BU Student-Run Teen and Tot Service


Our vision is to lower the risk of poor health outcomes in adolescent parents and their children participating in the BMC Teen and Tot program, while increasing health professional students’ exposure to the field of pediatrics.


Our mission is to establish a student-run health service for adolescent parents and their children in order to increase patient access to the healthcare system, deliver education, and provide the necessary resources for this high-risk patient population. Furthermore, we aim to equip future health professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide patient-centered care to adolescent parents and their children.


  1. Enhance adolescent parent knowledge of routine health maintenance for self and child
  2. Encourage at-risk adolescent parent and child adherence to medical care and develop a deeper rapport with the healthcare team
  3. Identify adverse social determinants of health affecting parents and their children (difficulties with food, housing, etc.)
  4. Increase healthcare professional students’ exposure to pediatrics
  5. Increase collaboration between aspiring healthcare professionals including medical, social work, public health, and undergraduate students
  6. Increase mentorship between senior and junior healthcare professional students