Alyssa Francine Peterkin MD

Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

801 Massachusetts Ave | (617) 414-7399
Alyssa Peterkin

General Internal Medicine


Clinical Addiction Research and Education Unit


Alyssa Peterkin MD is board certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine. She received her medical degree from New York Medical College and completed residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. As a graduate of the Grayken Addiction Medicine Fellowship, her interests include addiction education and expanding access to substance use disorder treatment. She works as a hospitalist, regularly attends on the inpatient addiction consult service and works in Faster Paths which is Boston Medical Center's low barrier substance use disorder clinic. She currently serves as Program Director for the Grayken Addiction Medicine Fellowship, Co-Director of the Addiction and Health Track in the LEADS course at the Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine and works on a NIDA-funded clinical trial as a medical clinician.


Medicine, MD, New York Medical College

International Relations, BA, Boston University


Published on 10/17/2023

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Published on 9/20/2023

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Published on 2/7/2023

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Published on 1/25/2023

Peterkin AF, Jawa R, Menezes K, You J, Cabral H, Ruiz-Mercado G, Park TW, Kehoe J, Taylor JL, Weinstein ZM. Pre-Paid Phone Distribution: A Tool for Improving Healthcare Engagement for People with Substance Use Disorder. Subst Use Misuse. 2023; 58(4):585-589. PMID: 36695079.

Published on 1/9/2023

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Published on 11/11/2022

Sulakvelidze N, Ronan C, Peterkin AF, Weinstein ZM. Efficacy of Low-Dose Versus Traditional Buprenorphine Induction in the Hospital: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study. Am J Ther. 2023 Jan-Feb 01; 30(1):e1-e9. PMID: 36608069.

Published on 7/26/2022

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Published on 3/1/2022

Peterkin A, Davis CS, Weinstein Z. Permanent Methadone Treatment Reform Needed to Combat the Opioid Crisis and Structural Racism. J Addict Med. 2022 Mar-Apr 01; 16(2):127-129. PMID: 33758114.

Published on 2/4/2022

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Published on 1/1/2022

Peterkin A, Laks J, Weinstein ZM. Current Best Practices for Acute and Chronic Management of Patients with Opioid Use Disorder. Med Clin North Am. 2022 Jan; 106(1):61-80. PMID: 34823735.

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