If You’re Reading This

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vonzella Bryant, vbryant@bu.edu

Student Leadership:

      IfYoureReadingThis.org is a platform on which hope to host enough letters for any student to scroll through, and stumble upon a letter that resonates with them- possibly from someone they’ve see on campus, and not only feel supported in that moment, but also know that they are not alone in what they may be going through. It is our hope that IfYoureReadingThis at BU will serve as an open-ended university-wide support network to help students struggling with anxiety and depression. Our goal is to help students with mental illness feel comfortable talking to someone, by identifying the people who want to listen, and by showing an outpouring of love and understanding.


      The fear of stigma or judgment often prevents students from reaching out to friends and family when they are struggling with anxiety or depression. A support network is an integral part of mental health, along with professional counseling, and sometimes medication. However, building this support network can be hard, especially when students feel uneasy about whether or not they’ll be met with support and positivity. IfYoureReadingThis.org functions to close the gap between students with mental illness and people that care about them. This is a place where we come forward to show our support first. This is a place where we can use our voices to touch the lives of those around us.


      If you’re reading this, you are loved.


      You can follow us @ifyourereadingthisbu on Instagram, or read our weekly author letters at https://www.ifyourereadingthis.org/boston-university.
      If you are interested in writing a letter you can submit it through our website at: https://www.ifyourereadingthis.org/submit
      If you are interested in getting involved in our organization or collaborating on an event please feel free to reach out to us at iyrt@bu.edu