Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Voluntary Faculty Appointments and Promotions Guidelines

Voluntary Faculty Guidelines

Voluntary Faculty Appointments at Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine

Voluntary faculty provide substantial teaching and research mentoring for medical and graduate students at BUSM. We provide faculty appointments for an annual contribution of approximately 40 hours of teaching.

Faculty who have resigned from BUSM may become voluntary faculty if listed as the PI for current BU doctorate student(s) or grants. The voluntary faculty appointment will end when the student completes their degree or the grant ends.

Most voluntary faculty will be appointed at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor level as per BUSM guidelines. In selected cases, initial appointment at the Associate or full Professor level will be considered based on the candidate’s national or international prominence and contributions to BUSM.

Continuation of Voluntary Faculty Appointments

Voluntary faculty at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor require annual review of continued commitment to teaching or research service after the initial term. Associate and full Professor are reviewed every two or three years respectively.

Voluntary faculty who are not listed by any course directors will be asked to provide documentation of continued teaching or research mentoring (as PI or service on PhD thesis committees). Appointments of those unable to document requisite service will be terminated.

Promotion of Voluntary Faculty

Promotion to the Associate Professor or Professor level with or without modified titles is determined by already existing criteria here.

Adjunct Faculty Appointments for Harvard, Tufts, UMass, or Stanford Medical School Faculty

Harvard, Tufts, UMass, or Stanford Medical School Faculty who teach BUSM students in approved courses and clerkships will be approved for Adjunct BUSM faculty appointments at the same rank as their current primary appointment, based on a departmental vote and a letter of request from the BUSM Department Chair stating name and current primary faculty rank, a copy of their CV in their primary faculty format, and approval by the BUSM Faculty Appointments & Promotions Committee, BUSM Executive Committee, the BUSM Dean, and the Medical Campus Provost.

[Approved by the BUSM Executive Committee on June 21, 2017]