Sarah Kleinschmidt

Resident — Class of 2021

Hometown: Manchester, NH

Medical School: Dartmouth

Previous Lives: Running a summer camp, hiking around the desert with troubled teens, rescuing mountain bikers, teaching wilderness medicine, nursing in an outpatient dialysis center

Interests/Hobbies: Staying active, especially on outdoor adventures, making and appreciating music, quality time with friends and family

5-year plan: Become a great clinician, get fluent at Spanish, finish an Ironman triathlon, climb big mountains, be happy

If she wasn’t a doctor, she would be: Nurse practitioner, mountain guide or science teacher

Favorite sports teams: Pats, Red Sox, USA rugby and skiing

Favorite place to visit: Vermont, desert Southwest, Bay Area

Favorite Movies: Weird documentaries, but also Anchorman and The Cutting Edge