BUMC/SEMC Research Studies

The Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (SEMC) Research Studies searchable and sortable database table below lists all ongoing clinical, biomedical, and other human subject research studies being conducted at BUMC and SEMC locations. This table is listed in alphabetical order by Principal Investigator (PI) field. Please type inside the search table below the PI’s name, the specific research project title, location or any other keywords to find more information about any BUMC/SEMC ongoing research project.

For research collaborations between investigators at SEMC and BUMC, it may be beneficial to explore an arrangement where one institution acts as the ‘Single IRB.’ For more information on requesting review by a Single IRB for SEMC/BUMC collaborative studies, please see examples of when to request use of a single IRB for research collaborations.

Principal Investigator Research Project Title Location Expiration Date
Abdalla, Salma Global Social determinants of health Survey BUMC 9/24/26
Ackley, Sarah Mathematical Models of Tau-PET Measures and Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Disease Across the Lifespan BUMC 3/13/27
Adams, Quinn Evaluating the Efficacy of Extreme Weather and Climate Preparedness Across Boston University Campuses BUMC 4/20/2026
Agudelo, Felipe Experiences of Faculty from Historically Underrepresented Groups in Medicine. BUMC 1/7/27
Akolbire, Doris Evaluation of a National Nursing Dissemination of Problem Solving for Better Health Program in Lesotho BUMC 9/21/24
Alattas, Maha Assessing Equity and Efficiency of Non-Communicable Disease Services in Saudi Arabia to Develop Effective Financial Strategies BUMC 7/12/25
Alford, Daniel SCOPE of Pain Impact Assessment BUMC 12/21/24
Allen, Rachel Hearing Assessment and Impairment in Children with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A Retrospective Chart Review at Boston Medical Center BUMC 7/25/25
Alosco, Michael Clinical Core of the BU Alzheimer’s Disease Center: A Research Registry to Examine Alzheimer’s and Related Neurodegenerative Diseases BUMC 2/11/25
Alosco, Michael Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 3 BUMC 8/1/24
Alosco, Michael Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner Harmonization in Alzheimer’s Disease BUMC 1/15/25
Alosco, Michael Boston University Football Players Study BUMC 11/5/26
Alosco, Michael Risk for Later-Life Cognitive Impairment, Neurobehavioral Dysregulation, and Dementia in Former Soccer and American Football Players: The Head Impact and Trauma Surveillance Study (HITSS) BUMC 11/16/26
Alosco, Michael UNITE Caregiver Survey BUMC 1/25/27
Alosco, Michael Golden Flashes for Life Project BUMC 9/8/24
Alosco, Michael Study of the Axonal and Vascular Effects from Head Impacts BUMC 10/13/24
Alosco, Michael Tau Agent for the NeurodeGenerative Lesion of CTE BUMC 12/4/24
Alosco, Michael Blood Biomarker Development and Validation in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias BUMC 5/14/26
Alosco, Michael The Head Impact and Trauma Surveillance Study (HITSS): Risk for Later-Life Cognitive Impairment, Neurobehavioral Dysregulation, and Dementia in Former Soccer and American Football Players BUMC 6/5/26
Alosco, Michael Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 4 (ADNI4) BUMC 9/17/26
Alperen, Julie Predicting and Optimizing Language Outcomes in Minimally Verbal Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder BUMC 8/29/24
Alpert, Elizabeth Enhancing PTSD Treatment Outcomes by Improving Patient-Provider Communication BUMC 1/23/27
Alys, Malcolm Randomized Phase III Trial of MFOLFIRINOX +/- NIVOLUMAB VS. FOLFOX +/- NIVOLUMAB for First-line Treatment of Metastatic HER2-Negative Gastroesophageal Adenocarcinoma SEMC 12/2/23
Alys, Malcolm Optimizing Intervention Tools to Improve Nutrition and Physical Activity for Colorectal Cancer Survivors (Tools To Be Fit) SEMC 12/31/25
Anand, Amit Impact of Structured Breathing Exercises on Quality of Life in Chronic Pancreatitis- a prospective randomized controlled trial SEMC 8/21/23
Ananthakrishnan, Sonia Examining the concept of "Confidence" in Feedback and Evaluation BUMC 4/24/25
Anderson, Deborah Contraception Research Centers Program Antibody-based Contraceptive MPTs: Preclinical and Clinical Research BUMC 11/15/24
Anderson, Diana Health Outcomes of Transitional Space Design for Older Adults with Mild Dementia BUMC 2/22/26
Anderson, Stephan Developing Machine Learning tool for detecting acute stroke on MRI. BUMC 3/3/25
Andrews, Ryan Generalization of cognitive reserve to heterogeneous samples BUMC 12/12/24
Andrews, Ryan Investigation into misclassification of dementia in Medicare claims data over time and geographic location BUMC 8/17/26
Aparicio, Hugo BUMC Ischemic Stroke Subtyping and Cryptogenic Stroke Outcomes BUMC 3/28/25
Aparicio, Hugo Blood biomarkers for prediction of vascular cognitive impairment & dementia BUMC 5/26/26
Aparicio, Hugo Imaging Genomics of the Aging Brain BUMC 5/3/26
Aschengrau, Ann Cape Cod Health Study BUMC 11/15/24
Aschengrau, Ann Prenatal Exposure to Tetrachloroethylene-Contaminated Drinking Water and the Risk of Birth Defects BUMC 10/5/24
Aschengrau, Ann Data Analysis of Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)-Contaminated Water and Disorders of Reproduction BUMC 8/17/24
Aschengrau, Ann Cape Cod Health Study – Phase 2 BUMC 6/5/24
Assi, Hussein CIRB CTSU #EA2174: A Phase II/III Study of Peri-operative Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Patients with Locoregional Esophageal and Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma BUMC 1/30/27
Asundi, Archana A Phase 2 Randomized, Open Label, Active Controlled Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of an Oral Weekly Regimen of Lenacapavir and Islatravir in Virally Suppressed People with HIV BUMC 3/22/26
Au, Rhoda MRI, Genetic and Cognitive Precursors of Dementia and stroke 4554G BUMC 8/24/24
Au, Rhoda MRI, Cognitive, Genetic & Biomarker Precursors of Dementia in Young Adults BUMC 4/6/24
Au, Rhoda Associations of sleep quality and sleep hypoxia in the Framingham Heart Study BUMC 12/4/24
Au, Rhoda Assessing and Monitoring Subtle Cognitive Markers BUMC 9/16/24
Au, Rhoda Framingham Cognitive Aging Study: Impact of Vascular Metabolic Risk Factors BUMC 9/3/24
Au, Rhoda Risk Factors for Cognitive Change in Parkinson's Disease from the Framingham Study BUMC 9/16/24
Au, Rhoda Sleep and Cognition: A Cross-Cultural Investigation Using a Big Data Approach BUMC 12/22/24
Au, Rhoda FHS and the Global Alzheimer's Association Interactive Network (GAAIN) partnership for Alzheimer's Disease research BUMC 1/12/25
Au, Rhoda Cure Alzheimer's Disease Program (CureAD): A Big Data approach to identify subtypes of Alzheimer's Disease BUMC 3/3/25
Au, Rhoda Revisiting Methods for MCI to Improve Biomarker and Trial Findings Diagnosis BUMC 10/26/24
Au, Rhoda Use of Framingham data for testing metabolic signatures underlying vascular risk factors for Alzheimer type dementias BUMC 1/27/25
Au, Rhoda Precision Monitoring of Preclinical and Clinical Alzheimer' Disease: Framingham Study of Cognitive Epidemiology BUMC 7/30/24
Au, Rhoda Collaborative Research Platform for Framingham Heart Study Neuropsychology Data BUMC 7/19/24
Au, Rhoda Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker Discovery: Framingham Cognitive Aging Study BUMC 10/12/24
Au, Rhoda PREsurgical Cognitive Evaluation via digital clockfacEdrawing BUMC 6/25/24
Au, Rhoda The Clinical Applications of Digital Technology in Alzheimer' Disease Dementia BUMC 11/25/24
Au, Rhoda The Remote Application of Digital Technology in the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) Brain Donation Program Cohort BUMC 2/11/25
Au, Rhoda MRI, Genetics & Cognitive Precursors of AD & Dementia; Cognitive Heterogeneity in those with high Alzheimer’s Disease Risk. BUMC 8/26/24
Au, Rhoda Data Sharing Platform- SAGE Bionetworks BUMC 1/27/26
Au, Rhoda B12 and Cognitive Function BUMC 2/15/27
Au, Rhoda Futurizing the Framingham Heart Study for Precision Brain Health BUMC 12/20/24
Au, Rhoda Digital Phenotyping of Brain Health BUMC 1/12/25
Au, Rhoda Alzheimer’s Disease Detection Through Speech Assessment BUMC 6/13/24
Au, Rhoda Assessing The Neurocognitive Effects of COVID-19 with a Remote Mobile Application BUMC 10/11/24
Au, Rhoda Direct healthcare costs associated with cognitive decline BUMC 9/9/24
Au, Rhoda Framingham Heart Study – 12082022, Digital and Medical Assessments for Precision Brain Health (Pro00068440) BUMC 3/28/26
Auty, Samantha Utilization and Maternal Morbidity among Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorder Enrolled in Medicaid BUMC 8/2/24
Balakrishnan, Vaidyanathapuram Access Flow Rate for Prediction of Unassisted Dialysis Vascular Access Patency SEMC 12/5/23
Barnett, Elizabeth A Phase II, single-blind, randomized, controlled study to evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of a measles, mumps, rubella, varicella vaccine compared with ProQuad, administered in healthy children 4 to 6 years of age (GSK-217715 [MMRVNS 20-001], Original Protocol, 01 September 2022) BUMC 9/6/26
Beard, Jennifer Training in Narrative Medicine BUMC 10/29/26
Beard, Jennifer BUMC Narrative Writing Program (NWP) BUMC 8/22/24
Beard, Jennifer BUSPH Peer Writing Coach Program BUMC 8/28/24
Behara, Laxmi Experience of Isotretinoin Use Among Pediatric Patients at an Urban Safety Net Hospital BUMC 1/17/26
Beiner Martinez, Corina A Comparative Assessment of Anxiety Levels among English-Speaking and Spanish-Speaking Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy BUMC 3/5/27
Beiser, Alexa Preclinical AD: Correlates of Amyloid, Tau PET and fcMRI in Framingham Gen 3 Young Adults BUMC 1/25/25
Beiser, Alexa Temporal Trends, Novel Imaging and Molecular Characterization of Preclinical and Clinical Alzheimer Disease in the Framingham Cohorts BUMC 8/17/24
Beiser, Alexa Examining the burden of vascular brain injury following stroke (Predictors of Stroke Incidence and Prognosis Study; PSIP) BUMC 3/1/25
Beiser, Alexa Vascular brain injury and vascular cognitive impairment in persons without clinical stroke BUMC 2/28/25
Beiser, Alexa Cognitively Healthy Nonagenarians in the Cross Cohort Collaboration (CCC) BUMC 8/22/24
Beiser, Alexa Plasma Proteome and Risk of Alzheimer Dementia and Related Endophenotypes in the Framingham Study BUMC 12/11/24
Beiser, Alexa Multidimensional Assessment of Brain Health as a Marker of Dementia Risk and Resilience BUMC 2/15/27
Belanoff, Candice Substance Use and Treatment During Pregnancy: A study using the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Survey (PRAMS), 2019 – 2022. BUMC 8/27/26
Bendayan, Alexander Implementation and Utilization of Robotic-Assisted Implant Placement Technology in Postdoctoral Education Programs at BUGSDM BUMC 10/21/24
Benjamin, Emelia Identification of Common Genetic Variants for Atrial Fibrillation and PR Interval BUMC 8/25/24
Benjamin, Emelia Sudden Cardiac Death in Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction BUMC 6/27/24
Benjamin, Emelia BUMC Women's Leadership Program BUMC 9/13/26
Benjamin, Emelia BRIM: Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine BUMC 6/19/24
Benjamin, Emelia Mid-career Faculty Leadership Program Evaluation BUMC 8/2/24
Benjamin, Emelia AHA AF SFRN Multidisciplinary Training Program (Fellowship) BUMC 8/20/24
Benjamin, Emelia ATRAC 2.0 – American Heart Association Tobacco Regulation and Addiction Center Career Enhancement Core (CEC) BUMC 10/14/24
Benjamin, Emelia Clinical Leadership Program Evaluation BUMC 5/5/25
Benjamin, Emelia American Heart Association (AHA) Supporting Undergraduate Research Experience Pilot Program (SURE) BUMC 5/27/25
Benjamin, Emelia DOM Faculty Development and Diversity Grants BUMC 5/7/26
Benjamin, Emelia Academic Writing Program BUMC 6/25/26
Bergenholtz, Seth Survey of BUSM students to assess the impact of the 'Share Your Story' initiative BUMC 8/28/25
Berk, John The Effect of Diflunisal on Hereditary Amyloidosis BUMC 3/10/25
Berk, John A Phase 3 Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Extension Study to Evaluate the Safety of Daily Oral Dosing of Tafamidis Meglumine (PF-06291826) 20 MG or 80 MG in Subjects Diagnosed with Transthyretin Cardiomyopathy (TTR-CM) BUMC 4/1/24
Berk, John An Open-Label, Investigator Study to Evaluate the Short-term (4 Weeks) Effects of TOLCAPONE on Transthyretin Stability in Subjects with Leptomeningeal TTR Amyloidosis (ATTR) with and without CNS Manifestations BUMC 8/12/24
Berk, John HELIOS-A: A Phase 3 Global, Randomized, Open-label Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of ALN-TTRSC02 in Patients with Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis (hATTR Amyloidosis) BUMC 4/1/27
Berk, John APOLLO-B: A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Patisiran in Patients with Transthyretin Amyloidosis with Cardiomyopathy (ATTR Amyloidosis with Cardiomyopathy) BUMC 1/21/27
Berk, John HELIOS-B: A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Vutrisiran in Patients with Transthyretin Amyloidosis with Cardiomyopathy (ATTR Amyloidosis with Cardiomyopathy) BUMC 1/21/27
Berk, John A Phase 3 Global, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of ION-682884 in Patients with Transthyretin-Mediated Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR CM) BUMC 1/21/27
Berk, John An Open-Label, Extension Study to Assess the Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of ION-682884 in Patients with Hereditary Transthyretin-Mediated Amyloid Polyneuropathy BUMC 10/11/24
Berk, John ConTTRibute: A Global Observational Multicenter Long-Term Study of Patients with Transthyretin (TTR)-Mediated Amyloidosis (ATTR amyloidosis) BUMC 6/8/25
Berk, John EIDOS AG10-304: An Open-Label Extension and Safety Monitoring Study Acoramidis (AG10) in Participants with Symptomatic Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy Who Completed the Phase 3 ATTRibute-CM Trial (AG10-301) BUMC 8/1/25
Berk, John ALN-TTR02-014: Expanded Access Protocol to Provide Patisiran to Patients with Transthyretin-mediated Amyloidosis (ATTR Amyloidosis) with Cardiomyopathy BUMC 9/13/25
Berk, John An Open-Label Extension Study to Assess the Long-Term Safety of Eplontersen (ION-682884) in Patients with Transthyretin-Mediated Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) BUMC 1/28/27
Berman, Marlene Affective and Conative Changes in Alcoholism 1001 BUMC 10/26/24
Bernardo, John Functional Studies of Granulocyte Membranes 2000-427G BUMC 4/10/24
Bertrand, Kimberly Continuation of Follow up of Des Exposed Cohorts BUMC 9/3/24
Bertrand, Kimberly Mammographic density and breast cancer risk in African American women BUMC 4/20/24
Bertrand, Kimberly A prediction model to simultaneously estimate personal risk of breast cancer and death from other causes in women aged 55 and older BUMC 9/17/26
Bertrand, Kimberly Genome-Wide Association Study of Endometrial Cancer BUMC 2/26/27
Bertrand, Kimberly Determinants of the racial/ethnic disparity in MGUS risk: An epidemiologic study in four cohorts BUMC 9/21/24
Bertrand, Kimberly Socio-environmental context in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) disparities BUMC 3/16/27
Bertrand, Kimberly Advancing Breast Cancer Risk Prediction in national cohorts: the role of mammogram-based deep learning BUMC 1/24/27
Bhagania, Manish The Effectiveness of Hands-on Course in Improving Surgical Suturing Skills in Undergraduate Dental Students BUMC 8/31/26
Bhat, Tariq Long-Term Observational Extension of Participants in the CREST-2 Randomized Clinical Trial (C2LOE) SEMC 12/29/23
Bhat, Tariq Pulmonary Embolism – Thrombus Removal With Catheter-Directed Therapy (PE-TRACT) SEMC 4/30/24
Bhat, Tariq LIFE-BTK (pivotaL Investigation of saFety and Efficacy of BRS treatment-Below the Knee) Randomized Controlled Trial SEMC 4/9/24
Bhat, Tariq Carotid Revascularization and Medical Management for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Trial (CREST-2) SEMC 8/6/24
Bhat, Tariq Long-Term Observational Extension of Participants in the CREST-2 Randomized Clinical Trial (C2LOE) SEMC 2/23/23
Bhate, Oam Evaluating the predictive value of intra-spinal incidental findings on lumbar spine MRI for malignancy BUMC 6/1/24
Bhatia, Jasvinder Boston Medical Center Renal Clinic Non-attendance: Patient Perspectives on Barriers to Healthcare BUMC 12/18/25
Billatos, Ehab Detection of Early lung Cancer Among Military Personnel Study 1 (DECAMP-1): Diagnosis and Surveillance of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules. BUMC 8/26/24
Billatos, Ehab Validation of Molecular Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer in the setting of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodule Study-Lung Team Project BUMC 5/18/24
Billatos, Ehab Detection of Early Lung Cancer Among Military Personnel Study 2 (DECAMP-2): Screening of Patients at High Risk for Developing Lung Cancer BUMC 8/20/24
Billatos, Ehab Characterizing Cellular Heterogeneity in Lung Lymph Nodes to Improve Diagnosis BUMC 2/20/25
Billatos, Ehab Single Cell RNA-sequence Analysis of Tumor-Immune Microenvironment in Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients BUMC 11/20/25
Billatos, Ehab Prediction of Lung Cancer Using Noninvasive Biomarkers BUMC 6/3/24
Billatos, Ehab Pilot Study of Biopsy Scanner for Evaluation of Bronchoscopic Small Biopsy Specimens BUMC 8/12/24
Billatos, Ehab A pilot study to investigate the fragmentation profile of cell-free DNA in the exhaled breath condensate of patients with suspected lung cancer BUMC 6/6/25
Billatos, Ehab NIGHTINGALE: CliNIcal Utility of ManaGement of Patients witH CT and LDCT Identified Pulmonary Nodules UsinG the Percepta NasAL Swab ClassifiEr-Utility Phase BUMC 3/7/25
Binda, Dhanesh Early Medical Student Selection Program Alumni Perspectives on Success BUMC 5/1/26
Binda, Dhanesh A Mixed-Methods Study Evaluating Medical School Faculty's Teaching of Cultural Humility BUMC 10/18/26
Block, Caroline Avoiding Growth Factor During Paclitaxel Treatment in Breast Cancer SEMC 11/8/22
Boden, Les Linking Federal and State Data to Study the Economic Effects of workplace Injury BUMC 4/6/25
Boden, Les Mortality Consequences of Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries BUMC 7/10/24
Boden, Les All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality Resulting from Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries BUMC 10/17/24
Body, Simon Use of GenTAC data and samples from BioLINCC to ascertain causes of Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease BUMC 2/6/26
Body, Simon Identification of Genetic Causes of Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease (BAVCon) BUMC 7/21/26
Body, Simon Genetic Causes of Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease (BAVGenetics) BUMC 4/23/26
Boehmer, Ulrike Variations in Needs after Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis BUMC 4/23/24
Bogdanova, Yelena Combining Cognitive Treatment with Noninvasive Brain Stimulation in TBI BUMC 12/10/24
Bor, Jacob Analyses of the Laboratory Data Stored on South Africa National Health Laboratory Service Database BUMC 10/20/24
Bor, Jacob Validation of Patient-Level Linkage in the South Africa National Health Laboratory Service Database BUMC 10/30/24
Bor, Jacob Building Health Facility Catchment Areas from the South Africa National Health Laboratory Service Database BUMC 11/16/24
Bor, Jacob Life plans of young adults in rural KwaZulu-Natal BUMC 4/9/24
Bor, Jacob Life plans of young adults in rural KwaZulu-Natal: an intervention study BUMC 7/18/24
Bor, Jacob Integrating U=U into HIV Counseling in South Africa BUMC 8/10/25
Bor, Jacob Integrating U=U into HIV counselling in South Africa: Aim 1 BUMC 11/3/26
Borrelli, Belinda Integrating Interactive Parent Text Messaging & Oral Health Guidelines into Pediatric Community Health Centers to reduce Early Childhood Caries (ECC) among Urban Children BUMC 6/30/24
Borrelli, Belinda Randomized Controlled Trial of Interactive Parent-Targeted Text Messaging in Pediatric Clinics to Reduce Caries Among Urban Children BUMC 12/5/24
Borrelli, Belinda Delivery of a Smoking Cessation Induction Intervention Via Virtual Reality (VR) Headset During a Dental Cleaning: Randomized Controlled Trial BUMC 11/3/26
Borrelli, Belinda Virtual Reality Intervention to Promote Cessation of Nicotine Vaping in Youth: Qualitative Study BUMC 2/17/27
Borrelli, Belinda Virtual Reality Intervention to Promote Cessation of Nicotine Vaping in Youth: A Pilot RCT BUMC 10/1/26
Borrelli, Belinda Virtual Reality Intervention to Promote Cessation of Nicotine Vaping in Youth: A Pilot Study BUMC 3/16/26
Bosak, Julie Evaluating an approach to enhance engagement of pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorder (SUD) in the co-design of a residential treatment program BUMC 10/25/26
Bosch, Nicholas Viral Infection and Respiratory illness Universal Study (VIRUS): COVID-19 Registry and Validation of C2D2 (Critical Care Data Dictionary) BUMC 3/24/26
Bosch, Nicholas Development and study of a research education crash course for fellows joining the ECHO research group BUMC 6/27/25
Bosch, Nicholas Effectiveness of a change in ICU policy for the maximum norepinephrine dose BUMC 10/16/25
Bosch, Nicholas Vasopressor practices during septic shock: a deliberative poll BUMC 2/28/26
Bosch, Nicholas Validation of ICD-10 codes for acute chest syndrome BUMC 12/13/26
Botchkarev, Vladimir Mechanisms of scar formation during wound healing BUMC 6/3/24
Bourque, Daniel Multiple Patient Program for Lamprene® (clofazimine) for the treatment of Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial (NTM) Infections – CLAM320B2002M – Revision for additional patients BUMC 5/20/24
Brem, Candice Nevus lipomatosus cutaneous superficialis: A histopathologic reappraisal with a focus on myxoid changes. BUMC 6/7/24
Brennan, Alana Using the South African National Health Laboratory Service Database to Assess Non-communicable Chronic Diseases BUMC 6/19/24
Brennan, Alana Use of South African National Health Laboratory Service Database to Assess Patterns of Multi-morbidity Including Complex Chronic Conditions and Infectious Comorbidities BUMC 10/6/24
Brody, Kathleen Birth Advocates: Experiences of Doulas in Hospital Births BUMC 5/17/25
Brooks, Daniel Tobacco Treatment Advocates in Public Housing BUMC 6/8/24
Brooks, Daniel Pilot Study of Sugar Cane Workers in Nicaragua BUMC 10/20/24
Brooks, Daniel Biomarkers of early kidney damage among adolescents in Nicaragua BUMC 7/31/24
Brooks, Daniel Genetic susceptibility to chronic kidney disease in Nicaragua BUMC 8/3/24
Brooks, Daniel Study of early kidney damage among Nicaraguan children BUMC 8/25/24
Brooks, Daniel Follow-up study of chronic kidney disease in Quezalguaque, Nicaragua BUMC 5/6/26
Brooks, Daniel Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease in a mining community in Nicaragua BUMC 9/25/24
Brooks, Daniel Metabolomic analysis as a window into the etiology of Mesoamerican nephropathy BUMC 12/1/25
Brooks, Daniel Administrative Supplement: Views and perceptions of informed consent, datasharing, and post-study obligations BUMC 4/15/24
Brown, Eric Trauma-Responsive Congregations: Equipping Thriving Urban Congregations to Respond to Collective Trauma (6443E) BUMC 5/30/26
Brown, Eric Trauma-Responsive Congregations: Equipping Thriving Urban Congregations to Respond to Collective Trauma: 6306E BUMC 8/14/26
Brown, Hannah PROVEn: Psychiatry Research Opportunities for Volunteer Enrollment BUMC 2/15/25
Brown, Hannah Evaluating Criminal Recidivism Rates in the Boston Municipal Mental Health Courts BUMC 9/27/24
Brown, Kayla Determining Prevalence and Characteristics of First-episode psychosis patients at Boston Medical Center BUMC 10/4/24
Browning, Jeffrey Determine the immunohistochemistry staining correlates of blood and skin profibrotic inflammatory transcript profiles in systemic sclerosis patients BUMC 2/1/26
Budson, Andrew Understanding False Recognition in Alzheimer’s Disease BUMC 10/30/24
Budson, Andrew Physiologic correlates of learning in a classroom environment BUMC 5/13/24
Budson, Andrew Effectiveness of home-based electronic cognitive training in Alzheimer's disease BUMC 8/16/24
Bujor, Andreea Spatial-frequency domain imaging, a novel method to quantify scleroderma skin fibrosis BUMC 7/2/24
Bujor, Andreea Biorepository in Systemic Sclerosis BUMC 4/20/24
Bujor, Andreea Systemic sclerosis and related autoimmune disease research studies BUMC 3/14/25
Bujor, Andreea Spatial frequency domain imaging, comparison of a novel method to quantify skin fibrosis with currently used methods in scleroderma BUMC 1/30/25
Bujor, Andreea Clinical investigations in systemic sclerosis (SSc) BUMC 8/9/24
Burian, Alexis A qualitative investigation of genetic counselors¿ understanding and use of trauma-informed care. BUMC 11/14/26
Burrows, Katherine Temperature and Mental Health in Understudied Populations in Boston, USA (TEAM-UP Boston) BUMC 5/20/26
Byrne, Nicole Evaluation of Summer Camp on Adolescent Cognition, Attitude, and Overall Quality of Life BUMC 6/20/24
Cabral, Howard Infant and Childhood Health After Assisted Reproductive Technology: A MA Population-Based Study BUMC 8/28/24
Cabral, Howard Women’s Health After Assisted Reproductive Technology BUMC 1/28/25
Cabral, Howard Dissemination of Evidence Informed Interventions – Organizational Assessment BUMC 1/28/25
Cabral, Howard Dissemination of Evidence Informed Interventions – Patient Outcomes BUMC 4/1/27
Cabral, Howard Implementation Science Study of the Dissemination of Evidence Informed Interventions Initiative BUMC 1/25/26
Cabral, Howard Improving Care and Treatment Coordination for Black Women with HIV-Multisite Evaluation Study (Black Women First Study)-Client Outcomes Study BUMC 4/7/25
Cabral, Howard Supporting the Replication (SURE) of Housing Interventions in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (SURE Housing Initiative) BUMC 11/5/26
Cabral, Howard Comparative Effectiveness of Individual Versus Group-level Interventions to Reduce HIV Risk Among African Immigrant Women BUMC 2/28/27
Cain, Rachael Improving Health Across Sectors: A Health in All Policies Approach for the State of Delaware BUMC 11/19/24
Callaghan, Timothy Drivers of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa BUMC 9/12/25
Callaghan, Timothy COVID-19 Vaccination and Off-Label Drug Use Study BUMC 1/2/26
Callaghan, Timothy Identity Development of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome BUMC 5/10/26
Callaghan, Timothy Assessing the Development of RSV Vaccine Hesitancy in Pregnant Persons BUMC 7/31/26
Campbell, Joshua Mechanisms and Biomarkers of COVID-19 Progression BUMC 11/18/26
Campion, Maryann Case Identification of Under-Diagnosed Monogenic Disease Within a Large Clinical Database BUMC 5/1/24
Cantu, Robert National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research (NCCSIR) BUMC 6/1/24
Capra, Lisa Implementing Guidelines for Hyperbilirubinemia Treatment (LIGHT) Sponsor: American Association of Pediatrics SEMC 2/28/24
Carmichael, Nikkola A longitudinal study of the training experiences of genetic counseling students with identities that are underrepresented in the profession BUMC 8/18/25
Carpenter, Joseph Enhancing Memory and Learning in Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD BUMC 5/2/25
Carrasco, Gladys Are you well? – What has COVID revealed about faculty wellness/wellbeing and fulfillment? BUMC 11/17/24
Carrozza, Joseph Safety and Efficacy of the Alleviant System for No-Implant Interatrial Shunt Creation in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure (ALLAY-HF) SEMC 1/8/24
Carrozza, Joseph North American COVID-19 ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NACMI) Registry SEMC 3/3/24
Carrozza, Joseph Incidence and Predictors of vascular complications in patients undergoing TAVR SEMC 3/7/24
Carrozza, Joseph PK Papyrus Covered Coronary Stent System SEMC 6/25/24
Chan Yeu Pu, MD PLCOm2012 Risk Prediction Tool for Risk Stratification of Lung Cancer Screening Patients with Positive Lung-RADS on Baseline Scan SEMC 5/29/24
Channaoui, Nadine Development of Outcome Evaluation Framework for Diversity-Related Projects in Genetic Counseling BUMC 4/25/24
Chen, Clara Promoting Empathy and Affiliation in Relationships (PEAR) Study BUMC 5/10/25
Chen, Jinying Validating Information from Free-text Medication Orders in LTC Data Cooperative Dataset by Leveraging Natural Language Processing BUMC 10/22/26
Cheng, Debbie St. PETER HIV Alcohol-associated CVD and Microbiome Evaluation Study (ACME HIV 1/2) (BUSPH Subcontract) BUMC 11/28/24
Cheng, Debbie Microbiome, Metabolites, and Alcohol in HIV to Reduce CVD RCT (META HIV CVD RCT) BUMC 7/12/26
Chiao, Christine Pediatric Nutritional Supplement Drink Consumption and Early Childhood Caries BUMC 7/2/26
Chigurupati, Radhika Intubation score and airway difficulty in patients with oral abscesses BUMC 5/3/26
Chigurupati, Radhika Frequency and Severity of Ocular Injuries in Maxillofacial Trauma BUMC 3/1/25
Choat, Tara The Role of Posteroanterior (PA) Left Knee Radiographs in Positive Identification BUMC 5/28/25
Chogle, Sami Differential expression of MicroRNAs in External Cervical Root Resorption BUMC 6/20/26
Chogle, Sami Endodontic microsurgery on first mandibular molars: Evaluation of the predictability of using CBCT preoperatively to detect the proximity of periapical lesions to the mandibular canal. BUMC 8/28/25
Choi, Seung Nutritional Omics of Pulmonary Function Decline BUMC 5/13/25
Chua, Cassandra Quality of Care in Pregnant Patients with Hyperthyroidism BUMC 6/6/24
Claudel, Sophie Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Research Certificate Program for Internal Medicine Residents BUMC 10/1/26
Claus Henn, Birgit Metal mixtures, children's cognition, and sensitive developmental windows BUMC 2/10/25
Claus Henn, Birgit Assessing children' environmental exposures (ACHIEVE) BUMC 8/15/26
Cohen, Gregory Equity-Efficiency Tradeoffs in Heart Disease BUMC 3/22/27
Cole Brahim, Megan Advancing Value and Equity of Telehealth at Federally Qualified Health Centers BUMC 4/25/24
Cole Brahim, Megan Improving Quality of Care in Medicaid ACOs: Aim 3 qualitative interviews BUMC 6/6/25
Connors, Kristen A Disease Concept Model for Kleefstra Syndrome BUMC 10/17/26
Conrad, Claudius Evaluation of an algorithmically enhanced personalized music-based intervention on stress reduction in cancer patients SEMC 10/2/24
Conrad, Claudius Virtual Hepatectomy: How 3D Simulation Improves Liver Resection Outcomes SEMC 2/21/24
Conrad, Mark Infra-inguinal bypass with or without femoral endarterectomy for the treatment of peripheral artery disease SEMC 8/2/24
Conrad, Mark Using a novel artificial intelligence system to identify abdominal aortic aneurysm SEMC 7/17/24
Conrad, Mark Post-operative groin incision complications; incidence, risk factors, and preventative methods analysis SEMC 7/19/24
Conrad, Mark Outcomes of endovascular aortic repair at a single institution SEMC 7/31/24
Conrad, Mark Outcomes of moderate carotid artery stenosis undergoing best medical therapy and surgical intervention SEMC 7/31/24
Conrqad, Claudius Effects of an algorithmically enhanced personalized music-based intervention in patients with dementia SEMC 7/19/24
Corley, Ronald Clinical isolates from patients with emerging pathogens BUMC 4/5/23
Corwin, Michael Event Recordings of High-Risk Infants on Apnea Monitors 2003-146B BUMC 3/7/25
Corwin, Michael Survey of Attitudes and Factors Effecting Infant Care Practices (SAFE) BUMC 6/3/24
Corwin, Michael Improving Asthma Outcomes Through Spirometry Distance Learning BUMC 4/27/24
Corwin, Michael Effects of Caffeine on Intermittent Hypoxia in Infants Born Preterm: A Pilot Study BUMC 3/12/25
Corwin, Michael Social Media And Risk-reduction Training for Infant Care Practices (SMART) BUMC 3/2/25
Corwin, Michael Intermittent Hypoxia and Caffeine in Infants Born Preterm BUMC 10/31/24
Corwin, Michael Social Confounders for Health Outcomes Linked to Education BUMC 7/9/24
Corwin, Michael Improving Care Giver Adherence to Recommended Infant Care Practices BUMC 11/26/24
Corwin, Michael Improving Care Giver Adherence to Recommended Infant Care Practices AKA: Social Media and Risk Reeducation Teaching Enhanced Reach (SMARTER) BUMC 9/23/24
Corwin, Michael Social Confounders for Health Outcomes Linked to Education-Phase II BUMC 11/22/26
Corwin, Michael Support via Online Social Networks to Promote safe Infant Care Practices Toward Reducing Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality (SUPerSONIC)- Qualitative Inquiry BUMC 5/27/24
Corwin, Michael Support via Online Social Networks to Promote safe Infant Care Practices Toward Reducing Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality (SUPerSONIC) BUMC 4/27/26
Corwin, Michael Get Social Media and Risk-Reduction Training (GET SMART) – Qualitative Inquiry BUMC 3/28/27
Cotton, Robin Forensic Laboratory Validation: Samples for the Validation of DNA Laboratory Procedures, DNA Laboratory Class and Forensic Biology Laboratory Class Settings BUMC 11/4/24
Cozier, Yvette Psychosocial stressors in relation to oral health in African American women BUMC 3/1/25
Cozier, Yvette Gestational Diabetes in Relation to Urinary Incontinence, and the Impact of Urinary Incontinence, in Black Women BUMC 10/15/24
Cozier, Yvette Epi AWARE: Investigating the relationship between psychosocial stressors and markers of pre-diabetes among Asian American women BUMC 11/16/25
Cozier, Yvette COVID-19 Infection, African-American Women and Cardiovascular Health BUMC 5/18/26
Cozier, Yvette Risk factors for Parkinson's disease among participants in the Black Women's Health Study BUMC 2/7/25
Cozier, Yvette Epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease in US Black women BUMC 4/2/26
Crespo-Bosque, Monica VOCES: A Peer Advocacy Program for Latinx Patients with Rheumatic Conditions BUMC 10/3/24
Crespo-Bosque, Monica VOCES: A Peer Advocacy Program for Latinx Patients with Rheumatic Conditions BUMC 8/17/25
Culler, Corinna Reducing Health Inequities: Feasibility of a Head Start Oral Health Promotion Model BUMC 7/7/25
Culler, Corinna Chelsea School-Based Dental Programs: Evaluation of Participation BUMC 4/24/26
Dasgupta, Shoumita Project Inclusive Genetics: A Patient-Centered Counseling Educational Intervention to Combat Disability Implicit Bias in the Prenatal Setting BUMC 3/7/25
Dasgupta, Shoumita Pre-Clinical Medical Student retention of patient-centered counseling training BUMC 4/13/26
Davies-Heerema, Theresa Correlation of Admissions Criteria and Success in Pre-Dental Oral Health Sciences Masters Program with Future Success in Dental School BUMC 8/24/26
Davies-Heerema, Theresa Assessment of the Finding Information Framework (FIF) BUMC 2/8/27
Davies-Heerema, Theresa Peer Mentoring MS in Oral Health Sciences Students BUMC 4/11/24
Del Rosario, Maya Genetic Counselors' Perspectives Towards Expanded Newborn Screening BUMC 8/28/26
Demissie, Serkalem Population subgroup difference in aging trajectory and health: Methods and application BUMC 4/20/26
Demissie, Serkalem Validation of a new algorithm to quantify biological age in the Framingham Heart Study BUMC 3/24/27
Denis, Gerald Plasma biomarkers of cancer progression in adults with co-morbid metabolic disease BUMC 6/5/25
Desai, Manishi Sensitive detection of corneal ectasia and corneal collagen crosslinking by advanced optical imaging BUMC 1/22/25
Desai, Manishi Can TSP1 serve as a biomarker for steroid-induced glaucoma? BUMC 11/20/24
DeStefano, Anita Alzheimer Disease Sequencing Study analysis of Discovery, Discovery extension and Follow up Study BUMC 1/7/25
DeStefano, Anita Assessing Alzheimer disease risk and heterogeneity using multimodal machine learning approaches BUMC 6/1/26
Dibart, Serge Human Alveolar Bone Augmentation:Comparison 3-D CAD-CAM Ti-mesh Frame with a Conventional Ti-Mesh Frame Fabricated at Time of Surgery BUMC 12/13/24
Discepolo, Keri Exploring the utilization of Emergency Department at Boston Medical Center for non-traumatic dental conditions among children aged 0-21 years. BUMC 10/12/25
Discepolo, Keri Prevalence, Oral Health, and Risk Factors of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) among siblings BUMC 12/16/25
Discepolo, Keri Exploring the role of parental dental anxiety in children's dental visit BUMC 7/24/26
Discepolo, Keri Evaluation of the Efficacy of Eat to Treat: A Nutrition Course for Dentists BUMC 7/13/26
Discepolo, Keri Oral health among children with Failure to Thrive BUMC 6/26/26
Discepolo, Keri Follow-Up Treatment After Management of Odontogenic Infection with Oral Antibiotics: A Retrospective Study BUMC 7/2/26
Dlamini, Langelihle Smartphone Sensing of Social Activity BUMC 1/16/27
Droscha, Lillian Assessing social perceptions and information availability of Prader-Willi Syndrome compared to other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities BUMC 9/4/26
Dubreuil, Maureen Hospitalizations among persons with rheumatic, autoimmune and musculoskeletal diseases BUMC 1/31/27
Dubreuil, Maureen Validation of electronic self-administration of an Inflammatory Back Pain questionnaire BUMC 8/29/24
Dubreuil, Maureen Disparities in time to diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis BUMC 6/5/25
Dubreuil, Maureen E-Remote for Rheumatoid arthritis: an anonymous survey informing prototype development BUMC 3/9/26
Dubreuil, Maureen Psoriatic Arthritis Real-World Study in the US BUMC 10/23/26
Duffy, Elizabeth Natural History of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases at Boston Medical Center and COVID-19's Impact on Healthcare Workers BUMC 4/14/24
Dukes, Kimberly BUSPH – Sharecare Data Repository BUMC 3/28/25
Duncan, Alison Provider and Employee Wellness in the Emergency Department BUMC 4/29/26
Duncan, Alison Use of Restraints in the Emergency Department: Patient factors contributing to restraint and seclusion use in a safety-net hospital emergency department BUMC 4/29/26
Dupuis, Josee Mechanisms connecting dysregulated BCAA, glucose and lipid metabolism in the pathogenesis of metabolic disease BUMC 5/22/25
Egan, Kelsey Multi-level determinants of early introduction of sugar-sweetened beverages and 100% juice BUMC 9/28/24
Egeland, Britta Mixed Methods Formative Evaluation of Domestic Violence Guided by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research: Findings from the Community. BUMC 8/17/26
Eisen, Richard Clinical Presentation and Treatment Outcomes of BCCs/SCCs in English Native Speakers vs. Non-Native Speakers BUMC 12/4/25
Eisen, Richard Long-term Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer BUMC 10/6/25
Elarabi, Salwa Assessment of Antibiotic Appropriateness at Hospital Discharge: Antimicrobial Stewardship at Transition of Care SEMC 9/29/23
Elarabi, Salwa Gram-Negative Antimicrobial Therapy for Pneumonia and Bacteremia Based on Local Risk Factors SEMC 10/5/23
Elarbi, Salwa The Impact of Interventions Targeting Modifiable Risk Factors on Pneumonia Readmission Rates SEMC 12/31/24
Elliott, Trish Mental Health Advocacy Program for Kids (MHAP) Evaluation BUMC 2/2/26
Elliott, Trish Rapid Analysis of the Academic Public Health Volunteer Corps (APHVC) COVID-19 Deployment BUMC 10/14/26
Elliott, Trish Course Evaluation of MC820, Managing Public Health Programs and Projects BUMC 6/27/24
Elliott, Trish School Health Institute for Education and Leadership Development¿s (SHIELD) Racial Equity Professional Development Series BUMC 6/6/26
Eswara, Jairam Improving Quality of Life of Prostate Cancer Survivors with Androgen Deficiency SEMC 9/24/23
Eswara, Jairam Complications After Radical Cystectomy And Urinary Diversion SEMC 12/14/23
Eswara, Jairam Complications Status post Radical and Partial Nephrectomy SEMC 12/14/23
Eswara, Jairam Complications Status Post Radical Prostatectomy SEMC 12/14/23
Ettinger De Cuba, Stephanie Implications of Co-Enrollment for Safety Net Programs Among Families with Young Children Post-Public Health Emergency: A Multistate Analysis and Real-time Case Study BUMC 2/5/27
Evanchuk, Darren A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 2 Study of Metformin for the Prevention of Progression of Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance and Smoldering Multiple Myeloma SEMC 1/19/23
Evers-Meltzer, Rachel COVID-19 occupational dermatoses among frontline healthcare workers BUMC 4/1/24
Fabian, Patricia The Asthma Simulation Tool for Housing, Medication, and Social Adversity (ASTHMA) BUMC 5/9/24
Fabian, Patricia Building response capacity to extreme heat exposure in Chelsea and East Boston through participatory action research BUMC 6/30/26
Fabian, Patricia MOS Boston – Iseechange BUMC 2/14/25
Farb, Melissa Assessment of adipose tissue compartments using computed tomography imaging BUMC 6/7/24
Farrer, Lindsay Genetic Association Studies in Alzheimer Disease 2001-426B BUMC 10/22/24
Farrer, Lindsay Genetic Epidemiological Studies of Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer’s Disease 3515G BUMC 9/11/24
Farrer, Lindsay Multi-Ethnic Genome Wide Alzheimer Association Study BUMC 9/20/24
Farrer, Lindsay Genome Scan for IGE and Related Asthma Endophenotypes BUMC 1/20/25
Farrer, Lindsay Genetic Consortium Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Study Data BUMC 1/20/25
Farrer, Lindsay Genetics of Macular Degeneration BUMC 1/3/25
Farrer, Lindsay Genetic Study of Hypertheymesia BUMC 8/5/24
Farrer, Lindsay Alzheimer Disease Genetic Architecture in African Americans BUMC 7/15/24
Farrer, Lindsay Genomic and Biological Studies of APOE in Alzheimer Disease BUMC 9/6/24
Farrer, Lindsay Genetic Studies of Alzheimer Disease in Koreans BUMC 9/15/25
Farrer, Lindsay Precision Monitoring and Assessment in the Framingham Study: Cognitive, MRI, Genetic and Biomarker Precursors of AD & Dementia BUMC 12/16/24
Farrer, Lindsay Genetics of Alzheimer Disease in Jewish and Arab Populations BUMC 5/3/26
Fawaz, Bilal Combination of 5-Fluorouracil and Calcipotriene in the Treatment of Superficial Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas in Situ BUMC 9/7/24
Fazaludeen Koya, Shaffi Changing landscape of antibiotic use in India: To examine Kerala as a case study to understand the use and availability of data in designing and implementing antibiotic policies and programs. BUMC 11/28/24
Feinberg, Emily Early Identification and Service Linkage for Urban Children with Autism Project Early: Screening Supplement BUMC 6/12/24
Feinberg, Emily Early Identification and Service Linkage for Urban Children with Autism: Option 1 Risks and Benefits of Early ASD Screening BUMC 10/21/24
Felson, David Revision to H22670 (Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study (MOST) 2002-361B) BUMC 2/11/25
Felson, David Obesity and Knee Osteoarthritis: Understanding the Link BUMC 12/14/24
Felson, David Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study (MOST) Second Renewal BUMC 12/22/24
Felson, David Identifying Genetic and Genomic Aspects of Osteoarthritis IRB-2015-31" BUMC 10/1/24
Felson, David Effects of Local and Systemic Inflammation on Muscle-related Morbidities in Knee OA BUMC 11/22/24
Felson, David FASTOA in the Military BUMC 6/27/24
Felson, David Validation study for when OA starts after an ACL reconstruction BUMC 12/14/25
Felson, David Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study 4: Novel Insights into Osteoarthritis, Pain, and Function BUMC 1/10/27
Felson, David Osteoarthritis Synovial Fluid Cells: Plan for a research study BUMC 11/21/26
Fernandes, Melissa A qualitative study assessing barriers and facilitators to genetic counseling for adult-onset neurogenetic conditions in Hispanic/Latinx communities BUMC 10/15/26
Fernandez, Elizabeth Exploring Young Latinos Sexual Health Education and Information Environments BUMC 5/7/24
Fierce, Jamie NeoQIC Family Engagement Collaborative SEMC 11/2/23
Finn, Kelli Reproductive Justice for Young Adults in the Wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women¿s Health Organization decision. BUMC 6/15/26
Fisher, Evelyn Graduate genetic counseling students experience with stress, empathy, and self-care BUMC 10/20/25
Fleisher, Jorge A Phase IIb Randomized, Parallel Group, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Repeat Dose, Multi-Site Study Investigating the Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of Personalized Phage Treatment and Standard of Care Antimicrobials for Patients with Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis due to S. aureus (DANCE) SEMC 4/17/24
Fleisher, Jorge A Phase IIb Randomized, Parallel Group, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Repeat Dose, Multi-Site Study Investigating the Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of Personalized Phage Treatment and Standard of Care Antimicrobials for Patients with Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis due to S. aureus SEMC 4/22/24
Fleisher, Neal Critical Thinking in Dental Education: A Content Analysis of Student Evaluations and Feedback BUMC 5/23/26
Fox, Matthew Analysis of Existing Medical Record Data to Evaluate Coverage, Uptake, Benefits, and Costs of Differentiated Models of Service Delivery for HIV Treatment in Africa–South Africa BUMC 5/3/25
Fox, Matthew Testing the effectiveness of an evidence-based transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral therapy approach for improving HIV treatment outcomes among violence-affected and virally unsuppressed women in South Africa BUMC 3/2/25
Fox, Matthew Creating Opportunities for Underrepresented Researchers to Achieve Growth and Excellence (COURAGE) BUMC 10/20/25
Franzblau, Carl Citylab: A Systems Approach to Biology-Phases I/II BUMC 8/10/24
Freibott, Christina Opioid overdose prevention in US higher education settings: qualitative, semi-structured interviews with institutional leaders BUMC 8/31/26
Galea, Sandro The Influence of Disaster Recovery Partnerships on Mental Health in New York City Communities Affected by Hurricane Sandy BUMC 1/9/26
Galea, Sandro Optimizing Efforts to Restore Psychiatric and Social Function After a Major Hurricane BUMC 1/27/26
Galovski, Tara Women Veterans Network (WoVeN): A Peer Support Network to Enhance Wellness, Relationships, Community BUMC 7/17/24
Galovski, Tara Building Re-Integration from Dreams and Goals to Execution and Success (BRIDGES): A Mentorship Program for Transitioning Women Servicemembers BUMC 1/19/27
Galovski, Tara Building Re-Integration from Dreams and Goals to Execution and Success (BRIDGES): A Peer Support Program for Transitioning Women Service Members BUMC 7/16/25
Galovski, Tara Women Veterans Network (WoVeN): Qualitative Engagement Study BUMC 12/20/26
Garcia, Raul Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents 2003-237B BUMC 3/12/25
Garcia, Raul Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents 2001-224B BUMC 2/2/25
Garcia, Raul Data Analysis of Oral Health Outcomes in Older Veterans 2000-158B BUMC 1/20/26
Garcia, Raul Decreasing Rates of Early Childhood Caries Through a Health Care Provider Intervention 2001-210B BUMC 6/1/24
Garcia, Raul Focus Groups on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Latinos BUMC 5/26/24
Garcia, Raul The Effect of Severe Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC) and Comprehensive Dental Intervention on Weight of Children BUMC 11/26/24
Garcia, Raul Dose-Dependent Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Vitamin D in a Human Gingivitis Model BUMC 8/13/24
Garcia, Raul Using Social Networks to Improve Oral Health: Pilot Study of Recruitment, Enrollment, and Data Collection BUMC 4/24/24
Garcia, Raul Survey of Dental Researchers' Perceptions of Sexual Harassment BUMC 4/22/24
Garcia, Raul Social Networks and Oral Health-related risk behaviors in Public Housing Communities BUMC 2/19/25
Garcia, Raul Assessment of Dental Care-Related Fear and Anxiety among Residents of Public Housing BUMC 3/19/27
Garg, Priya Identifying Opportunities for Institutional Advancement in Anti Racism and Medical Education BUMC 4/21/26
Garrido, Melissa Detection of Unethical Substance Use Disorder Treatment Providers: Stakeholder Interviews BUMC 2/18/25
Garrido, Melissa Evaluation of state actions targeting unethical SUD treatment practices – interviews BUMC 5/5/25
Garrido, Melissa The State Health Insurance Assistance Program ¿ A National Study of a Decentralized Program: Interviews BUMC 4/2/26
Gees, Sarah Reduction of 30-Day Behavioral Health Readmissions Among People with Co-occurring Medical and Severe Behavioral Illness: A Case Study BUMC 6/1/24
Gergen Barnett, Katherine Evaluation of the Storytelling to Build Medical Trust Curriculum BUMC 11/29/26
Gerges, Frederic Double-Blinded Randomized Control Trial of Knee Pain Utilizing Sub-Threshold Peripheral Nerve Stimulation SEMC 4/24/24
Gerhart, Ashtyn The COVID-19 Experience Among Queer Individuals: The Use of Coping Strategies, Support Mechanisms, and Healthcare Resources During the Pandemic BUMC 6/20/26
Gerstenfeld, Louis Bone Tissues Repository BUMC 11/21/24
Gerstenfeld, Louis Serum Protein-Based Indices for the Progression of Fracture Healing and Nonunion BUMC 5/13/24
Gerstenfeld, Louis Investigating the Tibial Periosteum Stem Cell Population BUMC 2/1/26
Gibson, Frederick Utility of Dermatologic eConsults BUMC 1/26/26
Gibson, Frederick Endocrine mucin-producing sweat gland carcinoma: a retrospective cohort BUMC 1/16/27
Gibson, Frederick Treatment of cutaneous malignancies with Mohs micrographic surgery in skin of color BUMC 1/16/27
Gill, Christopher Mobile bedside ultrasound (mBSUS) for the diagnosis of pediatric pneumonia in resource limited settings BUMC 9/26/25
Gill, Christopher Project SEARCH: Qualitative investigations to assess acceptability of an ear identification platform BUMC 9/8/24
Gill, Christopher Lusaka Postmortem COVID-19 Surveillance Study BUMC 2/1/25
Gillmeyer, Kari Characterizing Care Coordination in Pulmonary Hypertension: A Qualitative Study BUMC 3/31/27
Gillmeyer, Kari Characterizing Care Coordination in Pulmonary Hypertension Using Social Network Analysis BUMC 2/28/27
Giordano, Sara Adjuvant Ado-Trastuzumab Emtansine (T-DM1) for Older Patients with Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER-2) Positve Breast Cancer (ATOP Trail) SEMC 3/30/22
Giordano, Sara A randomized phase II trial of adjuvant trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1) followed by subcutaneous trastuzumab versus paclitaxel in combination with subcutaneous trastuzumab for Stage I HER2-positive breast cancer (ATEMPT 2.0) SEMC 4/14/22
Giordano, Sara A randomize phase III double blinded placebo-controlled trial of aspirin as adjuvant therapy for node-positive HER2 negative breast cancer – The ABC Trial SEMC 10/6/22
Giordano, Sara Palbociclib and Endocrine Therapy for LObular Breast Cancer Preoperative Study (PELOPS) SEMC 12/25/22
Giordano, Sara Palbociclib After CDKand Endocrine Therapy (PACE): A Randomized Phase II Study of Fulvestrant , Palbociclib, and Avelumab for Endocrine Pre-Treated ER+/HER2 – Metastatic Breast Cancer (PACE) SEMC 3/7/23
Glymour, Maria Secondary Analyses of HRS Genetic Data Related to CVD and Dementia BUMC 10/15/26
Glymour, Maria Qualtrics Measurement Comparison and Evaluation. BUMC 1/22/27
Glymour, Maria Health and Retirement Study Secondary Analyses of Restricted Data Including Geographic Information BUMC 1/4/27
Godfrey, Tony Circulating tumor DNA as a biomarker for esophageal adenocarcinoma BUMC 8/28/24
Gokce, Noyan Adipokine Expression in Bariatric Surgery Patients BUMC 7/22/24
Goldberg, Lynne Hair Clinic Data Repository BUMC 4/15/24
Goldberg, Lynne Evaluating the demographics, associations, clinical findings, and treatment outcomes of frontal fibrosing alopecia BUMC 1/1/25
Goldberg, Lynne The presence of fungal spores in scalp alopecia biopsies: a retrospective study. BUMC 3/12/26
Goldberg, Lynne Sebaceous glands in inflammatory dermatoses of the scalp BUMC 5/20/24
Goldberg, Lynne Mast cells in central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia BUMC 2/8/25
Goldowsky, Alexander Evaluation of an educational intervention to improve knowledge and care of the sexual and gender minority community BUMC 8/14/25
Gonzalez, Shirley TEEEN® Program QI Project SEMC 5/30/24
Gonzalez, Shirley Medical Student Pediatric Obesity Knowledge Acquisition SEMC 8/8/24
Goodell, Kristen The Use of Situational Judgement Tests in Medical School Admissions: Analyzing Correlations Between CASPer Scores and Various Aspects of the Medical School Application Process BUMC 5/28/26
Goodell, Kristen Medical School Admissions During COVID-19 BUMC 10/20/26
Goodell, Kristen Ability of the CASPer Situational Judgement Test to Predict Non-Academic Performance in Medical School BUMC 5/3/25
Gordon, Allegra Eating Disorders Prevention for Transgender Young Adults: An Intervention Mapping Approach BUMC 3/17/26
Gordon, Allegra PrEP Barriers & Facilitators among Transgender Young Adults BUMC 4/4/27
Gordon, Allegra Interactive Media and Gender-related Stressors and Strengths (The IMAGES Study) BUMC 5/2/25
Gordon, Sarah Effects of Postpartum Medicaid Coverage on Maternal Health BUMC 2/2/23
Gordon, Sarah The Effects of Postpartum Medicaid Eligibility and Screening Policies on Postpartum Depression Care among Low-Income Women BUMC 8/31/26
Gouse, Brittany Predictors of boarding in the Psychiatric Emergency Department BUMC 9/12/25
Gradus, Jaimie Identification of Novel Agents to Treat PTSD using Clinical Data BUMC 12/1/25
Greece, Jacey Cross-Disciplinary Long-Term Evaluation of Practice-Based Teaching in Public Health Education BUMC 6/24/24
Greece, Jacey Measuring Hunger at Food Pantries BUMC 6/4/24
Greece, Jacey Evaluation of BUSPH's Master of Public Health Curriculum BUMC 10/30/24
Greece, Jacey Sickle Cell Trait Awareness Initiative Message Testing with Stakeholders BUMC 1/24/26
Greece, Jacey Applying and Expanding the PBT STEPS Framework: Cross-Institution and Cross-Discipline Evaluation of Practice-Based Teaching BUMC 9/28/26
Gregg, Abigail How genetic counseling training programs foster awareness of genetic counseling at their home institutions: an exploratory study BUMC 12/10/26
Gulleth, Yusuf Assessing the correlation of Bruxism and Sino-nasal symptoms after upper airway surgery in adults and Children SEMC 1/1/24
Gulleth, Yusuf Retrospective study of cryoablation of the posterior nasal nerve in pediatric population with chronic rhinitis. 5-year experience. SEMC 2/21/24
Gulleth, Yusuf Non-Randomized, Multi-Site, Single-Arm Study of the LinguaFlex™ Tongue Retractor for the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring in Adult Subjects (LTR™ Trial) SEMC Nov-13-2024
Gulleth, Yusuf Assessment of habitual mouth breathing after upper air way surgery in adults and children with chronic sino-nasal disorders. SEMC 9/10/24
Gupte, Akshay Phenotype, Progression, and Immune Correlates of Post-Tuberculosis Lung Disease BUMC 3/14/25
Haley, Beth A Survey of Recreational Activity in the Merrimack River BUMC 10/7/24
Haley, Beth Assessing the association between combined sewer overflow events and gastrointestinal illness in the Merrimack Valley BUMC 11/11/24
Haley, Danielle Quantifying health policy impacts on substance use and treatment among women with and at risk for HIV: a longitudinal multilevel analysis using the Women¿s Interagency HIV Study BUMC 3/29/23
Halim, Nafisa A Social Norms Intervention to Prevent the Perpetration of Partner Violence in Bangladesh: Development of Instruments and Collection of Preliminary Data BUMC 6/11/24
Halim, Nafisa Effect of Antenatal Screening for Sickle Cell Disease on Intimate Partner Violence in the Sickle Cell Belt in Central India BUMC 5/19/25
Halim, Nafisa CRISP 2.0 Type 2: Collaborative Research: Organizing Decentralized Resilience in Critical Interdependent-infrastructure Systems and Processes (ORDER-CRISP) BUMC 6/28/24
Halim, Nafisa EAGER: SAI: Exploring Pathways of Adaptive Infrastructure Management with Rapidly Intensifying Hurricanes BUMC 8/25/25
Halim, Nafisa Pilot-testing and Implementation of an Integrated Sickle-cell Screening and Violence Prevention Program in Antenatal Care Settings in India (PIVOT) BUMC 11/15/26
Hamburg, Naomi Endothelial Dysfunction and Post-operative Events 2000-283G BUMC 11/21/24
Hamburg, Naomi Evaluation of Endothelial Function Using Brachial Artery Ultrasound 3675G BUMC 2/25/25
Hamburg, Naomi Effect of Physical Inactivity on Endothelial Function 2003-316B BUMC 6/10/24
Hamburg, Naomi Clinical Utility of Endothelial Function in Peripheral Arterial Disease 2004-007B BUMC 9/15/24
Hamburg, Naomi Plasma Markers of Vascular Dysfunction 3569G BUMC 9/9/24
Hamburg, Naomi Effects of Lipemia and Metformin on Endothelial Function 2004-005B BUMC 11/24/24
Hamburg, Naomi Chronic Study of the Effect of Grape Seed Extract Plus Ascorbic Acid on Endothelial Function in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease BUMC 1/30/25
Hamburg, Naomi Evaluation of Mitochondrial Function in Human Leukocytes BUMC 3/2/25
Hamburg, Naomi Evaluation of Venous Endothelial Cell Phenotype BUMC 3/10/25
Hamburg, Naomi Effect of the Tripeptide ILE-PRO-PRO (TENSGUARD) on Hyperemic Blood Flow and Flow-Mediated Dilation in Patient with Coronary Artery Disease BUMC 10/27/24
Hamburg, Naomi Effects of Lipemia on Endothelial Function BUMC 4/22/24
Hamburg, Naomi Randomized Crossover Study of the Effects of Resveratrol on Endothelial Function in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus BUMC 10/7/24
Hamburg, Naomi Comparison of UNEX EF and Manual Assessment of Brachial Artery Flow-Mediated Dilation" BUMC 4/8/25
Hamburg, Naomi Sample and Data Repository for the Coronary Health Unit BUMC 4/7/24
Hamburg, Naomi Galectin-3 inhibition with modified citrus pectin in hypertension BUMC 4/22/24
Hamburg, Naomi Pilot Study: Dose-Dependent Effects of Erythritol on Endothelial Function in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus BUMC 7/14/24
Hamburg, Naomi Identifying Correlates of Endothelial Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease using the Coronary Health Unit Sample and Data Repository BUMC 5/11/24
Hamburg, Naomi AHA Tobacco Regulation and Addiction Center – Vascular Function Core Laboratory BUMC 10/6/24
Hamburg, Naomi Utility of CAVI as a Predictor of Endothelial Dysfunction BUMC 7/10/24
Hamburg, Naomi Evaluation of Angiogenesis in Peripheral Artery Disease BUMC 3/11/25
Hamburg, Naomi Endothelial function in pulmonary hypertension BUMC 12/7/25
Hamburg, Naomi Pilot Study of the Effects of TUDCA on Endothelial Function in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus BUMC 3/27/25
Hamburg, Naomi Functional Implications of Mitochondrial Sequence Variation BUMC 5/21/24
Hamburg, Naomi Cardiovascular Injury Due to Tobacco Use (CITU) 2.0 BUMC 6/1/24
Hamburg, Naomi A virtual nutritional education delivered through a hospital teaching kitchen : a proof-of-concept study BUMC 8/19/26
Hamburg, Naomi Vascular and Endothelial Health in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus BUMC 3/4/25
Hamburg, Naomi Vascular Health of Patients Post-COVID-19 Infection BUMC 6/9/24
Hamburg, Naomi Cardiovascular Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes in Youth Adults (VAPERACE) BUMC 7/19/24
Hamburg, Naomi Long-Term Endothelial Effects of COVID-19 in Obesity BUMC 4/13/25
Hamburg, Naomi Endothelial Health across the Spectrum of Cardiometabolic Disease BUMC 6/6/24
Hamer, David Zika virus clinical case series BUMC 3/29/25
Hamer, David Implementing Novel Strategies for Education and Chagas Testing BUMC 2/9/27
Hamer, David Deep Sequencing of Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Individuals Diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 in a University Screening Program to Determine Relationships Between Viral Load, Variants of Concern, Transmissibility and Vaccine Breakthrough BUMC 8/16/24
Hamer, David Collection of Secondary Swabs from Individuals Diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 in a University Screening Program to Enable Culturing of Human Derived Virus at the National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratory (NEIDL) BUMC 10/14/24
Hamer, David Knowledges Attitudes and Practices (KAP) of Primary Care Physicians and Travel Medicine Providers regarding Travel Medicine BUMC 3/4/27
Hamilton, James Imaging The Vascular Consequences of Lipid Deposition BUMC 7/9/24
Hamilton, James Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Atherosclerosis BUMC 10/30/24
Harris, Angelique Academic Promotion Workshop Study BUMC 9/20/26
Hashemian, Roxana Perceptions of general supervising faculty regarding the clinical performance and preparedness of DMD3 2023 and AS2 2022 students after shortened preclinical course curriculum due to COVID-19 pandemic in Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine BUMC 3/5/25
Hatch, Elizabeth A Pilot Study of Internet Recruitment and Follow-up Among Reproductive Age Women BUMC 12/10/24
Hatch, Elizabeth An Internet-Based Prospective Cohort Study of Time to Pregnancy BUMC 11/1/24
Hatch, Elizabeth Measurement of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in a Reproductive Health Study of Danish Women Recruited Via the Internet BUMC 4/14/24
Hatch, Elizabeth Mammographic Density, Hormone Metabolite Concentrations, and DNA Methylation Patterns in Women Prenatally-exposed to DES (Diethylstilbestrol) BUMC 11/3/24
Hatch, Elizabeth A Danish preconception cohort study of air pollution, fertility and miscarriage BUMC 4/29/25
Hatch, Elizabeth Prospective Study of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Time to Pregnancy in Denmark BUMC 3/23/26
Hawkins, Finn Create and validate W1282X CFTR homozygous iPSC-derived human airway epithelial (HAE) cells. BUMC 6/13/24
Hayes, Julia Collection of Specimens and Clinical Data for Patients with Prostate Cancer or at High Risk for Prostate Cancer SEMC 6/24/22
Heard-Costa, Nancy Building on GWAS for NHLBI-Diseases: The Charge Consortium BUMC 11/19/24
Heard-Costa, Nancy Analysis of the Exome Sequencing Project dataset by the Framingham Heart Study. BUMC 8/23/24
Heard-Costa, Nancy Integrating Lipid Genotypes and Phenotypes in iPS-derived Hepatocytes/Adipocytes BUMC 8/5/24
Heard-Costa, Nancy Integrative genomics of human heart failure BUMC 11/7/24
Heard-Costa, Nancy Whole Genome Sequence Imputation in Families for Echocardioagraphic Traits BUMC 9/11/24
Heard-Costa, Nancy Return of Genomic Results and Estimating Penetrance in Population-Based Cohorts BUMC 8/4/24
Heaton, Brenda Social Networks and Oral Health in Public Housing BUMC 5/4/24
Heaton, Brenda Preparations for studies of oral health and illness in Black women: Validation of self-reported oral health measures in the Black Womens Health Study BUMC 10/6/24
Heaton, Brenda Photo-enhanced messaging to address dietary sugars as a common risk factor for chronic disease BUMC 8/12/24
Heaton, Brenda Household Networks Among Residents of Boston Public Housing BUMC 4/20/26
Heidari, Leila Community Engagement to Explore Heat Exposure for Urban-Dwelling Older Adults in Boston BUMC 7/28/25
Heidari, Leila Engaging with decision-makers on air quality and heat in a changing climate BUMC 8/1/25
Henry, Andrew Satisfaction Outcomes for Interdepartmental Orthognathic Surgery Consultations via traditional vs. virtual digital platforms BUMC 8/5/24
Henry, Andrew Disparities in Mandibular Trauma Treatment BUMC 4/10/25
Henry, Andrew Medial Orbital Wall Fractures and the Need for Consult BUMC 6/19/25
Henshaw, Michelle Oral Health Advocates in Public Housing BUMC 8/31/24
Henshaw, Michelle Community Perspectives on Participation in Community-Based Research BUMC 4/18/24
Henshaw, Michelle Pre-Doctoral Pediatric Dentistry Survey of Minimally Invasive Caries Management Techniques BUMC 12/19/24
Henshaw, Michelle Retrospective clinical audit to examine oral health care patterns for residents at Hebrew Senior Life Facilities BUMC 7/25/25
Henshaw, Michelle Co-Design for HIV testing and texting BUMC 1/26/25
Henshaw, Michelle Assessing HIV Risk Factors in Community Health Center Dental Clinics BUMC 2/24/25
Henshaw, Michelle Assessing Access to Dental Care in Infectious Disease Clinic Patients BUMC 8/9/25
Henshaw, Michelle MID Training in European Dental Schools BUMC 1/12/26
Henshaw, Michelle Texting to Reduce HIV risk BUMC 2/21/26
Henshaw, Michelle Codesign of an intervention to improve oral health among older adults in long term care BUMC 2/7/27
Henshaw, Michelle Development of a training program for General Dentists in Minimally Invasive Dentistry Techniques BUMC 6/4/26
Henshaw, Michelle Kennedy Day School Dental Clinic: Caregiver Input BUMC 6/15/26
Herlihy, Julie Zambia Infant Cohort Study: Brains Optimized for Surviving and Thriving BUMC 1/15/25
Herlihy, Julie Bantu on the Brain: Pilot Study of Adaptations to McArthur-Bates Communication Development Inventory (MB-CDI) for Language Acquisition Assessment in Zambia BUMC 10/28/26
Herlihy, Julie Project Chisoni: A Study to Define the Burden of SUDI and its Modifiable Risk Factors in Zambia and Other African countries BUMC 2/11/27
Herrera, Carolina-Nicole Youth in Emergency: how and why youth of color use psychological stabilization services. BUMC 5/13/24
Herrick, Beth Molecular Genetics Studies of Cancer Patients and Their Relatives SEMC 12/27/23
Hibberd, Patricia Maternal and Newborn Health Registry (MNH) BUMC 5/30/24
Hibberd, Patricia Aspirin Supplementation for Pregnancy Indicated Risk Reduction in Nullipara (ASPIRIN) BUMC 9/5/24
Hibberd, Patricia Thermal Images on Smartphones to Diagnose Bacterial Pneumonia in Children in Pakistan BUMC 11/22/24
Hibberd, Patricia Thermal images of the lung on a smartphone to differentiate bacterial from non bacterial causes of pneumonia BUMC 11/1/24
Hibberd, Patricia Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers for Childhood Bacterial Pneumonia in Sub-Saharan Africa BUMC 6/1/24
Hibberd, Patricia Understanding Gaps and Needs for Integrated Bundles of Medical Equipment to Improve Decision Making and Neonatal Outcomes in Special Newborn Care Units in India BUMC 11/13/25
Hibberd, Patricia Prevention of maternal and neonatal death/infections with a single oral dose of azithromycin in women in labor (in low- and middle-income countries): The A-PLUS Pilot Study on Infection BUMC 10/20/25
Hibberd, Patricia Prevention of maternal and neonatal death/infections with a single oral dose of azithromycin in women in labor (in low- and middle-income countries): A randomized controlled trial BUMC 5/30/24
Hibberd, Patricia Chest X-rays vs. Thermal Imaging to Detect COVID Pneumonia – A Pilot Study BUMC 11/22/26
Hibberd, Patricia Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia Post-Delivery (PRIORITY Trial) BUMC 6/22/24
Hibberd, Patricia Influenza & COVID Obstetric and Perinatal Epidemiology (ICOPE) Study in India BUMC 11/2/26
Hicks, Lauren Experiences of Black Women with Mental Illness in Treating Repeated Physical Illnesses: A picture of clinical care for black women with mental illnesses BUMC 6/27/25
Hohler, Anna An Open-Label Extension Of Study M15-736 To Evaluate The Safety And Tolerability Of 24-Hour Daily Exposure Of ABBV-951 In Subjects With Advanced Parkinson's Disease SEMC 12/11/23
Hohler, Anna COVID-19 Related Intracranial Pressure SEMC 1/13/24
Hohler, Anna Neurology Health Management with Telehealth and Mobile Monitoring – Quality and Access to Telehealth for Parkinson’s and Autonomic Patients SEMC 2/24/24
Hohler, Anna Using Brain Sensing to Understand the Effect of Deep Brain Stimulation During Sleep in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease SEMC 4/19/24
Hohler, Anna Parkinson’s Foundation: PD GENEration Genetic Registry (PDGENE-01) SEMC 7/18/24
Hohler, Anna Seasonal changes’ impacts on Parkinson’s patients SEMC 7/18/24
Holick, Michael Randomized Control Trial Single Blinded Evaluation of changes in Gene Expression, Metabolomic, Microbiome, and Calcium Metabolism in response to Varied Vitamin D Dosages in Adults who are Vitamin D Insufficient. BUMC 9/22/24
Holick, Michael Determine the Causative Genetic Variations in Patient with Ehlers¿Danlos Syndrome (EDS) BUMC 5/8/24
Holick, Michael A study of discrepancy in measurement of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in two assays used at Boston Medical Center BUMC 9/21/26
Holick, Michael Determining the association between treating vitamin D deficiency and hospital outcomes in patients with COVID-19 infection BUMC 5/17/26
Holick, Michael Evaluating the effect of Solius UV light source in improving serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in vitamin D deficient/ insufficient adults of various skin types BUMC 1/13/25
Holick, Michael Double Blind Randomized Controlled Crossover Pilot Evaluation of Wrist Cooling Devices on the Severity of Hot Flashes for Women and Men Who Suffer from Moderate and or Severe Hot Flashes BUMC 1/7/25
Horsburgh, Charles Natural History of Hepatitis C Infection in HIV Disease: Charm Study BUMC 1/6/25
Horsburgh, Charles Prospective, Randomized, Blinded Phase 2 Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Study of the Efficacy and Tolerability of Levofloxacin in Combination with Optimized Background Regimen (OBR) for the treatment of MDR-TB BUMC 11/24/24
Horsburgh, Charles Predictors of Resistance Emergence Evaluation in Multidrug Resistant-Tuberculosis Patients on Treatment BUMC 4/12/24
Horsburgh, Charles Prospective, Duration-Randomized, Partially Blinded, Phase 2 Study of the Efficacy and Tolerability of Bedaquiline, Delamanid, Levofloxacin, Linezolid, and Clofazimine for Treatment of Patients with MDR-TB BUMC 5/17/24
Hsu, Tun-Yi A Survey of the Eye Health of Endodontists Using Dental Operating Microscopes BUMC 3/14/27
Hsu, Tun-Yi User Experience with Adjunct Irrigation Devices in Endodontics BUMC 3/9/25
Hurstak, Emily Records for Alcohol Care Enhancement (RACE) Study BUMC 4/29/25
Huynh, Cam-Van Effects of acculturation on oral health status across various racial ethnic groups: NHANES 2011-2018 BUMC 5/3/24
Hwang, Phillip Physical activity over the adult life course and cognitive resilience to Alzheimer's disease and related dementias BUMC 4/10/25
Hwang, Phillip Impact of midlife and late-life intake of flavonoid-rich fruits on dementia risk in the Framingham Heart Study. BUMC 10/31/25
Hwang, Phillip Social networks over the adult life course and cognitive resilience BUMC 12/15/25
Hwang, Phillip COVID and cognition in US older adults BUMC 8/23/26
Iqbal, Iman Attitude Perceptions of AI in Otolaryngology BUMC 3/24/27
Ishan, Zulfa Experience in Applying Problem-Based Learning in Medical School in Indonesia BUMC 3/14/26
Isufi, Almira Volumetric measurement of healing of periapical lesions in endodontically treated teeth with two different irrigation systems BUMC 1/26/26
Ives, Brett Maternal Health Matters BUMC 8/11/26
Jaber, Bertrand Association of free light chain level at time of diagnosis of multiple myeloma and renal function recovery SEMC 11/16/23
Jaber, Bertrand Association of Body Mass Index with Multiple Organ Failure in Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 SEMC 12/16/23
Jaber, Bertrand Integration of Palliative Care in the multidisciplinary approach to patients with Advanced Heart Failure: A Quality Improvement Project SEMC 1/10/24
Jaber, Bertrand Management of Severe Community-Acquired Hyponatremia: A Retrospective Cohort Study SEMC 3/28/24
Jackson, Angela Exploring Student Perspectives on Student Government BUMC 1/11/26
Jacobson, Karen Transmission Of Tuberculosis Among illicit drug use Linkages (TOTAL) Supplement BUMC 2/20/25
Jafarzadeh, S. Reza Bayesian approaches to identify persons with osteoarthritis in electronic health records and administrative health data in the absence of a perfect reference standard BUMC 12/16/25
Janulewicz Lloyd, Patricia Certulizulmab Pregnancy Registry: An OTIS Autoimmune Diseases in Pregnancy Study BUMC 6/1/24
Janulewicz Lloyd, Patricia Understanding Gut-Microbiome links to Gulf War Illness persistence and development of gut-dysbiosis targeted therapy BUMC 3/26/26
Janulewicz Lloyd, Patricia Understanding Gut-Microbiome links to Gulf War Illness persistence and development of gut-dysbiosis targeted therapy BUMC 3/26/26
Janulewicz Lloyd, Patricia Longitudinal Effects of the Gulf War: Veteran Reproductive Health and Their Children’s Health Study BUMC 7/12/26
Jara, Hernan Clinical Applications for Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2001-199G BUMC 3/16/25
Jay, Jonathan Systems Modeling for Reducing Disparities in Youth Firearm Violence BUMC 1/31/25
Jay, Jonathan Addressing structural racism to reduce racial disparities in youth firearm injuries BUMC 7/7/25
Jay, Jonathan An Evaluation of Boston Medical Center's Violence Intervention Advocacy Program BUMC 1/31/26
Jay, Jonathan Predictors of Denial for Rehabilitation Services in Victims of Violent Injury BUMC 6/26/26
Jay, Jonathan Qualitative examination of the long-term perceived impact of VIAP on gunshot violence survivors' experiences of recovery and restabilization BUMC 11/12/26
Jay, Jonathan Exploring the Impact of Gun Violence on Sleep BUMC 8/15/26
Jenkins, Helen Assessing spatial heterogeneity of drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa BUMC 1/15/25
Jenkins, Helen Tracking drug-resistant tuberculosis patients through time in South Africa BUMC 1/24/25
Jenkins, Helen Geospatial methods for optimizing the application of community-based tuberculosis screening interventions BUMC 5/13/23
Jenkins, Helen Understanding and addressing geographic barriers to accessing tuberculosis services in a high-burden urban setting BUMC 1/5/26
Jernigan, David Harms to Others from Drinking among College Students BUMC 9/10/24
Jernigan, David Alcohol Consumption Research & Behavioral Change Media Campaign BUMC 7/15/24
John Wylie, MD The Rhythm Evaluation for AntiCoagulaTion with Continuous Monitoring of Atrial Fibrillation SEMC 3/13/24
Johnson, Natrina Adaptation of Trauma-Informed Care for the Office-Based Addiction Treatment Setting BUMC 3/28/25
Johnson, Natrina Utilization of health services after engagement with opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment provider by individuals with and without post-traumatic stress disorder BUMC 5/4/25
Johnson, William Host and Microbiome Transcriptional Profiling in the Upper Airways for TB Susceptibility BUMC 8/21/24
Johnstone, Michael MD Spontaneous Echocardiographic Contrast and Atherosclerotic Plaque SEMC 7/8/23
Johnstone, Michael MD High lipoprotein(a) level is associated with increased risk of early coronary artery disease SEMC 11/1/23
Johnstone, Michael MD Creating a Score for Predicting Development of Atrial Fibrillation By Assessing Transesophageal Echocardiogram Characteristics SEMC 5/22/24
Johnstone, Michael MD A Multicenter, Adaptive, Randomized Controlled Platform Trial of the Safety and Efficacy of Antithrombotic Strategies in Hospitalized Adults with COVID-19 SEMC 8/8/24
Johnstone, Michael MD A Multicenter, Adaptive, Randomized Controlled Platform Trial of the Safety and Efficacy of Antithrombotic Strategies in Hospitalized Adults with COVID-19 SEMC 8/7/24
Jones, Natalie Carrier Screening Across Practice Settings: A comprehensive study on prenatal genetic counselors' experiences and perceptions BUMC 10/30/25
Joseph, Natalie An Open-Label Clinical Trial Evaluating the Immunogenicity of the 9vHPV Vaccination Regimen over 6 months Among Women Aged 16 to 45 years old, An Exploratory Immunogenicity Study BUMC 5/27/24
Joung, Kyoung Implementation of Optimal Neuroprotection in the Term Born Infant with Encephalopathy SEMC 8/1/23
Joung, Kyoung Effects of implementing a standardized feeding guideline including earlier enteral feeding, earlier fortification, and faster feeding advancement on neonatal weight gain and the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in extremely low birth weight infants. SEMC 5/18/24
Jun, Gyungah Ultrascale Machine Learning to Empower Discovery in Alzheimer’s Disease Biobanks BUMC 3/13/27
Jurasic, M Dental Data Repository within BUGSDM' Center for Clinical Research BUMC 4/10/24
Jurasic, M Topical Fluoride Effectiveness in High Caries Risk Adults BUMC 8/5/24
Jurasic, M The Selection and Role of Teaching Assistants in Pre-Doctoral Dental Courses BUMC 1/12/26
Karagoz Motro, Pelin Prevalence and Evaluation of TMD in Orthodontic Cases Using DC/TMD Axis I BUMC 6/20/24
Kariveda, Rohith FUE Hair Graft Efficacy and Satisfaction Following Forehead Contouring BUMC 12/14/25
Kasper, Ekkehard A Pivotal Clinical Trial Evaluating the Safety and Effectiveness of Adherus™ AutoSpray and Adherus™ AutoSpray ET Dural Sealant When Used as a Dural Sealant in Spinal Procedures SEMC 4/9/24
Kathuria, Hasmeena Qualitative input from clinicians and patients to inform future implementation of ALA INPATIENT-SDM intervention BUMC 6/13/24
Kathuria, Hasmeena Using Mobile Technology to Address Barriers to Quitting Cigarettes among Hospitalized Smokers with Opioid Use Disorders BUMC 10/22/24
Kathuria, Hasmeena Field testing a Mobile Technology intervention to Address Barriers to Quitting Cigarettes among Hospitalized Smokers with Opioid Use Disorders BUMC 6/18/25
Kathuria, Hasmeena Field testing a mobile technology intervention using real-time financial incentives in hospitalized smokers BUMC 3/28/26
Kathuria, Hasmeena 2016-2022: Evaluating and Improving Smoking Cessation Rates at a Large Safety-Net Hospital BUMC 1/1/26
Kathuria, Hasmeena Qualitative methods to understand the impact and perceptions of the Massachusetts menthol cigarette on intent to quit and product use. BUMC 3/25/26
Katz, Douglas Characterization of Secondary Movement Disorders by Etiology BUMC 1/3/27
Kaufman, Laura Measuring the Benefits of an External Rotation in Geriatric Dental Medicine on Pre-doctoral Dental Students BUMC 9/16/24
Kaye, Elizabeth Oral Epidemiology Studies Repository BUMC 11/12/24
Kaye, Elizabeth Value Based Payer Model Implementation: A Survey of State Medicaid Dental Directors BUMC 9/24/24
Kaye, Elizabeth Survey of dentists' treatment of young children BUMC 4/9/25
Kazis, Lewis Measurement of Community Participation Using a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in Adult Patients with Burns BUMC 12/16/24
Kazis, Lewis Measurement of Community Participation Using a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in Adult Patients with Burns- Field Study and CAT Development BUMC 7/2/24
Kazis, Lewis Measurement of Community Participation Using a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in Adult Patients with Burns- Normative Study BUMC 5/1/24
Kazis, Lewis Measurement of Community Participation Using a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in Adult Patients with Burns – Pilot Study BUMC 12/19/24
Kazis, Lewis Measurement of Community Participation Using a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in Adult Patients with Burns – LIBRE Profile Practice Improvement BUMC 9/25/26
Kazis, Lewis WD-FAB Score Report Development BUMC 3/13/27
Kazis, Lewis Baby Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation (LIBRE): Clinician Focus Groups BUMC 7/12/24
Kazis, Lewis Preschool Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation (LIBRE) Calibration Study BUMC 11/6/24
Kazis, Lewis The Multi-National Comparison Study of Burn Care BUMC 4/1/26
Kazis, Lewis Personalized Automated Symptom Summary Computer Adaptive Test (PASS CAT) Development BUMC 9/28/26
Kazis, Lewis Student COVID-19 Quality of Life Survey BUMC 8/6/26
Kearney, Lauren Advancing Health Equity in Lung Cancer Screening : Understanding the Perspective of Black Patients at a Large Safety Net Hospital BUMC 5/29/26
Kelleher, Samantha Coronary Heart Disease in Black Women: The Role of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes BUMC 3/8/25
Kelleher, Samantha Cardiovascular Health in Pregnant and Postpartum Women: A Retrospective Study Using Electronic Health Records and Chart Review BUMC 2/4/26
Kelleher, Samantha Postpartum Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Program: Study of Reducing Severe Maternal Morbidity among Black and Latina Women – Quantitative Data BUMC 4/15/24
Kelleher, Samantha Qualitative Examination of a Postpartum Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Program: Study of Reducing Severe Maternal Morbidity among Black and Latina Women BUMC 1/5/26
Kelleher, Samantha Exploring Methods to Capture Underrepresented Populations and Absent Data Elements in Postpartum Research: A Pilot Study on Postpartum Hypertension BUMC 2/5/27
Kelley, Maura STEM Workforce: Inclusion for Tomorrow (SWIFT) BUMC 9/28/25
Kelley, Maura Social Media Usage and Sun Safety Habits in Adolescents BUMC 3/2/26
Keohane, Ana Dental Students' Suggestions Through Urgent Care Rotation in their 4th Year of Dental School BUMC 6/4/26
Kernitsky, Jeremy Orthodontic distalization of maxillary molars assisted with Piezocision®. a retrospective pre- and post- study. BUMC 5/5/25
Khan, Faisal Cardiogenic Shock Working Group (CSWG) Registry SEMC 6/25/24
Khan, Faisal The influence of social demographics on antiplatelet regimen following PCI for acute coronary syndrome. SEMC 7/17/24
Kim, Theresa Alcohol and HIV associated comorbidity and complications: Frailty, Functional impairment, Falls, and Fractures (the 4F study) BUMC 8/22/24
Kim, Theresa Falls Intervention Development (Qualitative Study): A sub-study of the Boston ARCH 4F Cohort BUMC 11/11/25
Kim, Theresa Boston ARCH 4F Fall Prevention Intervention Pilot Study BUMC 8/30/24
Kim, Theresa Development and Validation of a Novel and HIV-Relevant Prediction Model for Fracture BUMC 4/5/27
Kinney, Patrick Accounting for the health benefits of air pollution regulations in China, 2008-2020 BUMC 4/20/26
Kissin, Eugene Pseudogout and Inflammatory Arthritis Imaging Comparison Study BUMC 5/27/24
Kissin, Eugene Musculoskeletal examination consensus study BUMC 11/14/25
Klings, Elizabeth A StuDy eVAluatiNg the EffiCacy and Safety of RalinEpag To Improve Treatment OUTCOMES in PAH Patients (ADVANCE-outcomes) BUMC 2/26/27
Klings, Elizabeth A StuDy EVAluatiNg the Long-Term EffiCacy and Safety of RalinEpag in Subjects with PAH via an Open-Label EXTENSION BUMC 4/1/27
Kolachalama, Vijaya Machine learning on medical imaging data BUMC 3/17/26
Koo, Bang Validating Novel Brain Imaging Biomarkers for classifying mild Traumatic Brain Injury and subsequent risks of Alzheimer¿s Disease in Gulf War Veterans BUMC 8/6/26
Koo, Bang Identification of Objective Brain Imaging Biomarkers for Gulf War Illness (GWI): Exposure- and Symptom-Specific Markers, GW Subtypes, and Longitudinal Patterns BUMC 4/21/25
Kotton, Darrell Directed differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells BUMC 7/2/24
Kozyreva, Olga A Randomized Double-Blind Phase III trial of Vitamin D3 supplementation in patients with previously untreated metastatic colorectal cancer SEMC 10/20/22
Kozyreva, Olga Study of Precursor Hematological Malignancies to Assess the Relationship between Molecular Events of Progression and Clinical Outcome (PCROWD) SEMC 11/7/22
Kozyreva, Olga Genetic Testing for Breast, Ovarian, Pancreatic and Prostate Cancers GeneBOPP SEMC 12/31/24
Kukuruzinska, Maria Access to Head and Neck Cancer Specimens BUMC 1/12/25
Kuo, Leslie Will "Quality of Life Changes in Different Types of Skeletal Malocclusions Treated by Orthognathic Surgery (a longitudinal study) BUMC 8/19/26
Kuo, Leslie Will Longitudinal Three Dimensional Evaluation of the Use of Biological Markers in the Saliva and Urine to Predict Facial Growth and the Rate of Dental Movement BUMC 6/3/24
Kuo, Leslie Will Evaluating the natural growth of the face and the inheritance of facial, skeletal, and dental characteristics by studying the records from a prospective, longitidinal data base of 500 twin families collected between 1959 and 1975. BUMC 9/24/25
Kuo, Leslie Will The Use of Computed Tomography Images in Orthodontic Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Outcomes Assessment BUMC 9/14/25
Kuo, Leslie Will Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Adult Orthodontic Patients BUMC 10/29/25
Kuo, Leslie Will Long-Term Three Dimensional Stability of Orthognathic Surgery BUMC 5/8/25
Kuo, Leslie Will Dental student learning of dental cast analysis using plaster and digital models. BUMC 2/23/26
Kuo, Leslie Will Evaluating skeletal and dental indices to determine peak pubertal growth: Past vs. Present BUMC 7/23/26
Kuo, Leslie Will Stress Among Postgraduate Dental Students BUMC 8/23/26
Kuo, Leslie Will Orthodontic Patient Treatment Plan Information Retention BUMC 12/16/24
Kuo, Leslie Will The influence of Orthognathic Surgery on Speech BUMC 8/4/25
Kuo, Leslie Will The Effect of Connective Tissue Disorders on the response of the human periodontal ligament to mechanical stimulation BUMC 11/12/26
Kuo, Leslie Will General Social Media Users' Perspectives on Essential Factors in Orthodontic Social Media Posts BUMC 1/28/27
Kuo, Leslie Will Orthodontic Retention in College Students BUMC 2/5/27
Kuohung, Wendy Bystander Training for Microaggressions BUMC 2/25/26
LaCamera, Peter Complications Related to Continuing or Withholding Long Term Anticoagulation in a Critically-Ill Patient Population SEMC 8/10/23
LaCamera, Peter A study to find out whether BI 1015550 improves lung function in people with Progressive Fibrosing Interstitial Lung Diseases (PF-ILDs). Protocol No.: 1305-0023 SEMC 9/10/24
LaCamera, Peter A study to find out whether BI 1015550 improves lung function in people with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Protocol No.: 1305-0014 SEMC 9/10/24
LaCamera, Peter A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Phase 2 Study of the Efficacy and the Safety and Tolerability of BMS-986278 in Participants with Pulmonary Fibrosis. SEMC 4/9/24
LaCamera, Peter Characteristics of lung nodules categorized under RADS 3 criteria and their propensity to progress into malignancy SEMC 5/14/24
Laird, Lance Equity Now and Beyond: Linking Health Systems and Community-Based Immigrant Organizations BUMC 7/1/24
Laird, Lance American Muslim Health Professionals Oral History Archive Project BUMC 7/7/24
Laird, Lance Cultural Formation of the Clinician Alumnae/i Study BUMC 9/28/26
Lakhani, Afsheen Boot camp teaching model for Pre-clinical dental education – A Comparative Analysis BUMC 5/31/25
Lakhani, Afsheen Developing and Assessing Student Perceptions of a Peer Evaluation Tool in a CAD/CAM Pre-Clinical Course BUMC 7/31/25
Lam, Christina The risk of infection in patients with systemic and cutaneous lupus erythematosus BUMC 5/23/25
Lam, Christina Nodular scleroderma; clinicopathologic case series BUMC 10/19/26
Lam, Christina Geographic distribution of patients with connective tissue disease or autoimmune disease of the skin seen in Boston, MA BUMC 7/18/24
Lam, Christina Adherence to oral medications in cutaneous lupus BUMC 8/8/24
Lam, Christina Immunohistochemical features of nodular scleroderma BUMC 6/1/24
Lam, Christina Clinical outcomes in hidradenitis suppurativa BUMC 11/8/24
Lam, Christina Association of inflammatory bowel disease with vasculitis BUMC 8/31/24
Lam, Christina Teledermatology and e-consult quality improvement BUMC 10/3/24
Lam, Christina Experiences With A Combined Dermatology/Rheumatology Clinic at Boston Medical Center BUMC 4/24/25
Lam, Christina Patient-reported outcome measures for lupus erythematosus patients managed in a multidisciplinary clinic at Boston Medical Center BUMC 11/2/25
Lam, Christina Boston Medical Center's Rheumatologic Dermatology Clinic Repository BUMC 11/9/25
Lam, Christina No Show Rates of Patients in a Dermatology Clinic at a Safety-Net Hospital BUMC 9/20/25
Lam, Christina Use of Anifrolumab in a safety net hospital BUMC 3/12/26
Lam, Christina Medication adherence and perceptions about medications in connective tissue diseases and complex medical dermatoses BUMC 3/16/26
Landau-Taylor, Jessica Expanding access to developmental services through primary care: a brief training BUMC 9/26/26
Lane, Kevin Geocoding exposure to air pollution to study effects on reproductive health BUMC 6/13/25
Lane, Kevin Boston Puerto Rican Health Disparities Study Air Pollution Exposure Assessment BUMC 7/26/26
Lane, Kevin CAFÉ: Surveying the Climate and Health Community of Practice BUMC 1/25/27
Larson, Bruce Implementing the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) standard of care under routine conditions with and without the Enhanced Mentor Mother Program (EMMA): A site-randomized impact evaluation study among maternal and child health clinics supported by the South Rift Valley PEPFAR Program in Kenya BUMC 9/13/24
Larson, Martin Vascular Stiffness as a precursor of hypertension in a middle-aged cohort BUMC 11/17/24
Larson, Martin Novel Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Aging and Longevity BUMC 3/22/25
Larson, Martin Extracellular RNAs: Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Risk and Disease BUMC 7/19/24
Larson, Martin Ventricular-vascular coupling in the elderly: lifecourse determinants,trajectories and prognostic significance" BUMC 10/31/25
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long-term longitudinal studies" BUMC 1/8/26
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Mez, Jesse ADSP Phenotype Harmonization Consortium BUMC 11/4/24
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Moraco, Andrew Steroids in Acute Asthma Exacerbation SEMC 4/6/24
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Moreira, Jesse Understanding the effect of inclusion of racial/ethnic and sexual/gender minority population-specific epidemiology content in a pathophysiology course BUMC 8/2/25
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Naeser, Margaret Transcranial Light Emitting Diode Therapy to Improve Cognitive and Psychosocial Functioning in Traumatic Brain Injury BUMC 12/18/24
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Nayor, Matthew Evaluation of the Prevalence and Treatment of Obesity in Heart Failure BUMC 12/12/25
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Ncube, Collette Paid family and medical leave access and utilization: pilot to the PHUMULA study BUMC 12/19/26
Ndulue, Uchenna Sustainability of Health Career Pipeline Programs BUMC 12/3/25
Neale, Ashana A qualitative study exploring family disclosure patterns among individuals of Caribbean descent with a hereditary cancer predisposition BUMC 9/12/26
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Nelson, Kimberly Adolescent health behaviors in the time of COVID-19 BUMC 9/29/24
Nelson, Kimberly Minor Consent Laws and HIV Prevention Among Adolescents in the United States BUMC 4/5/25
Neogi, Tuhina K24-GOAL BUMC 10/31/24
Neogi, Tuhina Framingham Community Assessment of Pain in the Elderly BUMC 8/21/25
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Neogi, Tuhina ASN0198: Pain in community-based older African American Adults: The Jackson Heart Study" BUMC 9/6/24
Neogi, Tuhina Pathways of Risk and Resilience for Overlapping Pain and Sensitization BUMC 6/29/24
Neogi, Tuhina A randomized, two-arm, placebo-controlled, participant and investigator-blinded study investigating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of DFV890 in patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis BUMC 1/27/25
Neogi, Tuhina A randomized, two-arm, placebo-controlled, participant, investigator and sponsor-blinded, proof of concept study investigating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of QUC398 in patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis BUMC 3/29/26
Nguyen, Kevin Network Adequacy in Medicaid Managed Care BUMC 4/23/26
Niles, Barbara Feasibility of Remote-Delivery Interventions: Tai Chi and Wellness for PTSD and Pain in Veterans BUMC 5/2/26
Nillni, Yael Life Experiences and Pregnancy Research Study BUMC 12/14/24
Nillni, Yael Managing Antepartum Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Study BUMC 8/15/25
Nillni, Yael Treatment for Antepartum PTSD Study BUMC 12/13/24
Noguchi, Julia Recommendations for Health Services Delivery for ECHO Village: A Mixed-Methods Case Study BUMC 12/8/24
Nori-Sarma, Amruta Impact of Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the Women¿s Health Initiative Cohort BUMC 6/13/25
Nori-Sarma, Amruta Impact of Multiple Climate Exposures on Health Outcomes Among Medicaid Beneficiaries BUMC 3/28/26
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Noronha, Craig Feedback Workshops across the Department of Medicine BUMC 1/4/25
Nouh, Hesham Student subjective interpretation of articulating paper markings. BUMC 10/2/25
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O’Brien, Matthew Effects of Telemedicine and Modified fibrosis staging protocols on treatment initiation among Hepatitis C patients during the COVID19 Pandemic BUMC 8/1/24
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O’Connor, George Asthma Control Evaluation (ACE): Weight Study BUMC 10/29/24
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O’Connor, George ICATA: Inner-City Anti-IGE Therapy for Asthma BUMC 4/27/24
O’Connor, George The Framingham Heart Study SNP Health Association Resource BUMC 6/9/24
O’Connor, George [BIO-CSI] A Biomarker-Based Pilot Study of Cockroach Sublingual Immunotherapy in Cockroach Sensitive Adults with Asthma and/or Perennial Allergic Rhinitis BUMC 9/16/24
O’Connor, George Long-Term Oxygen Treatment Trial BUMC 12/10/24
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O’Connor, George Asthma Phenotypes in the Inner City (APIC) BUMC 1/21/25
O’Connor, George Preventative Omalizumab or Step-Up Therapy for Severe Fall Exacerbations (PROSE) BUMC 7/23/24
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O’Connor, George FHS TOPMed Whole Genome Study BUMC 7/13/24
O’Connor, George Transcriptomic and Epigenetic Signatures of Tobacco Exposure BUMC 1/5/25
O’Connor, George Urban Environment and Childhood Asthma Study (IV) BUMC 4/1/27
O’Connor, George Children’s Respiratory and Environmental Workgroup BUMC 5/3/24
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O’Connor, George Cockroach Immunotherapy in Children and Adolescents BUMC 3/26/27
O’Connor, George Early Detection of Pulmonary Fibrosis in the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) BUMC 12/15/26
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O’Connor, George Registry of Asthma Characterization and Recruitment 3 BUMC 1/10/27
O’Connor, George Understanding the lived experience of couples across the trajectory of dementia BUMC 2/27/27
Oeckinghaus, Cassandra Talking About Klinefelter syndrome – Patient Insights BUMC 9/19/26
Ogden, Shannon Women’s Perspectives on the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Substance Use and Access to Services BUMC 1/22/27
Ogrodnik, Matthew Returning to In-Person IRB Meetings: A Qualitative Study BUMC 1/3/25
Oh, Seungbin Development and Validation of Client Assessment of Multicultural Competent Behavior-Revised (CAMCB-R) BUMC 7/23/26
Onyango, Monica Engaging school stakeholders and communities to reduce HIV stigma and improve antiretroviral therapy adherence among adolescents in western Kenya BUMC 6/5/26
Onyango, Monica Role of resilience on general health and mental well-being among Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon BUMC 6/13/26
Onyango, Monica African Immigrant Youth Mental Health Collaborative: Exploring the Mental Health Challenges among African Immigrants in Massachusetts BUMC 1/3/27
Orlov, Michael Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing SEMC 1/4/24
Orlov, Michael Left Bundle Branch Area Mapping for Conduction System Pacing SEMC 2/13/24
Orlov, Michael Mapping and Pacing of the His Bundle for Heart Failure Patients with Left Bundle Branch (MAP HIS HF) SEMC 5/16/24
Orlov, Michael His Bundle Pacing Strength-Duration Curve using Boston Scientific Fineline and Ingevity Leads and Medtronic 3830 Leads SEMC 6/4/24
Orlowski, Gregory The Scratch Test: A Novel Technique to Detect Seborrheic Keratoses BUMC 5/4/24
Orlowski, Gregory Improving Diagnostic Accuracy of Basal Cell Carcinoma with Isopropyl Alcohol Test BUMC 4/17/25
Orlowski, Gregory Examining the relationship between treatment timing and treatment efficacy for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). BUMC 5/11/26
Ostrach, Bayla Recortes as Public Health Threat: Public Funding, Health Policy, and Abortion Access — Long-term Ethnographic Perspectives of Patients and Providers BUMC 4/27/26
Ostrach, Bayla Building Castles, Building Community: Catalunya, Castellers, Support, and Inclusion. BUMC 9/23/25
Ostrach, Bayla The effect of violent anti-abortion attacks on clinic workers, identity, and institutional memory BUMC 2/20/26
Ottoho, Edima Needs assessment for the development of professional networks in Global Health BUMC 11/26/26
Paintsil, Elijah Pediatric HIV Disclosure Intervention and Benefits Study (PhD-BS)-Sankofa 2 BUMC 1/23/27
Palfai, Tibor Internet-Based Video-Conferencing to Address Alcohol Use and Pain BUMC 6/1/24
Palfai, Tibor Integrated Telehealth Intervention to Reduce Chronic Pain and Unhealthy Drinking Among People Living with HIV BUMC 12/20/25
Palmer, Julie Epidemiology of Breast Cancer Subtypes in African-American Women: a Consortium BUMC 7/9/24
Palmer, Julie A follow-up study for causes of cancer in black women BUMC 4/16/25
Palmer, Julie Expanding the inclusion of spirituality/religiosity measures within national cohort studies in the United States BUMC 1/27/25
Palmer, Julie A Prospective Investigation of the Oral Microbiome and Pancreatic Cancer BUMC 3/31/25
Palmer, Julie Breast cancer genetic study in African-ancestry populations BUMC 2/25/25
Palmer, Julie Improving Breast Cancer Risk Prediction for African American Women: Consideration of Estrogen Receptor Subtype-Specific Risk Factors BUMC 10/28/24
Palmer, Julie Psychosocial stress and molecular profiles of breast tumors from African American women BUMC 1/21/25
Palmer, Julie Relationships between parity, breastfeeding and ER- breast cancer in African American women: Elucidating the biologic underpinnings at the molecular and cellular level BUMC 2/12/25
Palmer, Julie Somatic Mutations and Their Etiological Determinants for Breast Cancer in African American Women BUMC 8/4/25
Palmisano, Joseph Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy in OA: A Randomized Controlled Trial BUMC 9/9/24
Palmisano, Joseph Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Gonococcal Infection BUMC 10/9/24
Palmisano, Joseph Statewide Implementation and Evaluation of a Rural, School-based, Caries Prevention Program BUMC 7/4/24
Paradis, Alexandra The Need for Standardization of Forensic Anthropological Case Reporting Practices in the United States BUMC 4/24/26
Parker, Mark Investigation of Anatomical Correlates of Speech Discrimination SEMC 6/8/24
Patel, Aakash South Asian Domestic Violence and Intersectionality of South Asian and American Identities BUMC 6/20/26
Patten, Richard Assessment of the CARILLON® Mitral Contour System® in Treating Functional Mitral Regurgitation Associated with Heart Failure SEMC 12/1/23
Patten, Richard Improving iron deficiency screening and treatment in patients admitted with acute decompensated heart failure SEMC 10/19/23
Peloso, Gina Genetic determinants of NMR lipoprotein measures in the FHS and MESA cohorts BUMC 1/9/25
Peloso, Gina Association of lipid traits with multiple omics in MESA BUMC 6/28/24
Peloso, Gina Combining experiments of man and nature to target human insulin resistance BUMC 10/21/26
Peloso, Gina Using genetic variation to study biology of blood lipids & coronary heart disease BUMC 4/20/24
Peloso, Gina Genetic analysis of Mitral valve prolapse BUMC 8/1/26
Perez, Daisy Epidemiological and socio-cultural landscape of schizophrenia in rural Ethiopia: mixed-method, quantitative and qualitative study BUMC 3/12/25
Perez, Juan-Jose Bernabe Hypertension: Prevalence of hypertension amongst women vs men ages 18 to 55 years old SEMC 6/25/24
Perls, Thomas Genetics of Longevity 2002-049G BUMC 12/13/24
Perls, Thomas Identifying Protective Omics Profiles in Centenarians and Translating These into Preventive and Therapeutic Strategies BUMC 2/15/27
Perls, Thomas Resilience/Resistance to Alzheimer¿s Disease in Centenarians and Offspring BUMC 6/5/25
Pescador Jimenez, Marcia Built Environment Assessment through Computer visiON (BEACON): Applying Deep Learning to Street-Level and Satellite Images to Estimate Built Environment Effects on Cardiovascular Health BUMC 8/4/25
Pescador Jimenez, Marcia Greenspace Exposure at Midlife and Subsequent Cognitive Decline Later in Life among Women BUMC 5/25/25
Pescador Jimenez, Marcia Modifiable environmental exposures in relation to cognition, cognitive decline, and brain health in diverse populations BUMC 6/7/26
Pescador Jimenez, Marcia Neurodegenerative diseases and the role of green space: A deep learning assessment BUMC 9/25/26
Pescador Jimenez, Marcia Environmental Resources for Individual Cognitive Health/Resilience (EnRICH) BUMC 1/8/27
Peters, Junenette Developing Tools for Early Detection and prevention of Lead Take Home BUMC 1/4/26
Peters, Junenette Relationship of Metal Exposures with Health Risk Markers, Mood and Cognitive Functioning in Military Veterans BUMC 9/20/26
Petrick, Jessica Helicobacter pylori and colorectal cancer in African American women BUMC 6/23/26
Petrick, Jessica Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Inflammatory Index, and Circulating Endocannabinoids/Oxylipins in Relation to Colorectal Carcinogenesis in Black Women BUMC 1/31/25
Petrick, Jessica Dietary Carbohydrate Quality and Circulating Bile Acids in Relation to Colorectal Carcinogenesis in Black Women BUMC 2/22/27
Piryatinsky, Irene Validation of The Computerized Boston Cognitive Assessment with a Telephone-Based Cognitive Assessment SEMC 8/23/24
Plourde, Kendra Novel Statistical Methods for Identifying Determinants of Cognitive Decline BUMC 7/9/24
Prescott, Brenton Interrelations Among Ultra-Processed Foods, Gut Microbiota, and NAFLD in the Community BUMC 9/27/26
Price, Albert Procuring Bone Core Samples for Histologic Evaluation of antral Augmentation (SINUS LIFT) Surgical Procedures 4283G BUMC 4/10/25
Price, Albert A Study of the Normal CBCT Anatomy of the Maxillofacial Area and a Comparison of Reference Planes Utilized for Description and Surgical Reconstruction BUMC 12/5/26
Price, Albert Optical Accuracy Assessment of Robotically Assisted Guided Dental Implant Placement: A Pilot Study BUMC 2/8/27
Price, Albert Digital 3D-analysis of tooth movement after Piezocision¿ assisted orthodontics BUMC 3/28/27
Price, Albert Retrospective Review of pre surgical variables Associated with Marginal Bone Loss Measured at 2nd Stage Abutment Surgery for Endosseous Dental Implants BUMC 2/28/25
Qiu, Wendy Amylin and Alzheimer's Disease in Framingham Heart Study BUMC 4/13/24
Qiu, Wendy Multi-center Development of a Novel Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer's Disease BUMC 8/5/24
Qiu, Wendy Metformin in Alzheimer¿s Dementia Prevention (MAP) BUMC 12/21/26
Rabah, Rola Impact of social media on oral & maxillofacial surgery practice BUMC 1/26/25
Raifman, Julia Perceptions of essential workers on mask policies and free mask distribution for COVID-19 prevention BUMC 2/23/25
Raifman, Julia A Structural Approach to Improving HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Implementation among High-Risk Men BUMC 3/13/25
Ranade, Ashwini Access to Oral Healthcare in Massachusetts. BUMC 2/21/27
Ranker, Lynsie The association between social media use, e-cigarette use, and poly-substance use: A secondary data analysis of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health study BUMC 1/6/25
Ranker, Lynsie Association of alcohol use with all-cause mortality: variations by policy environment BUMC 3/4/25
Ranker, Lynsie Familial and Environmental Determinants of Alcohol Use Trajectories: Examining 25 Years of Follow-up Data in a Nationally Representative Cohort of Youth. BUMC 9/5/26
Rasmusson, Ann Facilitation of Extinction Retention and Reconsolidation Blockade by IV Allopregnanolone in PTSD BUMC 1/12/25
Rawal, Kadambari Saving Senior Smiles BUMC 11/2/26
Reardon, Christine Implementation of Critical Care Ultrasound Training BUMC 6/4/25
Reboucas, Breno Dental Students' Perspectives on Patients with Special Needs BUMC 9/28/26
Reed, Mirembe Increasing Utilization of Appropriate Heparin Monitoring Protocol in a Surgical Population SEMC 10/17/23
Reifler, Katherine Diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease at a large safety net hospital in New England BUMC 4/2/26
Remick, Daniel The Mechanism(s) of NK1R Agonists Enhancing Pathogen Clearance of Phagocytes in Human Whole Blood BUMC 6/14/24
Rencic, Joseph Self-Regulated Learning as a Strategy to Improve Clinical Reasoning in Medical Students BUMC 10/7/24
Rockers, Peter Impact of Home-based Growth Charts on Child Linear Growth in Indonesia BUMC 1/21/26
Rockers, Peter Child Nutrition, Systemic Inflammation, and Cognitive Development in South Africa BUMC 2/6/26
Rodriguez-Vamvas, Sheila Practicing dentistry in the age of COVID-19: Perception changes due to the coronavirus pandemic and new PPE standards BUMC 8/23/24
Roh, Daniel Determining the Role of Cellular Senescence in Chronic Wounds BUMC 6/28/24
Romero, Jose Enlarged Perivascular Spaces as Markers of Vascular and Alzheimer pathology: predictors, pathophysiology and clinical consequences BUMC 4/8/25
Romero, Jose Precursors of Stroke-Incidence and Prognosis (PSIP): Neurology and Neuropsychological Exams) BUMC 11/12/25
Romero, Jose Genetic Contribution to Brain Arterial Dilatation and its Role in Cognition and dementia BUMC 10/15/24
Romero, Jose Longitudinal Risk Factor Changes and Early Recognition of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease BUMC 10/31/24
Romney, Carla Citylab Promotes Understanding of Clinical Trials BUMC 8/28/25
Romney, Carla Citylab Mobile lab Evaluation Project BUMC 2/10/26
Romney, Carla CityLab and Urban Squash: A New Pathway to Achieve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Success BUMC 10/13/26
Romney, Carla Mystery of the Crooked Cell 2.0: CityLab's Next Generation Socioscientific Approach to Gene Editing- Curriculum Development BUMC 6/30/25
Roseen, Eric A Community Health Worker Model to Address Disparities in Low Back Pain Care: A Qualitative Pre-implementation Study BUMC 5/16/26
Roseen, Eric Improving Access to Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain in Underserved Primary Care Settings: Development and Evaluation of a Multi-level Implementation Strategy BUMC 2/8/26
Rosen, Sydney Rewards for Tuberculosis Contact Screening BUMC 6/11/24
Rosen, Sydney Randomized Evaluation of a Revised, Simplified Clinical Algorithm for Identifying Patients Eligible for Immediate Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV. (SLATE II—Simplified Algorithm for Treatment Eligibility II) BUMC 11/16/24
Rosen, Sydney Analysis of Existing Medical Record Data to Evaluate Coverage, Uptake, Benefits, and Costs of Differentiated Models of Service Delivery for HIV Treatment in Africa – Malawi BUMC 5/9/25
Rosen, Sydney Analysis of Existing Medical Record Data to Evaluate Coverage, Uptake, Benefits, and Costs of Differentiated Models of Service Delivery for HIV Treatment in Africa – Zambia BUMC 5/9/25
Rosen, Sydney Survey of Procedures and Resources for Initiating Treatment of HIV in Africa: The SPRINT Study-South Africa BUMC 10/14/25
Rosen, Sydney Survey of Procedures and Resources for Initiating Treatment of HIV in Africa: SPRINT Malawi BUMC 5/20/26
Rosen, Sydney Copy of Survey of Procedures and Resources for Initiating Treatment of HIV in Africa: SPRINT Zambia BUMC 7/9/26
Rosen, Sydney Outcomes of Differentiated Models of Service Delivery for HIV Treatment at Sentinel Sites in Malawi (Sentinel-Malawi) BUMC 3/7/27
Rosen, Sydney Copy of Outcomes of Differentiated Models of Service Delivery for HIV Treatment at Sentinel Sites in South Africa (Sentinel-South Africa) BUMC 3/10/27
Rosen, Sydney Copy of Outcomes of Differentiated Models of Service Delivery for HIV Treatment at Sentinel Sites in Zambia (Sentinel-Zambia) BUMC 4/19/24
Rosen, Sydney Preferences for services in a patient's first six months on antiretroviral therapy for HIV in South Africa BUMC 5/19/25
Rosen, Sydney Preferences for services in a patient's first six months on antiretroviral therapy for HIV in Zambia BUMC 7/10/25
Rosenberg, Lynn Environmental SLE Risk Factors in Prospective Cohorts BUMC 2/20/25
Rosenberg, Lynn Sociodemographic Disparities in SLE Incidence: Behavioral and Psychosocial Factors BUMC 7/31/24
Rosenberg, Lynn Oral Microbiome and Risk of Lung Cancer BUMC 3/8/25
Rosenberg, Lynn Exploring factors related to racial disparities in ovarian cancer incidence and survival: the OCWAA consortium" BUMC 12/5/24
Rosenberg, Lynn Reducing Health Disparities for Black Women in the Treatment of Insomnia BUMC 4/30/25
Rosenberg, Lynn Addressing racial disparities in lung cancer screening BUMC 8/31/24
Rosenberg, Lynn The influence of structural racism on incidence of Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders in Black women BUMC 1/18/25
Rosenberg, Lynn Investigation of Genetic Study of the Genetic Mutations in Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia in a Large Cohort of Black Women Across the United States BUMC 5/12/25
Rosenberg, Lynn Lifetime stressors and Alzheimer's disease genetic variants and biomarkers in relation to cognitive decline among Black Women’s Health Study participants BUMC 10/30/26
Rosenthaler, Max Text Mining Analysis of Medical Student Evaluations to Evaluate for Race or Gender Bias BUMC 4/11/24
Ross, Craig Developing Firearm Suicide Prevention Programs Tailored to Gun Owner Population Subgroups BUMC 8/30/24
Ross, Jennifer The Impact of Cigarillo Warnings on Purchasing and Smoking Behaviors Among Young Adult Cigarillo Users, Aim 2 Survey BUMC 1/9/27
Roth, Mary-Tara Research Professionals Network Survey BUMC 3/9/26
Roth, Mary-Tara Research Professionals Network Workshop Presenters Survey BUMC 6/13/25
Roth, Mary-Tara Research Professionals Network Workshop Surveys BUMC 1/14/26
Rubenstein, Eric Evaluation of Special Olympics Fitness programming BUMC 9/8/23
Rubenstein, Eric Down Syndrome: Toward Optimal Trajectories and Health Equity using Medicaid Analytic eXtract (DS-TO-THE-MAX) BUMC 5/9/25
Rubenstein, Eric Down Syndrome: Towards Optimal Trajectories and Health Equity using Medicaid Analytic eXtract BUMC 1/23/26
Rubenstein, Eric Policies for Reproductive Outcomes in Medicaid-Improving services for enrollees with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities BUMC 2/1/27
Rubenstein, Eric Co-research Interviews BUMC 3/21/27
Rudel, Rebecca Exploring Implementation and Uptake of a Mobile Produce Market BUMC 1/6/25
Rudolph, Kaila Pathways to Homelessness and Improved Health Care Access For Homeless Older Adults BUMC 2/8/26
Ruiz-Opazo, Nelson Humanized anti-DEspR antibody therapy for Acute Lung Injury (ALI)/Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) BUMC 11/30/24
Ruiz-Opazo, Nelson Neutrophils and NETs in Intra-Cerebral Hemorrhage Exacerbation BUMC 6/4/25
Russek, Shelley BU Graduate Program for Neuroscience BUMC 7/20/24
Sabin, Lora The LEAP (Locally-tailored, Evidence-based, and Personalized ART support) Pilot Project BUMC 6/2/25
Sabin, Lora The Bhutan PEN HEARTS Program Evaluation: Baseline Study BUMC 9/27/25
Sabin, Lora Programme Evaluation of the Timor-Leste PEN-HEARTS Intervention BUMC 4/12/24
Sabin, Lora Supporting Sustained HIV Treatment Adherence after Initiation BUMC 9/13/24
Saenz, Nicole Fracture Variations in Survivable Versus Fatal Blunt Force Trauma Associate With Intimate Partner Violence BUMC 8/15/24
Safon, Cara A Mixed Methods Assessment of the Landscape of Community-Based Perinatal Doula Services in the United States BUMC 2/7/25
Safon, Cara Maternal Medicaid Coverage and the Role of Community-Based Perinatal Doula Services: A Multi-Method Assessment of the National Landscape BUMC 2/16/25
Sahni, Debjani Skin cancer risk in renal transplant patients with higher Fitzpatrick skin types BUMC 2/15/26
Sahni, Debjani The Effect of Sociodemographic Factors on The Development of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer BUMC 10/7/25
Sahni, Debjani Risk factors associated with skin cancer in renal transplant recipients; a single center retrospective review BUMC 6/26/26
Sahni, Debjani Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans; A single-center case series looking at DFSP in skin of color BUMC 7/16/26
Sakharkar, Mitali Post-operative Differences in Surgical Outcomes due to Translator Use BUMC 4/26/26
Sam, Flora Mechanistic underpinnings of increased adipose tissue in HFpEF BUMC 4/21/24
Samet, Jeffrey The Addiction Health Evaluation and Disease Management (AHEAD) Study 2002-388G BUMC 7/10/24
Samet, Jeffrey Data Analysis of Hospital Based Brief Intervention for Alcohol Problems 4890G BUMC 9/21/24
Samet, Jeffrey Assessing Screening Plus Brief Intervention’s Resulting Efficacy to Stop Drug Use: The Aspire Study BUMC 1/27/25
Samet, Jeffrey Alcohol Disorder hosPital Treatment (ADOPT) Study BUMC 4/7/25
Sanchez, Adriana Assessing the effectiveness of an educational video in increasing Spanish-speaking patients' knowledge and communication with their healthcare provider about genetic screening during pregnancy. BUMC 10/16/26
Sanchorawala, Vaishali Estimating Healthcare Cost and Resource Utilization in AL Amyloidosis ¿ A Medical Chart Review in the United States BUMC 5/23/25
Sarkis, Ramzi Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for The Detection of External Cervical Resorption (ECR) on Intraoral Radiographs (IO). BUMC 3/25/27
Satizabal Barrera, Claudia Impact of Obesity on Brain Aging and Alzheimer' Disease BUMC 10/3/24
Saxena, Debashree Predoctoral Student'sPreparedness in Digital Dentistry BUMC 2/26/27
Scammell, Madeleine Exposure Disparities Related to Resident Behavior and Housing Characteristics BUMC 5/1/24
Scammell, Madeleine Longitudinal Study of Risk Factors for Mesoamerican Nephropathy among Workers in Central America BUMC 1/9/25
Scammell, Madeleine Photovoice for Heat Exposure in Chelsea and East Boston BUMC 6/28/24
Scammell, Madeleine International Prospective Observational Cohort Study of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in Agricultural Communities (CURE Study) BUMC 7/23/26
Scammell, Madeleine C-HEAT Occupational Heat Monitoring Pilot Study BUMC 1/9/27
Schechner, Jaime Transgender and Gender Diverse People's Perspectives on their Pregnancy-Related Genetics Care BUMC 9/21/26
Schilling, Caroline Cribra orbitalia and porotic hyperostosis in juveniles during the COVID-19 Pandemic BUMC 2/26/27
Schnell, Ronni Design and validation of a cost-effective virtual dental surveyor for cast removable partial dentures BUMC 11/28/24
Schon, Karin Aerobic Exercise, Neurotrophins, and fMRI of Hippocampal Function and Structure BUMC 12/4/24
Schon, Karin The entorhinal cortex and aerobic exercise in aging BUMC 3/13/25
Schon, Karin Perceived racism as a chronic stressor and cognition in Black seniors BUMC 12/7/24
Schon, Karin Impact of psychosocial stress on hippocampal integrity in the HOPE cohort: a pilot study BUMC 9/3/24
Schon, Karin Psychosocial stressors and the hippocampal memory system in African American seniors BUMC 6/5/25
Schon, Karin Perceived racism, cardiovascular disease risk, and neurocognitive aging BUMC 7/17/25
Schon, Karin Psychosocial stress, cardio-respiratory fitness, and the medial temporal hippocampal system in Black emerging adults BUMC 5/29/26
Schonhoff, Christopher Analysis of subsets of exam questions in the Dental Physiology course. BUMC 5/10/26
Schonhoff, Christopher Effects of Elective Applied Physiology Course on Motivation, Engagement, and Academic Performance in the Dental Physiology Course for OHS Students BUMC 7/26/26
Schreiber, Barbara Broadening Experiences for Scientific Training BUMC 9/11/26
Scott, Nancy Evaluation of Scaling Up Early Childhood Development in Zambia BUMC 7/18/25
Scott, Nancy Endline 2 Evaluation for Queen Mamohato Hospital Public Private Partnership (PPP) BUMC 11/7/25
Scott, Nancy Understanding the results of MTaPS COVID¿19 and GHSA/AMR¿supported Infection, Prevention and Control Interventions on Pandemic Preparedness in 7 countries BUMC 3/15/26
Seshadri, Sudha Collaborative GWAS of Dementia, AD and Related MRI and Cognitive Endophenotypes. Addendum: Whole Exome and Whole Genome Sequencing in Subsample as follow-up on GWAS results: the Alzheimer Disease Sequencing Project BUMC 12/12/24
Seshadri, Sudha Neurotrophic Factors: Genetic Variation and Serum Levels in Brain Aging BUMC 5/27/24
Seshadri, Sudha A Genome-Wide Association Study of Ischemic Vascular Brain Injury BUMC 2/9/25
Seshadri, Sudha Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities: Neurocognitive Study BUMC 4/15/24
Seshadri, Sudha Cerebrovascular Disease and Variations of BDNF Pathway Genes and Serum BDNF Levels in the Framingham Heart Study BUMC 12/19/24
Seshadri, Sudha An integrated genetic and epigenetic approach to cerebral small vessel disease BUMC 7/13/24
Seshadri, Sudha Parkinson Etiology and Clinical Epidemiology (PEACE) Consortium BUMC 5/19/24
Seshadri, Sudha Early-Onset Stroke: an Extreme Phenotype to Identify Rare Variants in Ischemic Stroke BUMC 2/16/25
Seshadri, Sudha ADSP Follow-up in Multi-Ethnic Cohorts via Endophenotypes, Omics Model Systems BUMC 10/16/24
Seshadri, Sudha Microglial, inflammatory and omics markers of cerebral small vessel disease in the CHARGE Consortium BUMC 11/16/24
Sethi, Amit Medical Emergencies in a Dental school setting. BUMC 7/29/26
Shabeer, Neha Efficacy of American Academy of Dermatology Modified 'Good Skin Knowledge' Youth Education Program on Adolescent Understanding of Common Skin Conditions BUMC 12/5/26
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Evaluating the level of knowledge and confidence following an enhanced transformative culturally competent pediatric dentistry training among pre-doctoral students BUMC 7/10/25
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Evaluating prevalence and risk factors of pulpotomies that fail among children under 14 years of age. BUMC 1/31/25
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Exploring the knowledge and awareness on Molar Hypomineralization (MH) among post-doctoral residents. BUMC 3/24/25
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Exploring factors associated with the prevalence and risk of secondary caries among pediatric dental patients BUMC 4/4/25
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Increasing Dental Service Utilization Among Children in the Community Based Health Center Setting: Exploring Improved Access to Care through an Oral Health Integration Program. BUMC 5/30/25
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Prevalence, trends, associated factors and management of impacted permanent canines among pediatric patients aged 0 to 21 years. BUMC 5/1/25
Shanmugham, Jayapriyaa Exploring the interest and willingness of dental practitioners to participate in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (ICP) BUMC 7/14/25
Sheehy, Shanshan Pregnancy complications in relation to stroke risk in African American women BUMC 5/25/26
Sheehy, Shanshan Apolipoprotein L1 variants and risk of preeclampsia and preterm birth in African American women BUMC 3/1/27
Sheldrick, Radley Addressing Health Disparities in Autism Diagnosis, Service Utilization, and School Engagement among Young Children Living in the Circle of Promise BUMC 6/1/24
Shen, Burton Pulmonary Embolism Practice Patterns and Outcomes BUMC 3/25/27
Shen, Lisa Characterizing Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the Pediatric Population: A Retrospective Study BUMC 4/22/24
Shen, Lisa Tiktok Usage Habits Among Acne Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study BUMC 7/21/25
Shen, Lisa The Impact of Acne-Related Social Media Content on Teenagers: A Qualitative Cross-Sectional Study BUMC 8/13/26
Shen, Lisa Qualitative analysis of patient experience, quality of life, and clinical outcomes at a multidisciplinary pediatric dermatology/behavioral health clinic BUMC 11/27/26
Shen, Lisa Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Prospective Cross-sectional Study BUMC 3/3/27
Shen, Lisa A Multi-Center Retrospective Cohort Study on the Use of and Clinical Outcomes of Pediatric Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurative on Biologic Therapy BUMC 12/3/26
Shroff, Yash Assessing the treatment and management of Infants with Dysphagia BUMC 3/26/27
Siao Tick Chong, Peter Characterization of rhabdomyolysis BUMC 7/8/26
Siao Tick Chong, Peter Small fiber neuropathy in patients with amyloidosis BUMC 7/28/26
Siegel, Jennifer Impact of urban health academic half-day curriculum on self-efficacy and clinical knowledge of community resource navigation and harm reduction counseling BUMC 9/25/24
Siegel, Jennifer Clinical Reasoning and Transgender Health BUMC 5/5/25
Sileo, Nicole Accepting Patients with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities into Internal Medicine Survey BUMC 4/3/25
Simmons, Rachel Evaluation of the HIV pathway BUMC 5/16/25
Singhal, Astha Role of State Medicaid Policies in Improving Access to Dental Care among Low-Income Adults BUMC 5/9/24
Sisson, Emily HEARTS R34 feasibility study, autistic participants BUMC 5/9/26
Slama, Michael Phase 3, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of Nipocalimab Administered to Adults with Generalized Myasthenia Gravis (Efficacy and Safety Study of Nipocalimab Intravenous (IV) Infusions for Adults With Generalized Myasthenia Gravis) SEMC 4/9/24
Slama, Michael A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of ALXN1720 in Adults with Generalized Myasthenia Gravis SEMC 7/16/24
Slavin, Mary Translation of the Spinal Cord Injury Functional Index (SCI-FI) BUMC 4/17/26
Slavin, Mary Developing a Linkage between the FIM and SCI-FI/AT BUMC 1/6/26
Slavin, Mary Epidural stimulation and training after severe spinal cord injury BUMC 1/21/25
Slavin, Mary Evaluating Support Resources for Burn Survivors BUMC 11/30/24
Slavin, Mary Project HoPe: Achieving Home Discharge for institutionally-bound Patients with PROMs, AI, and the EHR BUMC 5/9/26
Slavin, Mary Project HoPe: Achieving Home Discharge for institutionally-bound Patients with PROMs, AI, and the EHR – Calibration Study BUMC 2/12/27
Smith, Meghan Assessing the relationships between depression, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease BUMC 7/9/26
Smith-Webb, Rashida Patient-provider racial concordance and severe maternal morbidity among patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy BUMC 11/14/26
So-Armah, Kaku CFAR Learning Community Pilot Program BUMC 9/12/25
Sontheimer, Claire Experiences of Housing and Eviction During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study BUMC 4/11/24
Spartano, Nicole Physical Activity, Cardiometabolic Risk, and Target Organ Damage in Older Adults. BUMC 2/20/25
Spartano, Nicole The Longitudinal Influence of Midlife Physical Activity and Sedentary Time on Vascular Brain Injury BUMC 7/11/24
Spartano, Nicole Cardio-metabolic risk in multi-ethnic physical activity & sedentary behavior study – COMPASS BUMC 3/6/25
Spartano, Nicole Physical Inactivity, Epigenetic Aging, and Preclinical Dementia BUMC 9/25/24
Spartano, Nicole Continuous glucose monitoring: determinants and prediction of diabetes mellitus development in the Framingham Heart Study BUMC 9/28/24
Spartano, Nicole Framingham Diet and Physical Activity Changes BUMC 1/10/25
Stefanidou, Maria Studying predictors of late-onset epilepsy (LOE) and the association between epilepsy and dementia in the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) BUMC 6/23/25
Steiling, Katrina Quantitative computerized tomography analysis following lung cancer screening BUMC 6/16/25
Steiling, Katrina Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on adherence rates to follow up for CT Lung Screening exams BUMC 6/27/24
Steiling, Katrina Clarifying lung cancer screening eligibility through patient-reported surveys BUMC 8/4/25
Steiling, Katrina A qualitative exploration of the patient experience with self-reported smoking history for lung cancer screening eligibility BUMC 4/13/26
Stein, Michael HIV Pain and Sadness Study BUMC 2/28/25
Stein, Michael Treating Chronic Pain in Buprenorphine Patients in Primary Care Settings BUMC 12/21/24
Stein, Michael Increasing Physical Activity Among Persons Living with HIV Engaged in Unhealthy Drinking BUMC 12/15/25
Stein, Thor Epigenetic changes in synaptic and inflammatory genes involved in the age-dependent development of Alzheimer disease pathologies and cognitive decline BUMC 8/9/24
Sterling, Melissa Improving utilization of Caprini risk assessment model for management of VTE prophylaxis in a surgical intensive care unit SEMC 10/17/23
Stern, Aliza Relationship InterProfessional Longitudinal Education: A Novel Clinical Experience for PA Students BUMC 1/12/27
Stern, Robert Longitudinal Evaluation of Amyloid Risk and Neurodegeneration the LEARN Study.A companion study to Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease (A4) Trial BUMC 9/7/24
Stern, Robert Diagnostics, Imaging And Genetics Network for the Objective Study and Evaluation of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (DIAGNOSE CTE) Research Project BUMC 5/30/24
Stevens, Jennifer A participatory approach to quality: implementing community enhanced standards for midwifery centers in Bangladesh. A pilot study. BUMC 3/11/25
Stokes, Andrew Investigating Obesity Care Cascades in the United States Using The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Data BUMC 10/17/26
Suaiti, Lubna Endothelin-3 expression in Neurofibromatosis- An immunohistochemsitry based pilot study BUMC 8/4/24
Subramanian, Manju Ophthalmology Pre Procedure Clinic Fast Tract Follow-Up BUMC 5/12/25
Subramanian, Sandya The differential impact of respiratory event scoring rules on healthcare disparities in sleep medicine BUMC 6/26/26
Sud, Malika Understanding the experiences of Black women at increased risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer after genetic testing BUMC 11/3/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Brain-Immune Interactions as the Basis of Gulf War Illness: Gulf War Illness Consortium (GWIC) BUMC 5/20/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Microtubule Abnormalities Underlying Gulf War Illness in Neurons From Human Induced Pluripotent Cells BUMC 1/5/25
Sullivan, Kimberly Examination of Plasma PON1 Paraoxonase Activity and Genotype in Gulf War Veterans BUMC 6/22/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Examination of neuroimaging, cognitive functioning and plasma markers in a longitudinal cohort of Gulf War deployed veterans: The Ft. Devens Cohort BUMC 3/14/25
Sullivan, Kimberly Disentangling the Effects of PTSD from GWI for Improved Diagnostics and Treatments BUMC 5/8/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Improving Diagnostics and Treatments for GWI Females by Accounting for the Effects of PTSD BUMC 5/9/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Boston Biorepository, Recruitment and Integrative Network (BBRAIN) for GWI BUMC 5/29/24
Sullivan, Kimberly HMGB1, Chlorpyrifos, and Persistent GWI-like Neuropathology BUMC 8/13/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Defining and Characterizing GWI Pathobiology using Longitudinal Brain Imaging Biomarkers of White Matter Integrity and Hemodynamic Response BUMC 5/10/26
Sullivan, Kimberly Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress during Antioxidant Treatment in Gulf War Illness: N-Acetyl Cysteine: NSU IRB Protocol Number 2022-216 BUMC 5/21/26
Sullivan, Kimberly Northeastern Women's Veteran's Health Study BUMC 10/18/25
Sullivan, Kimberly Identifying Objective Diagnostic Markers of Gulf War Illness: Salivary and Plasma Autoantibodies against Neural Proteins validated with Brain Imaging BUMC 3/7/25
Sullivan, Kimberly Clarifying the Role Played by Microglia and Astrocyte Activation in Veterans with Gulf War Illness using Positron Emission Tomography BUMC 5/10/25
Sullivan, Kimberly Tracking Neuroinflammation in GWI from Brain-Derived Extracellular Vesicles in the Blood BUMC 4/29/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Pilot ptau Analysis with the Boston Biorepository, Recruitment and Integrative Network (BBRAIN) for GWI BUMC 8/5/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Identification of Gaps in Patient-Provider Communication: Improving Care in those with Chronic Illness BUMC 10/31/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Validating blood biomarkers of brain immune and metabolic dysfunction in Gulf War Illness BUMC 3/1/25
Sullivan, Kimberly Confirmation of the Low Glutamate Diet as a Treatment for Gulf War Illness BUMC 6/28/26
Sullivan, Kimberly Enrichment of Data Collection for the Boston Biorepository and Integrative Network for GWI: The Non-Exclusionary Wave (NEW BBRAIN) Cohort BUMC 8/24/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Are Tau Proteins in Blood and PET Imaging Related to Gulf War Illness and Risk of Comorbid Neurological Disorders? BUMC 4/18/24
Sullivan, Kimberly Contribution of Cellular Senescence and Brain Aging to Cognitive Dysfunction in Gulf War Illness BUMC 12/11/26
Sunderaraman, Preeti Modernizing the Assessment of Financial Decision Making: Development and Evaluation of a Simulated Online Money Management Task in Older Adults BUMC 3/29/25
Sunderaraman, Preeti Modernizing the Assessment of Financial Decision Making: Development and Evaluation of a Simulated Online Money Management Task in Older Adults BUMC 8/10/25
Sunderaraman, Preeti Examining A Novel and Objective Simulated Online Money Management Task Among Individuals at Risk for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy BUMC 1/10/26
Sweeney, Ann Characteristics of Patients with Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma at Steward St Elizabeth’s Medical Center SEMC 11/3/23
Taft, Casey Enhancement of Strength at Home Implementation to Prevent Violence and Related Outcomes BUMC 10/5/26
Tam, Stanley Music therapy as a supplement to post surgery pain management in cardiac surgery patient following median sternotomy SEMC 9/17/24
Thea, Donald HIV-Exposed Uninfected Infant Cohort Study (HEUICS) BUMC 11/14/24
Thea, Donald PERCH Repository BUMC 1/15/25
Thiagalingam, Sam Molecular Genetic Analyses and Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Tumor Suppressor Genes and/or Oncogene Localized to Identified Cancer Susceptibility Regions Such as 1P, 3P, 5Q, 8P, 18Q, ETC. IN Cancer 2001-102B BUMC 7/9/24
Thomas, Kevin Quantification of Improvement in Scratch Behavior and Sleep in Patient with Atopic Dermatitis on Standard of Care Treatment BUMC 3/10/25
Thomas, Kevin Developing Novel Digital Endpoints in Anorexia of Aging in Elderly Populations Residing in LTC, Nursing Home, or Assisted Living Facilities BUMC 3/15/25
Trojanowski, Marcin Scleroderma Center of Research Translation – Biomarkers BUMC 5/18/24
Trojanowski, Marcin Abatacept (CTLA4-Ig) for the Treatment of Relapsing, Non-Severe, Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (Wegener’s) (ABROGATE) BUMC 5/1/24
Trojanowski, Marcin Genome Research in African American Scleroderma Patients (GRASP Study) BUMC 9/15/24
Trojanowski, Marcin A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 3 Trial to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of Lenabasum in Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis BUMC 5/1/24
Trojanowski, Marcin An open-label extension trial to assess the long term safety of nintedanib in patients with `Systemic Sclerosis associated Interstitial Lung Disease¿ (SSc-ILD) BUMC 5/1/24
Trojanowski, Marcin A Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of DMF in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Associated with Systemic Sclerosis (SSc-PAH): The Effect of DMF on Clinical Disease and Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress BUMC 5/1/24
Trojanowski, Marcin A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Repeat-dose, Multicenter Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of HZN-825 in Patients with Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis BUMC 1/31/25
Trojanowski, Marcin A Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of PRA023 in Subjects with Systemic Sclerosis Associated with Interstitial Lung Disease (SSc-ILD). BUMC 11/17/25
Trojanowski, Marcin A Multicenter, Open-label Extension Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of HZN-825 in Patients with Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis BUMC 3/9/27
Tsang, Jessica The utilization of medical language interpreters: A quantitative study on the influences of implementing an educational workshop within a genetic counseling program cohort BUMC 10/30/25
Tunstall, Emma Effectiveness of a new pediatrics clerkship curriculum in increasing diagnostic accuracy in diverse populations BUMC 7/1/24
Turk, Katherine Improving memory in daily life of patients with Alzheimer's disease BUMC 8/30/24
Turk, Katherine The Clinical Utility of ERPs in the Diagnosis of Cognitive Impairment BUMC 1/21/26
Turk, Katherine Contributions of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Neurodegeneration BUMC 3/8/26
Turton, Bethy Epidemiological study of oral disease among long term care residents at Hebrew Senior Life BUMC 8/29/25
Tyler, Janelle Metastatic Skeletal Lesion from Breast and Prostate Cancer and Their Role in Positive Identification BUMC 7/4/25
Unni, Prasida Molecular markers of keratoconus BUMC 5/8/24
Urbach, Haley Impact of PEERS Service Learning Group in Medical Student Education of Substance Use Disorder in the Adolescent Population BUMC 2/8/25
Uribe Rivera, Armando The Study of the Characteristics of Patients on Medications Reported to cause MRONJ at the Time of Dental Surgery with a Postoperative MRONJ-free State BUMC 1/7/25
Uribe Rivera, Armando Ambulatory vs. inpatient orthognathic surgery: Is there a difference in patient satisfaction? BUMC 6/15/25
Valim, Clarissa Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers for Childhood Bacterial Pneumonia in Sub-Saharan Africa BUMC 2/3/25
Valim, Clarissa Intransigence of malaria in Malawi: Understanding hidden reservoirs, successful vectors, and prevention failures: Epidemiology of Malaria Risk in Malawi: Vector Resistance, ITNs & Human Behavior BUMC 3/1/27
Valim, Clarissa Combined effects of RTS, S vaccination and PBO nets on malaria infection and transmission in Malawi BUMC 3/10/27
Valim, Clarissa Impact of undernutrition on immunity elicited by vaccines in the Gambia BUMC 1/15/26
Valim, Clarissa Longitudinal Antibody Profiles Correlated with Protection from Malaria in Malawi BUMC 9/1/26
Valim, Clarissa COVID Transmission and Morbidity in Malawi (COVID-TMM) BUMC 2/24/25
Van Hook, Emma Characterizing Approaches to Reviewing Biomarker Testing Reports for Potential Suspected Inherited Genetic Mutations BUMC 10/3/26
Varrasso, Marissa Community Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences Study BUMC 5/6/25
Vashi, Neelam Laser Outcomes of an Academic Cosmetic and Laser Center BUMC 1/7/27
Vashi, Neelam Impact of Social Media Usage on Acceptance of Cosmetic Procedures and Body Dysmorphic Disorder BUMC 8/11/25
Vashi, Neelam Impact of cosmetic procedures on Autoimmune Patients BUMC 1/12/26
Vashi, Neelam Video Conferencing/ZOOM Usage and Acceptance of Cosmetic Procedures BUMC 3/1/27
Vashi, Neelam Revolutionizing hyperpigmentation management – Dermatologist and patient perceptions toward novel treatments BUMC 7/18/24
Vashi, Neelam Identifying Barriers to Access to Cosmetic Care in Minority Patients BUMC 6/13/25
Vashi, Neelam Cosmetic procedures outcomes of an Academic Cosmetic and Laser Center BUMC 1/30/25
Vashi, Neelam A novel scoring tool in assessing postinflammatory dyspigmentation in skin of color patients BUMC 3/28/25
Vashi, Neelam Trends in Hair Loss BUMC 3/5/26
Vasterling, Jennifer Family Adaptation to Operation Iraqi Freedom Deployment BUMC 3/13/25
Vaughn, Stephanie Why Wait? Timing of Perioperative Heparin Administration and Epidural Catheter Placement at Boston Medical Center BUMC 5/8/25
Vaziri, Alireza The Randomized And Controlled Noninferiority Trail to Evaluate Safety and Clinical Efficacy of the SurVeil Drug-Coated Balloon iN the Treatment on Subject with Stenotic Lesions of the Femoropopliteal Artery Compared to the Medtronic IN.PACT Admiral Drug-Coated Balloon (TRANSCEND) SEMC 6/25/24
Vega, Eduardo The Effectiveness of Chemotherapy in Patients with Residual Cancer After Radical Resection for Gallbladder Cancer SEMC 5/14/24
Verfaellie, Mieke Memory Disorders Research Center Multi-Project Recruitment 2003-386B BUMC 10/23/24
Verwillow, Anna Parental Decision-Making Regarding Choice of VOXZOGO TM Administration BUMC 12/3/25
Vest, Noel Mixed methods of collegiate recovery programs and students BUMC 10/3/25
Walker, Maura Integrative omics approach to elucidate diet quality-blood pressure relations BUMC 3/9/27
Wang, Catharine Testing scalable communication modalities for returning breast cancer genetic research results to African American women BUMC 4/13/25
Wang, Monica L. Preventing Childhood Obesity Through Youth Empowerment: A Cluster RCT of the H2GO! Program BUMC 3/12/27
Webster, Thomas Assessing Skin Exposures to Chemicals on Nail Salon Workers: Pilot BUMC 6/1/24
Weilg Espejo, Pablo Musculoskeletal ultrasound assessment of periosteal disease in patients with Psoriatic arthritis BUMC 2/2/26
Weinstein, John Potential of CASPer as a Screening Tool for Physician Assistant School Admissions BUMC 1/13/27
Weinstein, Zoe NIDA – CTN-0098A, Exemplar Hospital Initiation Trial to Enhance Treatment Engagement (EXHIT ENTRE) BUMC 10/3/24
Weinstein, Zoe NIDA – CTN-0098B, Exemplar Hospital Initiation Trial to Enhance Treatment Engagement (EXHIT ENTRE) BUMC 11/3/24
Wellenius, Gregory Assessing the adverse health impacts of environmental exposures using de-identified and aggregated internet searches. BUMC 3/5/23
Wellenius, Gregory Evidence to improve heat warning effectiveness in reducing morbidity and mortality BUMC 6/7/26
Werler, Martha Pregnancy Health Interview Study 2583G BUMC 11/3/24
Werler, Martha Interview Study on Pregnancy and Clubfoot BUMC 6/18/24
Werler, Martha Child and Adolescent Learning and Living Study BUMC 11/12/24
Werler, Martha Disability follow up in MA BUMC 4/21/25
Werler, Martha CHSTRONG-KIDS BUMC 4/5/26
Wesselink, Amelia Identifying transgender and gender diverse patients in Medicaid pregnancy claims data BUMC 4/2/25
Wesselink, Amelia An assessment of environmental and neighborhood-level risk factors for subfertility among Black women in the U.S. BUMC 3/20/26
Weuve, Jennifer Validation of Portable XRF For In Vivo Measurement of Heavy Metal Exposure BUMC 10/5/24
Weuve, Jennifer Air pollution and noise exposures in relation to dementia: from brain imaging markers to clinical disease BUMC 3/11/25
Weuve, Jennifer Air Pollution and Alzheimer's Dementia: Neuropathologic and Olfactory Mechanisms in Multi-Ethnic Longitudinal Cohorts BUMC 12/13/26
White, Julie Boosting Capacity to Screen and Care for Underserved Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Through a Community-based, Interprofessional Training Program for Pediatric Care Providers BUMC 2/11/27
White, Julie Optimizing Migraine Treatment through Performance Improvement – Analysis of Pre-/post-test and a participant focus group BUMC 8/22/26
White, Karen Strengthening the Massachusetts local public health workforce pipeline with the Academic Public Health Corps: a mixed methods evaluation using the RE-AIM/PRISM framework. BUMC 1/22/26
White, Roberta Validation of Select Neurobehavioral Assessments for Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) BUMC 6/1/24
White, Susan Student Reflections on a Large Group Interprofessional Education Session BUMC 12/5/26
Wiener, Renda Lung Nodule Surveillance Trial: Pragmatic trial of more versus less intensive strategies for active surveillance of patients with small pulmonary nodules BUMC 3/27/25
Willis, Mary Air Pollution Exposures During Pregnancy and Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes, Congenital Anomalies, and Childhood Cancers BUMC 6/25/26
Willis, Sydney Dietary patterns and reproductive hormones in a prospective cohort BUMC 9/12/22
Wilson, Andrew Emphysema Attenuation Via Modulation of Macrophage NFKB and Antiprotease Activity BUMC 8/26/24
Wilson, Andrew Personalized therapy for AATD-associated liver disease via iPS modeling BUMC 6/20/24
Wilson, Andrew Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Adult Clinical and Genetic Linkage Study_Protocol Version 3.0 BUMC 7/23/24
Wilson, Andrew Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Disease Cohort: Longitudinal Biomarker Study of Disease BUMC 6/21/25
Wilson, Carolyn Assessing Immigrant Health Paradox by Determining Severity and Prevalence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Different Generations of Immigrants BUMC 2/3/25
Wirtz, Veronika Evaluation of Novartis Access BUMC 4/20/25
Wirtz, Veronika Evaluating the efficacy of using a digital consumption tracking and workflow management tool to decrease unmet demand and foster contraceptive continuous use at last mile point of care BUMC 10/6/25
Wisco, Jonathan Exploring the differences in kinematic and neural metrics that differentiate novice and expert dissectors BUMC 10/29/24
Wisco, Jonathan Impact of Near Peer Medical Education on Medical and PA Students BUMC 3/11/27
Wisco, Jonathan The Efficacy of a Preclinical Ultrasound Elective BUMC 9/22/24
Wisco, Jonathan An Ultrasound Simulator App for the Smartphone BUMC 2/2/25
Wisco, Jonathan Anatomage Table Project BUMC 4/12/25
Wisco, Jonathan Artistic Techniques in Medicine: An Exploratory Study of the Efficacy of a Novel Standardization for Medical Illustrations. BUMC 6/17/25
Wisco, Jonathan The Effect of Musicianship and Associated Brain Activity on Performance in Mathematics BUMC 10/11/25
Wisco, Jonathan Determining the Baseline for Linguistic Patterns of Cortical Activation BUMC 10/31/25
Wisco, Jonathan Comparing Apples to Oranges: Motion Analysis of Suture Placement in Medical Students & Attending Physicians BUMC 7/8/26
Wisco, Jonathan Teaching Physical Examination Skills to High School Students through Peer-Based Patient Case Study Simulations BUMC 3/18/27
Wisco, Jonathan Assessing the Impact of Fine Motor Skills on Executive Functioning in Autistic Individuals and Neurotypicals Determined by Brain Activity BUMC 12/28/26
Wisco, Jonathan Representation of URM social media influencers on application trends of incoming URM medical students BUMC 2/1/27
Wise, Lauren An internet-based study of time-to-pregnancy in North America BUMC 8/25/24
Wise, Lauren Prospective Study of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Time to Pregnancy BUMC 4/24/24
Wise, Lauren In-home semen testing in an online preconception cohort study BUMC 8/11/24
Wise, Lauren A North American preconception study of air pollution, fertility and miscarriage BUMC 10/1/24
Wise, Lauren Boston Medical Center Pregnancy Study Online BUMC 10/14/26
Wolf, Erika Longitudinal Neurometabolic Outcomes of Traumatic Stress-Related Accelerated Cellular Aging BUMC 5/18/26
Wolfe, Hill Exploring the Experiences and Communication Preferences of Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults Participating in HIV Risk and Substance Use Assessments during Routine Care Visits BUMC 10/20/24
Wu, Samantha COVID-19 Social Isolation and Parkinson's Disease BUMC 7/8/24
Wylie, Jack The Rhythm Evaluation for AntiCoagulaTion with Continuous Monitoring of Atrial Fibrillation SEMC 3/24/24
Wylie, Jack Use of Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation in Outpatient Care SEMC 6/4/24
Xanthakis, Vanessa Mediators of Systemic Inflammation and Heart Failure Risk in the Community BUMC 8/27/25
Xanthakis, Vanessa Characterization of Molecular and Physiologic Signatures of Impaired Multi-Organ System Reserve Capacity During Exercise in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction BUMC 4/4/27
Xanthakis, Vanessa Epidemiology of blood pressure responses to perturbations: Correlates and prognosis for vascular risk, end-organ damage, cognitive aging and preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease BUMC 3/16/25
Xanthakis, Vanessa Aortic stiffness, wave reflection, and cerebrovascular flow pulsatility: relations with brain small vessel disease and cognitive function in a middle-aged cohort BUMC 6/21/26
Xuan, Ziming Digital Health Supported Weight Management Intervention Delivered by Community Health Workers among Public Housing Residents BUMC 8/1/24
Yee, Christine Comparing Utilization, Outcomes, and Choice between VHA and non-VHA Health Care Systems BUMC 4/14/25
Yelich, Stella Official Title: Budding Community Sustainability Through Policy and Climate Change BUMC 6/20/26
Yu, Zizi Examining the Dermatology Prior Authorization Process: Experience from a Single-Institution Urban Safety Net Hospital BUMC 1/1/27
Zahakos, Sarah How Do Money and Power Influence the Financial Sustainability of Urban Hospitals? *A student dissertation study BUMC 11/12/24
Zavras, Athanasios Implementation of tele-dentistry in global oral health training and improving the pediatric oral health knowledge BUMC 4/1/24
Zayhowski, Kimberly Human-centered design study to inform hereditary breast cancer risk assessment prior to gender affirming top surgery BUMC 10/25/26
Zhang, Jingzhou Obesity-Related Genetic Effects and Multi-Omics-Based Risk Prediction in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease BUMC 3/6/27
Zhu, Max Socially Responsible Surgery Advocacy Toolbox Survey BUMC 9/29/24
Zhu, Xiaofei Factors affecting success rates for bypassing fractured NiTi rotary instruments BUMC 6/30/26
Zhu, Xiaofei Assessing the Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on the Success of Vital Pulp Therapy BUMC 3/17/27
Zhuang, Alex Qualitative Assessment of Receptiveness, Facilitators, and Barriers to Clean Cut Implementation in Rwanda BUMC 9/19/25
Zumwalt, Ann Efficacy of Faculty Development Workshop for Faculty Comfort and Competence with Gender Sexual Diversity Topics BUMC 4/7/25
Zumwalt, Ann Assessment of educator knowledge and attitudes about sexual and gender minority topics BUMC 3/26/2026

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