Chao Zhang PhD

Assistant Professor, Computational Biomedicine

72 E. Concord Street | (573) 289-3632
Chao Zhang

Computational Biomedicine


As an interdisciplinary researcher, I have a background in systems biology, statistics, machine learning, software engineering, and especially in next-generation sequencing analysis, such as ChIP-Seq, WGS, WES, RRBS, RNASeq, ATACSeq, and Single-cell RNA sequencing.

My current researches are focusing on stem cell and cancer genomics.

In collaboration with Dr. Lorenz Studer’s group, I presented the surprising finding that manipulating the nutrient composition of the culture medium can dramatically alter the pluripotent state of hPSC. With the comprehensive analysis of multi-layered molecular data, we demonstrate that lipid-free culture conditions are sufficient to maintain human pluripotent stem cells in a naive-to-primed intermediate state via endogenous ERK inhibition and lipid supplementation can push the cells toward the primed cell state (Cell stem cell, 2019). I also devoted significant effort on aging and neuron degenerative diseases research.

Although studying associations between microbiota and diseases are very popular in the past few years, most studies were limited to the gut microbiome, due to the lack of access to clinical samples and technical challenges to quantify local microbiota, and the functions of them have been simply overlooked and underestimated. I demonstrated a novel computational pipeline to master the challenge of unbiased local microbiome detection from the sequencing data of small clinical endoscopic biopsy (Genome biology, 2015). I collected 50 gastric cancer samples and 106 gastric endoscopy biopsies from non-cancer population, the largest non-cancer gastric genomics study ever conducted. Besides microbiome characterization, I also quantified the immune infiltration for the above samples from bulk and single cell RNASeq data. By integrating multiple layers of data from our samples and TCGA GI-tract studies, I discovered a strong association between expression of immune markers and local microbiome diversity, showing that local microbiome could be very important for shaping tumor microenvironment.


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Computer Science, PhD, University of Missouri

Statistics, MS, University of Missouri

Computer Science, MS, University of Missouri

Automation, BS, Beijing Institute of Technology


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