1/2009

Walkey AJ, Reardon CC, Sulis CA, Nace RN, Joyce-Brady M. Epidemiology of ventilator-associated pneumonia in a long-term acute care hospital. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2009 Apr; 30(4):319-24. PMID: 19245314.

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