Accommodations for Learning

Students who wish to request accommodations for learning at BUSM can do so through Disability & Access Services. Please review the process, below. 

Overview of  the Process

  1. The student schedules an initial meeting with the Academic Enhancement Office (AEO) to discuss learning accommodation needs, and ensure that proper testing documentation has been completed.
  2. The student will submit the appropriate documentation to Disability & Access Services on the Charles River Campus.
  3. The Director of Disability & Access Services will review the student’s documentation and send recommended accommodations to the Dean of BUSM for review and approval.
  4. The Dean’s Office will send a letter of approval to Disability & Access Services and the Academic Enhancement Office, and the student.
  5. The Academic Enhancement Office will notify Course & Clerkship Coordinators and Directors of all approved accommodations for students.
  6. Students are encouraged to initiate ongoing communication with their Course and Clerkship Coordinators and Directors regarding the logistics of their approved accommodations.
  7. Students are responsible for monitoring their needs as they progress through the curriculum, and communicating with the Course Coordinators and Directors and/or Clerkship Coordinators and Directors, as well as the Academic Enhancement Office.

To get started schedule an appointment with Dean Paige Curran (

We look forward to working with you!

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