Alfredo J. Selim MD

Voluntary Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

150 S Huntington Avenue | (617) 638-5300
Alfredo Selim

General Internal Medicine


MD, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, 1989

MPH, Boston University School of Public Health, 1995


Published on 7/1/2022

Selim AJ, Rothendler JA, Qian SX, Bailey HM, Kazis LE. The History and Applications of the Veterans RAND 12-Item Health Survey (VR-12). J Ambul Care Manage. 2022 Jul-Sep 01; 45(3):161-170. PMID: 35612387.

Published on 1/1/2019

Selim AJ, Qian SX, Rogers W, Arya D, Simmons K, Shapiro GD, Sonis LA, Kazis LE. Health Status in Adults With Chronic Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Improving Patient-Reported Outcomes. J Ambul Care Manage. 2019 Jan/Mar; 42(1):2-20. PMID: 30499897.

Published on 4/19/2018

Selim A, Rogers W, Qian S, Rothendler JA, Kent EE, Kazis LE. A new algorithm to build bridges between two patient-reported health outcome instruments: the MOS SF-36® and the VR-12 Health Survey. Qual Life Res. 2018 08; 27(8):2195-2206. PMID: 29675690.

Published on 3/1/2013

Selim AJ, Fincke BG, Rogers WH, Qian S, Selim BJ, Kazis LE. Guideline-recommended medications: variation across Medicare Advantage plans and associated mortality. J Manag Care Pharm. 2013 Mar; 19(2):132-8. PMID: 23461429.

Published on 10/1/2012

Kazis LE, Selim AJ, Rogers W, Qian SX, Brazier J. Monitoring outcomes for the Medicare Advantage program: methods and application of the VR-12 for evaluation of plans. J Ambul Care Manage. 2012 Oct-Dec; 35(4):263-276. PMID: 22955087.

Published on 3/6/2012

Rajan M, Lai KC, Tseng CL, Qian S, Selim A, Kazis L, Pogach L, Sinha A. Estimating utilities for chronic kidney disease, using SF-36 and SF-12-based measures: challenges in a population of veterans with diabetes. Qual Life Res. 2013 Feb; 22(1):53-64. PMID: 22392523.

Published on 2/19/2011

Selim AJ, Rogers W, Qian SX, Brazier J, Kazis LE. A preference-based measure of health: the VR-6D derived from the veterans RAND 12-Item Health Survey. Qual Life Res. 2011 Oct; 20(8):1337-47. PMID: 21336657.

Published on 1/22/2010

Fleishman JA, Selim AJ, Kazis LE. Deriving SF-12v2 physical and mental health summary scores: a comparison of different scoring algorithms. Qual Life Res. 2010 Mar; 19(2):231-41. PMID: 20094805.

Published on 12/30/2009

Selim AJ, Berlowitz D, Kazis LE, Rogers W, Wright SM, Qian SX, Rothendler JA, Spiro A, Miller D, Selim BJ, Fincke BG. Comparison of health outcomes for male seniors in the Veterans Health Administration and Medicare Advantage plans. Health Serv Res. 2010 Apr; 45(2):376-96. PMID: 20050934.

Published on 7/1/2009

Selim AJ, Kazis LE, Qian S, Rothendler JA, Spiro A, Rogers W, Haffer SC, Wright SM, Miller D, Selim BJ, Fincke BG. Differences in risk-adjusted mortality between medicaid-eligible patients enrolled in medicare advantage plans and those enrolled in the veterans health administration. J Ambul Care Manage. 2009 Jul-Sep; 32(3):232-40. PMID: 19542813.

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