Joint Hire Program (JHP)

The JHP provides continuing support for community-based physicians who are dedicated to medical education. The JHP faculty are engaged in a wide variety of academic endeavors, for example: precepting BUMC Internal Medicine residents in Primary Care in the Shapiro outpatient clinics, organizing and presenting GIM Ambulatory Grand Rounds. The CMU continues to work actively with several Community Health Centers to coordinate recruitment efforts and facilitate JHP arrangements for highly qualified community-based clinician educators.

Primary Care Residency Training Program

The Unit continues to work to strengthen its relationship with the Residency Training Program. The CMU’s Community-Based Faculty continue to be well represented at the Primary Care Program’s semi-annual Primary Care Dinners. The Community-Based Faculty attending these dinners provided valuable perspectives and advice on Professional Life of Community-Based Primary Care Physicians to the Resident. The unit serves as a resource for Primary Care residents who are considering general career decisions as well as those with a specific interest in the rich work opportunities available in the Boston HealthNet Community Health Center System. General Job counseling along with specific assistance with facilitating job placement within the Network has been provided in hour-long counseling sessions to approximately 6 residents in at various stages in their post-residency planning efforts.

Doctoring 1 & 2 Teaching 

Doctoring 1:

In the second semester of Doctoring 1 each first year student spends ten sessions shadowing a clinician-mentor in the mentor’s practice setting The experience is meant to introduce the student to the practice of medicine (broadly defined) and allow the student to practice targeted parts of the medical interview and physical exam. The hands-on learning that these sessions provide is a wonderful complement to the basic science courses in which the student is immersed.

In addition to the clinical sessions, students convene at the medical school for scheduled didactic seminars. Students attend a one-hour lecture on topics ranging from the Format of a History and Physical Exam to Cross Cultural Issues in Practice to Domestic Violence, to name a few. Each lecture is followed by a 90-minute small-group workshop where students will learn and practice a focused part of the physical exam. In addition, students will be able to practice their presenting skills by presenting a history of present illness, for instance, from their experience out at their clinical sites. Students will also be using on line module courses that we have created on the medical interview, affect, screening for depression, substance abuse and taking a sexual history.

 Program Contacts:
Matthew Bullard –
phone – 617-414-7449Doctoring 1 – Course Director
Dr. Elizabeth Ferrenz  –

Doctoring 2:

Physicians interested in teaching second year medical students basic interview and physical examination skills are welcome to teach in the Doctoring 2 Course (previously Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2).
Office Sessions (now called Longitudinal Precepting) –  Each student spends six half days (3 hrs per session) with a clinician in the ambulatory setting from July-November.  Afternoon or evening sessions work best and can be arranged with the student to fit the clinician’s schedule.
History and Physical Exam Sessions (HPE) – Each student does 6 sessions in the inpatient setting from December to February. There are 3-4 2nd year students paired with each HPE faculty.  Fourth year medical students help coach the 2nd year students and identify appropriate hospitalized patients for the 2nd year students to interview and examine for the HPE sessions.  The second years perform a focused history and physical on the assigned patient.  Later in the afternoon (typically from 3-5 pm), the 2nd year students meet with their HPE instructors to receive formal instruction on oral presentations and history and physical exam techniques.  The second year students along with the HPE instructor also return to the bedside in the afternoon to review findings. Finally the HPE instructor provides feedback on the admission type inpatient write-ups done by the 2nd year students. Schedule:  six Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays which occur from December through February. (Faculty affiliated with BMC can teach at BMC and therefore do not have to recruit patients.)

Kelly Adams –

Dr. Christine Phillips –
phone – 617-638-5114

CTSI Community Engagement Advisory Board