Adam McFarland

Resident — Class of 2021

Hometown: Bay City, Michigan

Medical School: The George Washington University

Previous Lives: Algebra teacher, high school soccer coach, intramural beach volleyball champion

Interests/Hobbies: Brunch, traveling, hiking, playing and watching sports, EDM, cooking, skiing

5-year plan: Become a clinically excellent and humble doctor, match into a fellowship, explore South America, get a puppy, buy some nice non-Ikea furniture

If he wasn’t a doctor, he would be: A character at Harry Potter World or an Anthropology college professor

Favorite sports teams: University of Michigan (especially football), Detroit sports

Favorite place to visit: New Orleans, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, and anywhere my friends live! 

Favorite Movies: Casino Royale, Mean Girls, Love Actually, Lord of the Rings, Frozen, Hocus Pocus