Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group

Advisor: Dr. Niloo M. Edwards,

Student Leadership:

Mission: The Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group looks to increase exposure, awareness, and opportunities for BUSM students interested in Cardiothoracic Surgery. The training paradigms in Cardiothoracic Surgery are changing, and there is increasing emphasis on early exposure to the specialty by program directors. The Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group aims to provide interested medical students with the knowledge, mentorship, and experiences needed to consider Cardiothoracic Surgery as a field of interest.

Goals: This group hopes to achieve these aims through organizing and hosting monthly journal clubs, guest lecturers, and informational sessions, as well as providing opportunities for students to engage with mentors and research in the field. This interest group also endeavors to provide students with monthly small group meetings to discuss the current research projects, shadowing opportunities, applying for residency, and other topics related to the field.