Student Nutrition Awareness and Action Council (SNAAC)

Student Nutrition Awareness and Action Council was founded in 2009 to equip medical students with the knowledge and tools to incorporate nutrition education into clinical practice. It’s been estimated that up to 80% of common chronic diseases can be prevented or addressed with a lifestyle-focused approach–we are empowering future health professionals to address root causes, beginning with becoming role models ourselves. We do this through the 4 main branches of SNAAC:

  1. Demonstration Kitchen: Within BMC’s distinguished Teaching Kitchen, we collaborate to cook healthy meals. Emphases are on placed on simple, affordable, and plant-based options.
  2. Dietetic Intern-Medical Student (DI-MS) Match: Medical students are paired with dietetic interns in a 4 session program co-led by a medical student and registered dietitian. In this interdisciplinary setting, students gain personalized dietary counseling as well as an understanding of how to best partner with dietitians in clinical practice and how to assess and counsel patients on eating habits.
  3. Medical Student Residence Garden: Every spring we plant an array of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that thrives through the summer and into fall. Come by to help plant, water, and harvest!
  4. SNAP Challenge: Hunger spans all races, ages, genders, locations, and education levels. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a valuable resource. What is it like to live off $4.50 per day for food? Through meetings, social media forums, and blog posts, we stand in solidarity and share our experiences.

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