Junior Faculty Mentoring Award

The Department of Medicine Junior Faculty Mentoring Award was established in 2009, and is intended to recognize “Excellence in Mentoring of Peers and trainees by a Junior faculty member in our Department.” It is intended to acknowledge the value of mentoring trainees and peers in technical, scholarly, clinical, educational and other intangible aspects required for a successful career at an academic medical center.

This award is given by the Department of Medicine. Any member of the Department, resident, fellow, or faculty can nominate faculty for this award. For the purposes of this award, Junior Faculty is defined by an academic rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor, and the nominee having held a staff appointment here or elsewhere, for no more than 7 years.

Nomination letters should include a detailed justification of the faculty member’s contributions to mentoring.  The Awards Committee will then ask nominees to comment on their mentoring and identify 3 additional persons, preferably mentees, who can attest to the nominee’s contribution to mentorship.

Submit a Nomination 

Past awardees (not eligible for nomination):

2009 – Kenneth Albreht
2010 – Marie McDonnell
2011 – Alex Walley
2012 – Serena Chao
2013 – Adam Rose
2014 – Renda Weiner
2015 – Jared W Magnani
2016 – Allan Walkey
2017 – Ryan Z. Chippendale, MD
2018 – Devin W. Steenkamp, MBChB
2019 – Shayna Sarosiek MD and Jessica L Fetterman, PhD