The Department of Medicine recognizes research, education and clinical excellence for faculty, trainees and staff at the annual Evans Research Days Reception Dinner.

2020 Recipients

Outstanding Research Collaborator: Junior Faculty
Jessica Fetterman, PhD Vascular Biology

Outstanding Research Collaborator: Junior Faculty
Vijaya Kolachalama, PhD Computational Biomedicine

Clinical Innovation Award
Influenza-like Clinic

Team Leads
Jason Worcester, MD General Internal Medicine
Sarah Kimball, MD General Internal Medicine

Clinical Excellence Award
Alice Jacobs, MD Cardiovascular Medicine

Junior Faculty Mentoring Award
Michelle Long, MD —Gastroenterology
Omar Siddiqi, MD —Cardiovascular Medicine

Research Mentoring Award
Katya Ravid, DSc —Cardiovascular Medicine

Outstanding Citizenship Award
Mike Kirber, PhD — Research Implementation
Michael Ieong, MD— Pulmonary
Cassandra Pierre, MD, MPH, MSc — Infectious Disease
Miriam Komaromy, MD — General Internal Medicine

Clinical Quality Improvement Team Award
Reducing No-Shows in the Multidisciplinary Lupus Clinic

Team Leads
Michael York, MD — Rheumatology
Christina Lam, MD —Dermatology
Hanni-Menn Josephy, MD — Nephrology

Special Recognition Teaching Award
Asher Tulksy, MD — Gneral Internal Medicine
Matthew Jones, PhD —Pulmonary

David Aaron Freed Award
Nicole Nguyen —Education Office

Inaugural Faculty Diversity Award
Sheila Chapman, MD —General Internal Medicine

Inaugural Marie Antoinette Evans Award
Rania Omar Burke, PhD — Vice Chair of Finance & Administration

Clinical Poster Winners
Michael Garcia, MD —1st Place
Kathryn Fantasia, MD —2nd Place tie
Meenah Zareh, MD —2nd Place tie

Basic Poster Winners
Jessie Huang, PhD — 1st Place
Wenqing Yin, MD, PhD —2nd Place tie
Anukul T. Shenoy, MS, PhD —2nd Place tie
Michael Herriges, PhD —2nd Place tie

Most Abstract Submissions
Computational Biomedicine & Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM)

Evans Clinician Designation
Heidi Auerbach, MD —Geriatrics
Sheilah Bernard, MD — Cardiology
Maura Fagan, MD —Infectious Disease
Melissa DiPetrillo, MS —General Internal Medicine
Kevin Monahan, MD —Cardiology