Jillian Duffy

Resident — Class of 2022

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Medical School: University of Illinois – Chicago

Previous Lives: civil rights law enthusiast, high school soccer coach­­, DEXA tech  

Interests/Hobbies: soccer, lakes, skiing, Halloween costume innovation, live music, pretending to be a surfer, eating while watching (sports, tv, appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc. etc.)

5-year plan: break less bones, adopt as many dogs as responsibly possible, and practice medicine in a way that would make my mentors proud   

If she wasn’t a doctor, she would be: an owner of a farm for dogs/select animals with disabilities         

Favorite sports teams: Chicago Cubs, Bears, 90s Bulls, USWNT, and the Kicky Martins (my champion kickball team)            

Favorite place to visit: Lake Michigan, donut stores, and any place with some good stargazing (northern lights a bonus)

Favorite Movies: A League of Their Own and most any true crime documentary