Art SPACE: Supporting People And Creating Empowerment


We believe that art can serve as a means of empowerment and as a medium for people to share their stories. We want to provide the opportunity and the space for people to engage in art-making and experience the positive effects this can have. Through this service-learning project, medical students will get a chance to work with vulnerable populations in a collaborative manner, in which we all create art alongside each other as a means to connect and express themselves through various mediums of art and self-expression. We want Art SPACE to foster peer interactions rather than hierarchical ones.


  1. Empower individuals to share their stories and talents in a meaningful way
  2. Combat the stigma associated with homelessness and other vulnerable population statuses by demonstrating the abilities of this population
  3. Provide opportunities for medical students to interact with vulnerable populations on a common ground and learn how to relate with individuals from diverse background