Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA is the Asian Pacific American Medical Association. We are a national organization that aims to address Asian-American issues among medical students, health care professionals, within the community. One part of our mission is to bring together Asians and others interested in the health issues that affect Asians so that we may have a strong, collective, public and political voice. We are interested in both directly promoting the health and well-being of the Asian community as well as in helping all health care workers who work with these communities understand how to care for the Asian patient in a culturally sensitive manner. Finally, APAMSA provides an important forum for APA medical students to meet, exchange information and experiences, and develop personally and professionally. APAMSA also has a strong stance on many issues. Being an organization based on health care, we have spoken out against smoking and tobacco use targeting the Asian community, for responsible alcohol use, for immunization and for health standards addressing needs of the medically underserved.