Brain Enrichment Program (BEP)

Vision: The Brain Enrichment Program is dedicated to getting residents of assisted living communities back in the classroom and actively learning again. The aging population is often overlooked, but when given the resources, this population can be empowered to engage in their own learning and health decisions. We aim to bridge the gap between medical students and the elderly using interactive lectures that foster learning and encourage healthy cognitive aging.

Mission: Using mind-stimulating activities and lectures related to medicine and neuroscience, we hope to help the elderly become comfortable discussing medical science. Additionally, we strive to nurture relationships between medical students and the geriatrics population.


  1. Encourage lifelong learning by getting the aging population back into the classroom and actively engaging their minds
  2. Refine student presentation skills to be able to teach scientific material to a non-medical audience
  3. Improve attitudes of medical students about geriatrics by fostering relationships and challenging age-biased stereotypes of stagnancy

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